Delphin Micro Tablet Review: (Offline) Stream Music in Water

With new and innovative gadgets taking their place in the market, the demand for high-performance headphones is on the rise. This is where the Delphin waterproof micro tablet comes into the picture.

Delphin has been designed to meet the requirements of swimming enthusiasts. If you belong to this group and you’ve been searching for the best swimming headphones, the Delphin Waterproof Micro tablet is right up your alley.

Stay till the end to find out everything about this unique and amazing device.

1. Design

The Delphin bundle usually comes with the SwimBuds Sport Swimming Headphones. You can also find the SwimBuds HydroActive Swimming Headphones in the bundle.

In terms of design, the Delphin is beyond excellence. It is lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly. Built with an IPX8 waterproof rating, this device is definitely outstanding. Such a high waterproof rating allows the device to work underwater effortlessly.

There are almost 11 earbud options with additional earbud tips so you can use them anywhere, anytime. There are 5 control buttons that make the usage of this device smooth and easy. So, when you’re swimming underwater, you don’t have to worry about losing control of the device.

This Delphin waterproof tablet comes with a rugged shock case and a rear metal built-in clip that allows easy adjustment of the device.

The screen size of the waterproof device is around 4 centimeters, which is pretty decent. The instructions for operating the device on the screen display are also quite simple, which makes using the device very easy.

You also get a sleek and smart keyboard with this tablet that is easy to set up and has specific controls for playlists and app management. The audio quality is excellent and provides users with an interesting experience.

Besides, the sleek and stylish design of the device is sure to win hearts. The impressive design of the headphones perfectly suits swimming enthusiasts.

2. Features

Let’s have a look at some of the noteworthy features of this device from Underwater Audio—



The most unique feature of this device is its excellent lithium polymer batteries that are already included with the bundle. With this device, you get 6 hours of battery lifespan which is quite decent for swimming headphones. 

One of the best features of this device is the display of numerous battery saving suggestions during the boot. You can save your battery and extend it in a different number of ways.

By switching the WiFi or Bluetooth off, reducing the screen sleep time, turning it off when you don’t need it, and minimizing the display brightness — there are tons of ways you can conserve your battery. 

You can also keep it in airplane mode according to your requirement. With 6-hour battery life, this device has a steady and smooth operating system.



In terms of compatibility, no headphones can match the caliber of the Delphin. Most headphones and tablets out there designed for swimmers lack the ability to function outside the pool.

Moreover, most brands design devices that do not have WiFi or Bluetooth support. This makes it difficult for users to use the device for a wide range of functions after a swim.

However, with the Delphin in your palm, you’re a winner. From offering WiFi and Bluetooth support to using the device outside the pool for different functions, the Delphin can help you achieve it all.

Besides, another great feature of this device is its compatibility with different apps like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon, and so on. You can download music, create different music playlists, connect the device to your phone and listen to audiobooks through the access of these apps. With Delphin, listening to music and audiobooks have become much easier and more entertaining.

Since WiFi and Bluetooth support does not work during a swim, you can simply download music and add them to playlists to enjoy them later. Apps like Audible allow you to search for unique audiobook playlists and podcasts and download them for future use.

You can also use WiFi and Bluetooth to connect your phone and set up training stats after every swim. Besides, you can install different apps from the internet to monitor your laps and splits and save them for future reference.

From listening to music, obtaining training details, third-party app setup, and so on, this device can offer an excellent experience to everyone. Both professionals and amateurs can achieve a lot of different things and gain new experiences with the Delphin in their hands.


Controls and Mechanism

The Delphin is a blessing for Android users. It operates on Android technology so the interface seems pretty convenient to follow. You can easily run this device with its wireless small keyboard and excellent control options.

Despite having such a small keyboard, users will face no issues in managing the control options of the device.

There are 5 raised buttons that are pretty easy to use during swimming. The Delphin also comes with a built-in lap tracking feature. This lap tracking feature is responsible for obtaining training insights and getting an estimate of the swim laps.

Such a cool feature is amazing for professional swimmers who want something to count their swim laps and listen to music or podcasts at the same time. Moreover, you can sync your training data to apps like Strava and setup for future purposes. Most devices in the market lack the ability to sync their training data, which is why Delphin is a total winner.

Beginners can also enjoy the smart controls of this device and learn the basics pretty quickly.

Although it takes a bit of time to boot up, the process is pretty informative. You can view all the necessary information like user instructions, battery saving, and so on. With an excellent lap tracking feature and some user-friendly controls, this device is worth every penny.


