Can Fitbit Be Worn as a Clip? (If So, Which One?)

Maintaining good health is becoming a priority for people more and more nowadays, so tracking health is vital. To help with that, the Fitbit smartwatch became a revolutionary device that changed the way people maintain their health. 

But most people don’t like wearing a watch, while some tend to lose anything that is on their wrist. Keeping that in mind, Fitbit came with a clip accessory that can be worn on a belt, waistband, pocket, or bra even.

So does Fitbit work as a clip-on tracker? The answer is yes. We will look at why you would want to do so and what model of Fitbit and the corresponding clip accessory you can wear.

1. Which Fitbit Can Be Worn as a Clip?

Fitbit Inspire 2 has been designed to be compatible as a clip accessory. This device is the smallest in size, and comes in three colors – black, rose, and white, so you can get a stylish look with either choice. It comes with the following features:


Premium Membership

Upon purchase of this product, you will get a year-long premium membership that will provide you with individualized guidance based on your current health. The membership with Fitbit Inspire 2 will also show detailed trends and statistics, which will help you better analyze your health requirements.


All-Day Long Heart Rate Tracking

Inspire 2 measures your heart rate 24/7, including different phases such as sleeping heart rate, calorie burns, irregular heartbeats, breathing rate, and heart rate at rest. 


Extensive Battery Life

When used optimally, you get a 10-day battery life with the Fitbit Inspire 2 device. This is a great addition among all the other features, as you get to use the tracker for a long time without having to keep stopping to charge it. 


Period Tracking

Great news for the ladies reading this because you can now effectively track your period cycle with Inspire 2. With the in-depth details and analysis this feature provides, you can improve your menstrual health and understand your body better.


Other Great Features

When you locate the Fitbit Inspire 2 product page on their official website, you will find that it has many amazing features, including sleep tracking, measuring body temperature, breathing activities, swim tracking, and a lot more. 

Another extremely important feature of this model is the “stress management” option. Physical health isn’t the only important thing for overall well-being, as mental health is crucial as well.

This feature helps to track your daily stress levels. When the levels are high, you can calm yourself with the guided breathing activities it provides. 

2. Which Clip Accessory Can You Use With Fitbit Inspire 2?

As Fitbit Inspire 2 is the ONLY model that can be used on a clip, the brand has designed a clip accessory specifically for that model.

Inspire 2 Clip, as the name itself already suggests, this clip is not compatible with other Inspire lines such as Inspire or Inspire HR. Be sure to only purchase this clip accessory if you have an Inspire 2 device.

The design is sleek and smooth, with a shiny black exterior. In no way do you have to worry about style with this clip!

3. How to Wear a Clip-on Fitbit

Before going ahead and attaching the clip with the tracker, there are a couple of things you need to configure first. To get to clip mode, these are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Press and hold the side buttons till the menu slides up and takes you to “quick settings.”

Step 2: Scroll up and search for the “On Wrist” option, then tap the screen accordingly to change the setting.

Step 3: Text saying “Enable On Clip?” will be displayed on the screen. Scroll further and tap on the check to continue.

Step 4: Swipe up again, and you will now see that it says “On Clip.” 

Step 5: Carefully remove the tracker from the band.

Step 6: Insert the Fitbit Inspire 2 device into its associated clip accessory.

And there you have it! You can now go ahead and attach the clip to your belt, waistband, pocket, bra, or even a lanyard. 

Remember to switch back to “On Wrist” mode when you plan to use your Fitbit on the wristband. 

4. A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Although a clip-on Fitbit sounds appealing and convenient, there are some matters you might take issue with.

4.1 Reduced Services

While on clip mode, your Fitbit Inspire 2 will only track the number of steps or the total distance you have walked. This means it will not be able to track other stats such as heart rate, periods, sleep cycles, or exercises.

If you only aim to count your steps for the day, you can go for the clip way of using the Fitbit. But it’s still important to note that keeping track of the steps walked in a day is a vital way to know about calorie burn and progressive health.

4.2 The Clip Accessory is Necessary

The Fitbit device should not touch your skin for prolonged periods of time. Especially if you have sensitive skin, direct contact can cause irritation. This means if you plan on wearing the Fitbit in places other than your wrist, you will need to purchase the accessory clip.

As the clip does not come with the device, you will have to buy it separately. You may be able to find non-branded clips in a local or online store, but chances are they won’t be a perfect fit with the tracker.

4.3 No Longer Compatible with Inspire HR or Fitbit One

Previously, the Fitbit clip-on tracker feature was available for the Inspire HR and Fitbit One lines. But then there was a firmware update, and the clip mode no longer exists for these models.

So, if you own either a Fitbit One or Inspire HR tracker, the clip will not work at all for these, unfortunately. 

5. Why Is Wearing a Clip a Good Choice?

For starters, not everyone is a fitness freak and has only recently gotten into the whole process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And as the wristband method provides a lot of functionalities, it can get overwhelming for beginners.

Here are some reasons why you should still consider using the Inspire 2 clip:

5.1 One Step at a Time (Pun Intended)

As already mentioned, you will not get all the functionalities of the Fitbit in clip mode. It only tracks your steps throughout the day. And walking is perhaps the initial step in leading a more active lifestyle.

By using the clip version of the tracker, the focus will be on walking only. Gradually after you get to understand your abilities better based on the steps stats, you can go on and check out the other options in your Fitbit.

5.2 Anti-theft Properties

Fitbits are expensive, and wearing them on your wrist can sometimes make them prone to theft. But as the clip allows you to wear it inside your clothing, there is a lesser chance someone could snatch it away from you.

5.3 Comfort and Style Factor

If you like to wear a watch but also want to track your walking distance, then the clip is the solution for you. When a personal style is in question, you may want to still wear your analog watch on your wrist.

In that case, you can clip the Fitbit onto your belt or any other part of your clothing that is close to your body and still wear your favorite watch on your wrist. Now for people who dislike anything on their wrists, it is a win-win situation.

6. Other Ways You Can Wear Fitbit

Apart from wristbands and clips, did you know that there are other ways you can wear a Fitbit and still maximize its use? You will be surprised to find out that a Fitbit can be worn on your ankle and while swimming!

  • Wearing on ankle

Even though Fitbits are designed to be worn on the wrist, you can possibly get more accurate results by wearing them on your ankle. It can count steps if you don’t move your arms while walking. A lot of users have also stated that it is more comfortable when worn near the foot.

So, if you’re looking for extra comfort while tracking fitness, be sure to check out all the good things about wearing your Fitbit on your ankle. On top of that, you can arguably get more accurate readings that way.

  • Wearing while swimming

As you have read above in an earlier section, the Fitbit Inspire 2 tracker can track swimming. So, the answer is yes, you can indeed swim with a Fitbit on.

Certain models, including Inspire 2 and the Ace series, are waterproof and provide detailed swim tracking information. By making use of this feature, your health tracking routine will go up a notch.