FITINDEX Scale Review: Just as Good as an Expensive One

Whether you’re in bodybuilding, weight loss, or any other fitness track, you already know that: fitness has everything to do with keeping track of your health conditions and sticking to your fitness plan.

You’ll have to regularly measure your weight, know the body fat level, metabolism rate, etc. One way or another, you need to take the necessary assessments and keep a clear record. What if there’s a magic solution that takes care of all these issues?!

Fitindex smart scale claims to do just that! This wireless body composition scale and monitoring tool boast to be an all-around fitness program assistant.

1. Design

The square-shaped scale measures 10.2 inches at each side and nearly an inch, 0.96 inches to be exact — thick/high. With only 2.43 pounds of weight, it’s very light for its sturdy build. Rounded corners ensure that in case of an accidental kick won’t cause you to get jabbed.

It comes in two colors, black and white. You can choose the one that fits your décor. The four oval electrodes fit perfectly well with the rounded edges of the scale and don’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

Their stainless steel surfaces have a brushed finish. The dim colors and lack of sharp edges give the scale an overall comforting emotional appeal.

Having a tempered glass structure, the platform may seem fragile. But the scale is actually extraordinarily sturdy and has a weight limit of 396 pounds. The scale has an accuracy of 0.2 pounds (0.05 kilograms). 

Besides carrying electrical signals, the stainless steel build of the four electrodes also adds to the structural strength of the scale.

The scale kit is equipped with three AAA batteries. These powerhouses supply mild electrical signals to one side of the body when one steps onto the platform. The signal then comes through the other side. 

By analyzing the current, resistance, voltage, etc., the embedded computer of the scale determines the body mass index, bone mass, body fat, and many other physiological properties.

2. Features


13 Body Composition Metrics

Measuring and keeping track of the core health criteria of the body is the primary function of this scale. With the help of specialists in physiology, Fitindex has come up with 13 crucial aspects that can give a glimpse of your general health.

Collectively these aspects are known as body composition metrics. They include body weight which, when compared with height, represents the clearest indication of one’s health condition. 

Then there’s BMI — body mass index. It’s the body weight divided by height. A BMI between 18 and 24.9 is ideal and is recommended for most adults. For older people, BMI between 25 and 27 is suitable. 

The scale also gauges the BFP, and body fat percentage. Depending on the type of physical activities one is engaged in, the ideal BFP may vary. The app can track the water percentage of the body and distinguish between different types of fats, such as subcutaneous and visceral fat.

You also get to know the muscle mass, skeletal muscle, protein, and bone mass of your body. The other aspects that are evaluated are fat-free body weight, basal metabolism, and last but not least, body age. 

The Fitindex scale utilizes Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology, in short BIA, to pinpoint these 13 composition metrics.

The amount of data you get from the app is simply amazing. You can easily set up goals that’ll let you know about, let’s say, the body fat percentage or weight you’ve gained or lost. And how far off they are from your desired goals. The measurements, analysis, and charts are really thorough.


Modes & Uses

This scale has a number of modes to help you further personalize the service. We’ve already hinted about the baby mode that helps track the growth of a child. There’s an athlete mode for people who perform extensive physical exercise.

To get the full benefit of the scale, you’ll have to insert your accurate personal information into the app. The body fat percentage is primarily intended for people between 10 and 80. 

Needless to say, despite being quite accurate, the scale shouldn’t be used for medical purposes. For an exercise or diet program, you must consult doctors before using it.


Precision Sensors

The high-end tempered glass build is crowned with a set of four high-precision sensors. These 4 electrodes are produced with innovative step-on technology. Besides the ability to take accurate measurements, the scale has automatic calibration features allowing for further convenience. 

The system has a 0.2-lb precision, which is enough for any non-medical, home use. As for safety, the scale is certified by FCC; it’s also CE and RoHS compliant. So you won’t have to worry about the protection measures.


YES to the Heavy Users

One of the great things about this scale is its extremely high weight limit. The stained glass surface may look delicate and fragile. But looks can be deceiving.

This beast can withstand up to a wapping 396 pounds, that is 180 kilograms, of static force. So if you’re on the heavy side, you won’t have to worry the least.


Fitindex App

The app that comes with the Fitindex Scale is thoroughly optimized to give you an enhanced user experience. It’s supported by iOS 7.0, Android 4.3, and all the other later versions. 

Moreover, its installation is pretty standard and straightforward. This device connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and passes on the collected data to the Fitindex App. 

It’s simply amazing to see how the app processes all the data and presents them as charts. The charts are very easy to follow. You can easily keep track of your improvements and get warned about the lack thereof. 

