AfterShokz Aeropex Review: Sporty Bone Conduction Headphones

Headphones have evolved a lot over the years. To join in the advancement, the Aftershokz have brought us open-ear headphones. This is unprecedented in the history of the headphone industry. 

Aftershokz Aeropex employs cutting-edge hearing technology without blocking your ear canals or compromising the sound quality. Their bone conduction headphones give users a unique experience when listening to music. 

It’s not only for listening to music; you can accomplish a lot more with just a piece of headphones. Yes! You heard it right. It doesn’t come in a pair, but this whole piece will work for both ears. 

Let’s take a closer look at what these headphones have to offer.

1. Design

Everyone’s attention was drawn to it because of its cool shape and distinctive pattern. Aftershokz started introducing its products in 2011. They claim their headphones are one of a kind. 

They’ve devised an enthralling method for creating the device. When they released their product, bone conduction and open ear technology were not new. However, they did not stop there in terms of technical ability. 

They made the headphones in a way that was both efficient and user-friendly. Using silicon to construct the body makes it far lighter than traditional bone conduction headphones. This basic appearance, along with its lightweight, puts you at ease.

There are a few buttons on the headphones that would be used for a host of factors. The buttons you will see on your Aeropex are the power button, volume+ button, volume-button, and multifunction button.

There are two microphones, one LED indication, and a magnetic charging port on the headpiece.

And, on the back of your ears, you’ll find a volume control and a power switch. Here, the power button also serves as a volume control. To start and shut down the gadget, press and hold the volume+ button for 3-5 seconds.

The multifunction button is conveniently situated on the top of the speaker, making it quick and easy to use; the charging port and LED indication are right next to each other.

This sleek and lightweight design is ideal for any outdoor activity. As long as comfort is concerned, you will not be uncomfortable if you wish to go for a run while wearing this device.

And the product’s build quality is excellent. From the outside, everything looks reasonable and robust.

2. Features

In terms of distinguishing aspects, Aeropex has a lot to offer. Let’s have a look at it.


Multifunction Button

The multipurpose button truly lives up to its title. With just one button, you can perform a lot of things. You can –

  • Play or pause music
  • Jump to the next track
  • Returning to the previous track
  • Take a phone call
  • Place the caller on hold
  • Reject phone calls
  • Use the device’s voice assistant to ask a question
  • Call the previous number again

When you’re on the go, being able to do all of that without having to use your phone makes it the handiest tool. As a result, this button has added extra value to the gadget.


Power/Volume Button

The power button is the most crucial component for turning on or off a device. Aeropex doesn’t stop its job there. The power button may also be used to adjust the volume. 

Powering off, powering on, checking battery status, adjusting volume, altering EQ, muting, and so on are all done via the volume B and volume C buttons. Also, for your convenience, it will offer notification for each function. 


Magnetic Charging Port

The Aeropex has employed a one-of-a-kind charging port. That’s the one with the magnets. This is a very specialized one to employ. You can’t just forget your charging cables and use any other outlet to charge them. 

You can charge your device with this particular cable only. Another remarkable fact is that charging your device takes only an hour and a half. It also lasts about 8 hours of continuous use and 10 days in standby mode.

The battery is a li-polymer battery, and its capacity is 145 mAh.


LED Indicator

The LED indicator flashes a distinct hue to show various notifications. So, the color of the LED indicates if the battery is low, whether there are any incoming calls, or if you are connecting a device. 


Microphone Facility

The headgear has two microphones built-in. These are handy in accepting calls or guiding your paired device. 

Even though mics are not high-end, they perform their job effectively. The mic picks up what you’re saying for minor instructions and calls, even if you’re in a crowded environment.


Multiple Pairing

So, when pairing your headphones with your smart devices, you will only be able to link your headset with a maximum of two smart devices, and the transition between the two is impeccable. 

Let’s have a look at which gadgets are compatible with them. Typically, you can connect your headphones to any smart device that supports Bluetooth 3.1 or higher. 

You may use your iPhone, cellphones, smartwatches, laptops, and even your smart TV to connect, as long as they all have a Bluetooth 3.1 or higher connection.


Fancy Gears

This cool gadget holds a titanium frame, giving the users a lightweight and comfortable fit. It has a matte finish on the outer side. 

The buttons are designed in a great way to not cause any pain or irritation to your head or ears. Besides, its shape is also very convenient for everyone with a different head shape. 