Build Quality

The Delphin is built with pretty strong and durable construction. The IPX8 rating is definitely outstanding and allows the device to work under the water seamlessly. The waterproof feature also adds to the durability and longevity of the product.

Moreover, the device is covered by rugged shock housing that acts as a protective layer for the tablet. It not only safeguards the device but also increases its resilience. 

You can also find a built-in clip behind the device that acts as an anchor for the device. Users can fasten their goggles or small accessories to the metal clip behind. It also provides safety to your device during swimming.

Besides, the Delphin bundle comprises a strong quality storage box with multiple compartments to store the necessary equipment. It also comes with a separate case for keeping the headphones and has additional earbud tips. 

The headphone cords have a perfect length of 16 inches that allows easy mobility and prevents any unnecessary tangling. These cords are quite easy to manage and comfortable. It weighs almost 1.4 ounces, which is pretty compact and lightweight in size. This is another reason why customers are drawn towards this device. When you’re swimming underwater, carrying something heavy and bulky can be pretty troublesome. With Delphin, things just keep getting easier. The minimal weight and lightweight design totally make this device worth buying.

Usually with such devices, build and quality plays an important role. The build of a device determines how strong it will be and whether it will hold perfectly well underwater. Fortunately, with Delphin you don’t have to worry about the build, design and quality.


Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, the Delphin is definitely a winner. With enhanced sound quality and volume level, no other brand can match the excellence of Delphin. 

Both the Swimbuds and the HydroActive headphones have been designed with durable and fine-quality earbud tip options. The sound quality in both sets of earphones is pretty amazing and provides a seamless experience underwater.

Earbud Tips of the Delphin comprise tree tips, fin tips, ergo tips, and mushroom tips. The different kinds of tips help avoid water contact with the ears and act as protective barriers.

They provide stability and support to the ears during a swim. These tips come in both regular and large sizes to fit a wide range of ears. With so many versatile tips, you can expect to enjoy a brilliant sound quality and obtain maximum comfort as well.

3. Performance

Most swimming headphones out there are available simply in the form of MP3 players. However, the Delphin waterproof device stands true to its title.

Built with an Android 5.1 operating system, this tablet can function without an external computer source. It has facilities for installing your favorite apps like Spotify and Audible app directly and listening to music or Audible audiobooks without any hassles.

If music streaming includes going through a long process, many individuals will lose their calm. Fortunately, this underwater audio device has been built especially for individuals who do not want to get into the hassle of setting up a music player through the computer and then streaming music.

With a smart device like this, multitasking has become a lot easier. This device starts to boot up in one whole minute and ensures that you get clear instructions before using it completely. The boot screens are very informative and cover most of the important features starting from battery conservation techniques and adequate usage facilities.

It allows easy and simple streaming of music through some of your favorite apps like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and so on. Since underwater audio streaming does not work with a Bluetooth connection or even WiFi, you need to download the playlist on your music player beforehand.

In this way, you can listen to different Audible audiobooks or some music playlists whenever you want.

4. Value for Money

Swimming headphones are definitely bound to be more expensive than your traditional headphones. But considering the build quality and design, this device from Underwater Audio is worth the price. With a smart interface and setup, Delphin is definitely ahead of its game.

It is a much better alternative than the AfterShokz Xtrainers, which does not support or offer any streaming services and has very limited audio profiles. Listening to audiobooks on the Xtrainers is a very difficult process and has a storage of only 4 GB. 

In comparison, Delphin has a wide range of audio profiles and supports some popular streaming services, including Audible. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks is very easy with the micro tablet from Underwater audio in comparison to other headphones.

It is also a better option than the FINIS Duo bone conduction headphones because of its versatility. Duo is strictly a swimming headphone and has no functions outside the pool.

However, with Delphin, you won’t face such an obstacle. You can connect it to Bluetooth or WiFi outside the pool and enjoy podcasts and download playlists from the internet.

With so many features and advanced technology, this device is definitely worth the price. In comparison to other brands in the market, Delphin has put up a pretty strong game.

5. Our Rating

7.6 Total Score
Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet

With durable and long-lasting construction, Delphin Waterproof Micro Tablet is definitely one of the best products that swimmers can purchase. The smart screen, the audio quality, app management, strong compatibility, WiFi and Bluetooth support, and battery quality-everything about this device screams superiority. It is definitely a winner in the versatile category as it allows users to experience entertainment and is also a great tool to monitor their training statistics.

Value for Money
  • Tough and durable construction
  • High-quality audio configuration
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Vivid screen display
  • Good app management
  • Easy and effortless setup
  • Compatible with different apps
  • 6-hour battery lifespan
  • High price point