Calculate Your Golden Ratio Face Online

One of the mathematical wonders is that beauty can be represented with numbers. Although it may sound too good to be true, tons of researchers said that there is a logical correlation between the human face and the phi golden ratio.

Using our golden ratio face calculator, you can check how close your face is to the so-called perfect face ratio. All you have to do is put the measurements and it will generate a result for you.

1. Golden Ratio Face Calculator

Face Map

Note: This calculator does not support values more than 10 cm for mathematical feasibility. If you see that one of your measurements is more than 10 cm, divide all measurements by 10 before inputting them into the tool. This will not affect the output.

2. How Does This Calculator Work?

This calculator takes the length of each facial region in centimeters (cm) and divides them by their correlated regions. The final output is an average of 7 such calculations.

The comments are generated by comparing your average to the phi golden ratio 1.618033… which is normally rounded to 1.62. According to this formula, the closer you are to this number, the better your face looks.

To use this calculator, you will need a measurement tape and ideally a second person to help you. You will need 12 measurements in total:

RegionMapping (Check the image above)
Top-of head to chin1 to 2
Top-of-head to pupil1 to 3
Pupil to nosetip3 to 4
Pupil to lip3 to 5
Width of nose6 to 7
Outside distance between eyes8 to 9
Width of head10 to 11
Hairline to pupil12 to 3
Nosetip to chin4 to 2
Lips to chin5 to 2
Length of lips13 to 14
Nosetip to lips4 to 5

Tips for easier and accurate calculations:

  • Make sure to hold the tape straight. Imagine horizontal and vertical lines on the mapped points. You can move along the line as you need to maintain the straight line. This would not affect the result.
  • You can also take a close-up photo and do the measurements on your computer yourself using a ruler. It is the calculation of ratio so even your photo appears smaller, the result would be the same.

3. What is the Phi Golden Ratio Face?

Phi Golden Ratio Face is an ideal face that has an average ratio of 1.62 for its 7 major regions. This ratio is also known as the divine proportion or the divine ratio. A textbook face shape has an exact ratio of 1.62.

Phi (Φ) is a greek alphabet that is mainly used in mathematics. Greeks believed that any beauty can be described by mathematics and emphasized that the value of Phi is found consistently in different natural items.

The scientists went ahead to test it against the human face and found out that Phi actually does correlate to the beauty of the face. The close the number is to this value, the more attractive the person is in the opposite gender’s eyes.

4. What is Considered a Good Golden Ratio for Face?

You don’t have to get disheartened if you see your result is not exactly or near 1.62. No one is. Actually, the person with a perfect face ratio doesn’t exist.

There are some people though who have close to perfect scores. If you want to compare yourself, according to the plastic surgeon, Dr. Julian De Silva’s top 10, Bella Hadid secured the top place with a ratio of 1.52 (94.35%), followed by Beyoncé 1.49 (92.44%) and Amber Heard 1.48 (91.85%).

One thing to keep in mind is that these results are based on science and calculations. Beauty is still mostly subjective and changes from person to person.

5. Does the Ideal Face Ratio Vary by Gender?

In general, an archetypal face mask represents a female face. The male ideal face is derived from the female one with some slight adjustments.

For example, the males are imagined with flat eyebrows and slightly narrowed eyes. In addition to that, they could ideally have a slightly longer nose and a wider jawline.

The calculator we have here works for both genders as the difference is insignificant.