Boltune BT-BH001 Review: Cheap Earbuds for Running

Boltune claims that they deliver the best music experience to their users. With its products, the company has reached over 60 nations around the globe and is well-received by media publications. 

Their Boltune BT-BH001 is one of their finest earbuds, which they managed to offer at a very minimal price. If you’re looking for something cheap, this is probably the way to go.

But before all that, let’s see what the fuss is about so that you can make an educated guess.

1. Design

Boltune earbuds have an elegant design that sets them apart from the streamlined headphones. The matt black color gives it an upscale appearance that you can carry with anything. 

The Boltune BT-BH001 comes in cool packaging. Inside the packaging, you will see –

  • One wireless headphone.
  • Extra ear tips (small, medium, and large) 
  • A travel mesh bag
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • And a thank you card

Now let’s take a look at the design. When unraveling your earbuds, you will see the beautiful earbuds hanging with a small cord. The wireless earbuds come with a magnetic clasp and an adjustable design. 

So, the earbud here has a metal on the outside that has a magnet attached to it. And the remaining body is made of plastic, which includes the removable earpiece with the clip on it. 

The removable earpiece has two parts, one is the clip, and another is the rubber earbud tip. 

Moreover, the earbud’s material is simple, and the flexible rubber material allows it to stay comfortable in your ear.

Both earbuds are identified for you as left and right and have distinct shapes and sizes.

The clips that are attached to the earbuds are extremely functional. These will help you stay in your ears while running or exercising and will keep you from falling out.

And the extra tips that come with the packaging will be a plus if your ears need a smaller or larger one than the one that is attached to the headphone. You can always adjust the earbuds according to your comfort. 

The control panel also has a Boltune logo on the back. The cable has a soft material that will not cause any issues while keeping in touch with your skin. And the flat cable is tangle-free. So, you will not have any issues with tangling either.

Furthermore, the magnetic clasp we mentioned earlier is very nice and convenient for users. You can easily hang it around your neck while not using it, and the magnetic clasp will help it stay around your neck.

The control panel is on the right earbud. It has a play/pause button, volume up/down buttons, and a USB charging port. If you look closely, you will notice writing that says, “Close the flap when not charging.”

So you don’t have to be concerned about the charging port getting wet. Simply close the flap and enjoy your workout.

2. Features



Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is provided by the wireless headphone. It’s not very common to find Bluetooth 5.0 on headphones at this price point.

It can connect from a distance of 33 feet in an open space. If there is anything between the connected device and the headphones, it may lose its strength.


Quality Stereo Sound

Most cheap headphones fall short of a noticeably sharper and pleasant sound, but with Boltune earbuds, you won’t be thinking the same. 

This one is intended to provide an HD stereo sound effect that will enhance your listening experience. 

The improved signal-to-noise ratio stops bothering you with background sounds. Like other cheap headphones, it doesn’t distort the audio. 

Sustain a pleasant volume to enjoy the music, and it will not trouble you at all. But if you increase the volume to the highest level, it might start sounding a little harsher. 

However, we would like to forewarn you not to expect heavy effects high-end sound quality from it.


Long Battery Life

Another impressive factor of these headphones is their long-lasting battery life. Users appreciate the technology that it consumes less power. 

You can listen for up to 16 hours at a stretch with one full charge. And if you have a short time to charge your headphones, then charge them for only 5 minutes, and they will have you covered for another 2 hours.

Moreover, it won’t take forever to recharge the battery. A full recharge takes just around 2 hours.



The headphones also come with a microphone that picks up the sound quite well. You should not have any problem making calls.

Not only that, but you can also use it for simple recording or game chat. And the receiver hasn’t complained about the mic quality, so use it fiercely. 



Boltune earbuds are both waterproof and sweatproof.

The IPX7 water-resistant quality is hard to find in cheap headphones. We have tested it by submerging the headphones into the water, and they worked just fine after pulling them off of the water. 

While running with the earbuds in your ears, you don’t have to worry about the sweat as well. Just wipe off the sweat when you reach home, and it’s ready to put on for the next run. 



These earbuds are compatible with any smartphone or device that supports Bluetooth 5.0.

It works on iOS, Android, and iPads (tested). You can listen to music, a podcast, or anything that includes listening.

3. Performance

Because of their low price but good quality, Boltune wireless headphone has carved out a niche in the market. The sound quality of the headphones is quite good for listening to music, and the noise-canceling mic is also well-liked.

While playing the music, we discovered no tininess. The high and mid-tones are smooth, but the bass isn’t particularly strong. Though, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the music at all. Some might not even notice this problem when using these earbuds. 

Besides, if you use the headphone while playing a video on YouTube, it will sync with the sound pretty well. There are no complaints about the off-sync playing. 

You can enjoy the music with no interference from the background sound. Though this gadget comes at a low cost, it doesn’t sound like other cheap headphones. That makes it unique and stands out from others. 

If you consider the power consumption of the headphones, you will be surprised. It takes a short time to recharge and can continue its job for a long period. The small LED panels on the control pod keep beeping for any notifications. 

The 16 hours of uninterrupted use is also a plus for the headphone. 

It is easy to put on and sticks to your ear comfortably. No irritation or discomfort will occur because of the earbuds. 

These headphones are an excellent choice for running and exercising. Surprisingly it seems just as good as our favorite AfterShokz Aeropex, except cheaper and the form factor. 

The good news is that no matter how heavy your workout session is, this one will not fall off easily from your ear. So, this low maintenance and high quality is something you can rely upon. 

We have found no compatibility issue so far. But if you find it difficult to connect with your device, put the earbuds into charge and try again. 

The material of the body and earbuds is of the finest quality. Another captivating fact is that it will be hard to convince others they can have excellent headphones for such an affordable price.

4. Value for Money

Comparing the price and the quality to the other headphones for working out, Boltune earbuds will be ahead in the game by a distance. 

Let’s bring in something to do the comparison; perhaps one of the most renowned brands named Bose. 

The Bose Sport Earbuds come for at least 3x the price of Boltune in the retail market. It offers IPX4 rated water-resistant quality with 5 hours of continuous playing. 

Boltune earbuds feature IPX7 water-resistant quality and have up to 16 hours of battery life. 

The IPX4 rated earbuds are splash-proof, where Boltune earbuds offer IPX7 rated water-resistant features. The IPX7 rating means you can submerge the headphone in water for 30 minutes, and it will not harm the device.

Another sports headphone to compare is the Jabra Elite Active 65t. This one is also more expensive than Boltune earbuds, and Boltune covers just about all the features Jabra offered there.

And if I didn’t say that already, don’t be confused if you see these headphones are called Thauker in some places. Thauker is Boltune rebranded and there is not much of a difference.

5. Our Rating

7.8 Total Score
Boltune BT-BH001

Boltune BT-BH001 earbuds come in a short corded behind-the-neck wireless design, with a strong IPX7 water rating and Bluetooth 5.0 making it a good fit to run or work out with. The battery life is up to 16 hours against a 2 hour recharge time, and it does also have a noise-canceling microphone built in to enable talking.

Value for Money
  • Smart design makes it appealing to others
  • Shows off quality audio with minimal sound distortion
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for good connectivity
  • IPX7 rater water-resistant quality and sweatproof
  • Built-in microphone with noise-cancellation technology
  • Enjoy the music for up to 16 hours at a stretch
  • Extra three pairs of ear tips in different sizes
  • Doesn't deliver a great bass
  • The highest volume is harsh and not very usable