Best GPS Tracking Jewelry for Personal Safety

Although our world is evolving in many positive ways, there are some risks that haven’t been changed a lot. It may sound very scary, but the truth is your safety might be put at stake at any time.

You can get mugged, kidnapped, and other horrible things may happen to you, but you might not have time to reach out to anyone for help.

For such nightmarish situations, you want to have a form of GPS tracking device with you so that your emergency contacts can find you.

Now companies have introduced GPS jewelry, which is smart jewelry that can help in protecting you. Today, we will review 3 of the best GPS tracker jewelry you can get on the market.

1. InvisaWear Gold Chain Necklace – Best Overall

We are starting off our list with our recommendation of the best overall tracking device. The gold chain necklace by InvisaWear is a fantastic way to protect yourself.

1.1 How Does It Work?

So, how does this GPS jewelry work? There is a concealed button on the necklace, and if you double click, it sends kind of an SOS message to 5 of your family or friends who are your emergency contacts.

After purchasing this accessory, you will have to install a free app that sends data to your cell phone. The app is mentioned with the package so you can use the necklace to alert people when you’re in danger.

Once the necklace is connected with your smart devices via the app, you will select these 5 contacts. Also, the message that will be sent will contain a link that will let the recipients track your exact location.

1.2 US Users Can Immediately Contact 911

Those of you who live in the United States will be pleased to hear that this tracking jewelry has a feature that will let you contact 911 immediately. Your precise location will be sent to 911 dispatchers. This feature is optional and only available for US users.

1.3 Loud Alert to Deter Attacker

This accessory has the technology to be linked with your phone by an app, so there are some nice features. An optional feature will set a loud alarm on your phone to alert people around you that you need help. You can toggle this option on or off with the free app.

If you set an alarm, just make sure the sound is loud enough on your cell phone so that it can reach anyone who is nearby and can help you.

1.4 Design

One great thing about this accessory is that you don’t have to worry about the battery as it does not need to charge. You have to change the battery every year or so. Sometimes it will last you up to 2 years!

This GPS jewelry is a fantastic purchase especially for women because it looks like one of those pretty necklaces you would find in a nice jewelry store.

The chain is about 16 inches and even has a 2 inches extender. It is made of brass which is then plated with 14k gold, so you can easily wear it with some nice earrings as well if you’re going out.

1.5 Target Audience

This GPS location tracker can be wrapped as one of your gifts to someone you care about a lot. You can make your child wear this all the time, so you always know where they are.

Many parents will not have to worry as much if they have their children outside with this GPS tracker that will notify them if there’s something wrong.

The customer base for this particular product is quite broad. From kids to college students to elderly people, this necklace is suitable for everyone. A lot of it is because to enable accurate tracking technology, you only have to double-click a simple button, and you’ll be secure.

This product might be favored more by female customers. But since it is a matter of security, anyone can really wear the necklace. The most important thing is that it can send an accurate location tracking link to your family or emergency contacts so they can search for you when you double-click the panic button.

We also wrote a complete review of InvisaWear Necklace, in case you are interested in knowing more.

  • Works very easily with a free app on your cell phone device
  • Sends a tracker link with your location to 5 of your emergency contacts when you double-click the button
  • Button is hidden behind the necklace, so no one can tell it’s a tracker
  • Has the latest technology that can turn an alarm on your phone to send a message of help to anyone passing by
  • Can be used by kids as it is simple to use
  • Beautiful and simple design with brass body and 14k gold plating
  • It is not waterproof
  • The price is slightly steep for tracker jewelry

2. InvisaWear Expandable Bracelet

For those of you who don’t want a necklace on you all the time, you also have other options. This expandable bracelet by InvisaWear is also an excellent option for GPS-tracking jewelry.

This device is not like other GPS trackers which can be recognized. You can wear it on its own or with other bracelets, regular watches, and smartwatches.

In many ways, this bracelet has a lot of the same features as the InvisaWear gold chain necklace that we have reviewed.

2.1 How Does It Work?

Much like the last device, this smart jewelry also has a small button on it that you have to double-click to alert your family that you are in danger and need help. There is a free app that you have to install on your smart device so that you can connect it with your GPS tracker jewelry.

In the free app, you can select 5 of your emergency contacts who will be sent a message that includes your exact GPS location. The app will alert your emergency contacts immediately, so they can easily track you and search for you.

2.2 US Users Can Immediately Contact 911

Since this GPS tracker jewelry is from InvisaWear, it has the optional 911 contact. Then they will track you with the GPS device and free you from the danger you may be in.

If you look at their website, some other similar features will meet your eyes. For example, there is a paid feature that costs 20 USD that will link you with trained ADT agents besides your regular emergency contacts.

2.3 Loud Alert to Deter Attacker

Besides a GPS tracker and a regular bracelet, this smart jewelry has features of other tools as well.