Let’s not forget the silicon cover that also made it really flexible, preventing it from tearing apart in worse conditions.

3. Performance

Aftershokz has already created a name for themselves with their outstanding creation. Their brand has just been rebranded as Shokz. Nothing has changed, save the name. In this field, they are indeed creating new technologies.

Apart from the brand value, everything they’ve supplied has functioned very well. The good news is that they only promise what they can provide, nothing more and nothing less. The dedication has been truly admirable.

Now, it is likewise rather good when it comes to Aeropex’s performance. 

A headset, earplugs, a silicone carrying bag with a magnetic clasp, and two magnetic charging cords are included in the Aftershokz package. 

The charging cords with magnetic ports are unique and different from the typical USB cables. They included two of them for your convenience. Charging is quite easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. 

Now, you can’t use the AfterShokz Aeropex while charging it. So, before using your device, make sure it is fully charged.

Pairing with a maximum of two devices is, likewise, not a difficult task. Hold down the volume+ button until Audrey says “pairing” and the LED indicator turns red and blue. 

Then hold down the multifunction and volume+ buttons for three seconds. And you know your device is connected when you hear Audrey say, “Multipoint enabled.”

Then check the device and click “Aeropex by AfterShokz.” There you go. You are ready to start experiencing the goodness of bone conduction headphones. 

Now that you’ve figured out how to connect your device to multiple devices let’s talk about sound quality.

Sound quality and a good music experience are what we look for in a headphone. In Aeropex, the open-ear headphones will hang around your ears, and you will get a stereo music experience while listening to music. 

Though some have complained about the sound quality, this is because it does not isolate you from surrounding sounds. This function also has a good factor to it. 

When you listen or talk while doing an outdoor activity, it gives you more control over your safety measures. You will always hear the horn or if someone is calling you. 

So, it reduces the chance of any accident happening due to ear plugging headphones.

This headset supports both incoming and outgoing calls. The microphone is intended to help you achieve these duties. Everything seems to work well when you convey instructions or ask a question to the voice assistant on your associated smartphone. 

Through the headset, you can hear the response as well.  As a result, you might consider it a very hands-free method of entertainment and communication.

Aftershokz’s moisture detection is another clever revolution. The headset can detect whether there is sweat, water, or rain. If your device gets wet for any reason, don’t panic. This headset is water-proof, with a rating of IP67. 

Please keep in mind that you cannot swim or shower wearing these headphones. If your whole purpose of getting this form of headphone is to go swimming, you should look into other options like the Aftershokz Xtrainerz.

Aeropex will send you signals by beeping or flashing an LED indicator if it gets wet. This feature saves you from losing a good healthy headset. So, this gains another point for us. 

The downside to the headset is that it starts vibrating around your ears if you play it very loud, which can be uncomfortable sometimes. 

For noise cancellation, they also included a pair of earplugs. This will give you the privacy that you might need while traveling.

4. Value for Money

While so many other bone conduction headsets are available on the open market, the Aeropex is different from all of them. The gadget is definitely not cheap for a headphone. But the features that they have are worth paying for. 

It is available in four different colors for people with different personalities. 

Aeropex is quite similar to Aftershokz Titanium but has a lot of differences too. The Aeropex has better sound quality than the titanium. Not only that, but it also weighs a lot less than Titanium. Aeropex weighs only 26 gms, compared to 36 gms for titanium. 

When we compare it to Treckz Air, Aeropex comes out on top again. Aeropex is the best in every way, from sound quality to battery life.

Not only that, Aeropex has performed a lot better than all other Aftershokz products. 

Everything about it is high-tech, from the aesthetics to the execution. If you need to buy a bone conduction headphone, then this is by far the most promising one.

5. Our Rating

8.4 Total Score
AfterShokz Aeropex

AfterShokz Aeropex is a sophisticated pair of headphones which provides a zero-discomfort hearing experience through bone conduction without damaging the ears. Being open-ear and lightweight makes it also a perfect companion for outdoor activities.

Value for Money
  • Lightweight bone conduction headphones for comfortable wear
  • Open ear technology gives you a risk-free headset
  • Can detect liquid
  • Sweat and water-proof quality increases the durability
  • Better sound quality
  • Most advanced design with silicon body
  • Overhearing problem exists
  • Bass is still low compared to normal pair of headphones