You’re weighing yourself but don’t have the phone close at hand? Don’t you worry, you won’t have to drag yourself to the smartphone! You can just manually insert the data. The scale automatically shares the data with the phone, and it’s added to your track record.


No Limit to the Number of Profiles

Let’s say you’ve ordered the scale, you can be sure that some of the other members of your family will be very impressed by it. Now, what should you do, order a couple of scales? Well, you can do it. But you don’t have to. Your loved ones can simply open their own profiles and get the best out of the bucks you spent.

If you’re worried about privacy, don’t be, Fitindex has guarded it thoroughly. The profiles are completely separated and secured. So none of the other members can peek into your profile. Through the Fitindex App, the profiles can be accessed from different devices or the same one, if you prefer to do so.

So if your family has a number of weight losers and bodybuilders, you guys can compete with each other and compare your performances. Trust me, this healthy rivalry can be a lot of fun. 

And don’t worry about overuse or something, this Fitindex Scale is designed to bear it all. Finally, if you happen to have a baby, there’s a baby mode that helps you to track the growth of your sweet little duckling.



One of the most crucial aspects we consumers look for in a lifestyle gadget or app is whether it can fit in seamlessly in our ecosystem. At the end of the day, you don’t want the app to take you too far out of your comfort zone, overburden and push you out of the fitness program altogether!

FITINDEX took this need to heart while designing this BMI scale and the Fitindex app. The scale is perfectly compatible with a whole range of apps and gadgets. First and foremost, it sinks perfectly with Apple Health and Apple Watch, which are indispensable for Apple users.

The default app can also seamlessly share and synchronize your data with Google Fit, Fitbit, and Samsung Health. This not only makes you right at home, but it also gives you a wholistic satisfaction.

3. Performance

Fitindex doesn’t fall short of any of the promises. It’s a wireless device that’s extremely straightforward and easy to use. Comes with an embedded app that’s very well optimized. 

It has a pretty straightforward operation. To turn the scale on, you’ll just have to gently step onto the scale and step off for a while. The display will show the sign CAL, which signifies the calibration mode. 

Once the calibration or preparation is over, the screen will show 0.0. This means the scale is prepared to take measurements. Then it’s time for you to step onto the stage, so to speak.

Note that, you should place the scale on a flat and hard surface to ensure accurate calibration. Softer surfaces such as linoleum or carpet can negatively impact the weighing accuracy.

After two weeks of trial, our expert didn’t find any major inaccuracy in its measurements. Every time, before gauging the weight with this scale, he measured himself on a beam scale. 

And as you know, the beam scale is one of the most accurate and flawless ways to weigh one’s weight. The result we got was an almost negligible discrepancy between the two measures.

4. Value for Money

This scale from Fitindex is extremely versatile and measures 13 different physiological properties. It’s smoothly compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. 

In terms of connectivity, you’ll have to give it ten out of ten. The Fitindex App shares and synchronizes data with most other high-end fitness apps.

As icing to the cake, the scale comes at a knock-off price. Considering the staggering amount of useful charts and statistics it shares, you definitely get a great bang for the buck. That being said, it’s not without contenders. Let’s check them out … at least the two closest ones.

RENPHO scale is one of the top competitors of the Fitindex Scale. With its 11 x 11 x 1 in dimensions it’s a bit bigger than the 10.2 x 10.2 x 0.96 in Finindex. This may mean, although we can’t be sure, that it’s a little bit sturdier. 

Apart from that, the two are identical in terms of accuracy (0.2-pound) and top weight (396 pounds). The Fitindex App is more suitable for multiple users. It can also export data in CSV format.

Another contender is the Withings Body+. Having a dimension of 12.8 x 12.8 x 0.9 in, it’s a bit easy to set up. By the same token, it’s less compact than the Fitindex Scale. It has a lower accuracy of 0.1-kg than Fitindex’s 0.5 kilograms.

5. Our Rating

8.3 Total Score

The Fitindex scale is a compact, sleek and sturdy body composition tracking tool capable of measuring up to 396 pounds. It has a high degree of weight measurement precision. Its body fat scale is also quite accurate and can give real-time body fat data. It connects with smartphones via Bluetooth and data integration with fitness apps is seemless.

Value for Money
  • Can measure and chart out 13 crucial body composition metrics
  • Supports an unlimited number of profiles from multiple devices
  • Has a very high weight limit of 396 pounds
  • The app syncs data with all major fitness apps
  • Specialized modes such as Athlete, Baby, etc
  • May need frequent battery replacement