Whichever one of your smart devices you have connected this tracker with can be triggered, which will turn on a loud alert noise that can unnerve the attacker. Additionally, it can get you some attention so that people can search for you by hearing the sound.

2.4 Design

This device does not look like a tracker at all, it was designed to look just like a normal bracelet. This safety tracking device is not the prettiest piece of jewelry on the market, but it has all the must-have features you would look for in a GPS tracking device.

The InvisaWear bracelet comes in 2 different finishes, gold, and silver. The gold version of this jewelry is made with brass that is then coated with 14k gold, and the silver one is rhodium-plated brass. The GPS tracker is in a part that has an oval shape.

Although this GPS tracker device only comes in one size, it is expandable.

2.5 Target Audience

This may not be the most fashionable tracking device, but for most, this GPS tracker is good enough in almost every way and looks much better than silicone wristband trackers. Like the necklace, this tracker also has a slightly feminine design.

In emergency situations, anyone will find this GPS tracker to be a blessing because your emergency contacts will most certainly track you with the data.

We reviewed InvisaWear Bracelets thoroughly in another blog post, in case you liked it and want to know what else it can do.

  • Works in mere minutes as the app sends your GPS location to your emergency contacts
  • 911 optional contact for quicker communication with dispatchers in the US
  • Optional $20 monthly subscription that will link you with professional ADT agents for maximum security
  • Loud noise can be triggered in your connected devices that can unnerve the attacker
  • Comes in 2 finishes: silver and gold
  • Not waterproof so can get damaged in the rain
  • Retails at 150 USD which is quite expensive for a GPS tracker bracelet

3. Ripple 24/7 Wearable Personal Safety Device – Best Budget Option

If you are looking for a budget-friendly GPS tracker, this is the perfect option for you. Let’s take a look at all the features of this personal safety device with GPS tracking.

3.1 How Does It Work?

This little safety device connects with your phone via Bluetooth. You will have to install the ripple app on your phone first so that you can select your emergency contacts.

3.2 Send Accurate Medical Alerts

For those of you who have medical conditions that can be triggered in difficult situations, you all can put information about your health issues in the application.

3.3 Design

One of the best things about this GPS tracker is its size. It is only 1 square inch in area, so your attackers will not notice it.

Due to their size, these GPS trackers can be attached to your other accessories with their clip. You can attach it to your wristband, watch, smartwatch, bag, belt buckle, bra, keys, etc.

3.4 Target Audience

This particular tracker can be used by just about anyone and everyone. It is small, looks fashionable, and is not made for any specific gender. However, what we must highlight the most is that it is child safe.

Many parents want to track their children with GPS trackers when they go outside, in case something bad happens.

Since this device is easy to operate, children can easily use it to send a message to their emergency contacts and the monitoring team of Ripple who are always there 24/7. You can just attach the GPS tracker to the backpack your children carry or any of their garments.

  • Great value for money as it is not expensive at all
  • Sends medical alerts with information about your health conditions
  • Very durable as it can stand water up to 1 meter for as much as 30 minutes
  • Compact size, so it can be clipped to anything
  • Sends GPS location information to your emergency contacts as well as the Ripple team who are always online 24/7
  • Battery lasts only 6 months

4. Short Buying Guide for GPS Jewelry

When you are in the market for buying a GPS tracking accessory such as a necklace you want it to be great. Now, what makes a device great in this category? In this section, we will be looking at some factors that you should consider when buying one of these devices.

4.1 Application Connectivity

Having the newest and most cutting-edge technology is not necessary, but you want the GPS security device to at least have connectivity with a free smart application. This can give you great control over what information you want to be sent when you double-click the button.

You also want to have the option of selecting and changing your emergency contacts through the free application, so the most important people in your life don’t have to worry about your safety. Features such as the optional 911 contact can be a lifesaver for many people living in the United States.

4.2 Concealed Button

With these GPS jewelry devices, one of the most important factors is that the panic button has to be hidden so attackers can’t recognize it.

The products that we have mentioned do a fantastic job of disguising the button, so hopefully, if you ever get into a tough situation, you’ll be quick enough to send a panic message with your GPS location.

4.3 Must Be Compact

If you are getting a GPS tracking device that needs to be clipped to your watch or wristband, then you want it to be small, so it goes unnoticed.

For those of you who are getting jewelry like this, it’s best if the piece is dainty, so it’s not noticeable at all.

4.4 Stylish Appearance

GPS jewelry devices aren’t usually very cheap, and you’ll probably wear them most of the time you are out. So, you definitely want it to upgrade your style and make you look fine while wearing it.

Fortunately, there are several different accessories that come with this GPS tracking feature. Therefore, you can get whatever is more convenient for you to wear on a daily basis. There are also premium options such as gold and silver plating, so they can be a nice addition to your jewelry collection.