Calculate Your Ideal Body Measurements Online

It is one of the topmost priorities for fitness enthusiasts to have nicely proportional physic. Not only that it makes a body look significantly better, but it also signals a good overall health.

Our ideal body measurement calculator will help you check how large each of your body parts should be and adjust your workout accordingly.

1. Ideal Body Measurements Calculator

2. How Does This Calculator Work?

You have to enter the girth of your wrist (cm/inch) in the tool and it will recommend ideal measurements for all parts of your body.

The calculation is based on John McCallum’s formula who is a famous methodist. This formula is widely used because there is a good correlation between the wrist and the other body areas. The targets might look a little challenging at first but according to many studies, they are realistic.

Centimeter and inch both work in the tool since the results are sheer multiples of the value you enter. The results are formulated in the following ways:

Chest6.5 x Wrist
Hip0.85 x Chest
Waist0.7 x Chest
Leg0.53 x Chest
Neck0.37 x Chest
Arm0.36 x Chest
Shin0.34 x Chest
Forearm0.29 x Chest

Note: The measurements are geared towards a muscular male body. For females, the results can be off sometimes.

3. What Are the Perfect Body Measurements for a Man?

The recommended sizes generated by our tool are almost spot-on for male bodies. So it is recommended that you give it a go. Anyway, here are the things you should mainly focus on having besides those calculations:

  • Wider shoulders (at least 1.5 times of your waist)
  • Broader chest (at least 10-12 inch / 25-30 cm more than your waist)
  • Developed biceps (roughly about your neck circumference)

The male body looks automatically better when there is a noticeable size difference between the waist and the upper body. Chest and shoulders play a big role in it. Biceps that are roughly equal or slightly more than the neck circumference are considered standard.

4. What Are the Perfect Body Measurements for a Woman?

If you tried our tool as a woman, you could see some of the results are off. It is mainly because this calculator takes muscular male physic as a standard.

So you might have to re-adjust the results to make them realistic. The following points might help you in this matter:

  • 36-24-36 inch / 90-60-90 cm Bust-Waist-Hip ratio
  • Thicker thighs

The hourglass figure, which is considered the most attractive on women, is based on the 36-24-36 inch Bust-Waist-Hip ratio. It would be a good target point for any female person out there who wants to improve her physical appearance.

Another area where the measurement can vary significantly is the thigh. Naturally, a female thigh is thicker than a male’s because that is where they store the majority of the fat. If you see your actual thigh measurements are 5-10% more than what is suggested, it is normal.