invisaWear Bracelet Review: Smart Bracelet With Hidden GPS

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Jewelry is cool and all, but wouldn’t it be enticing if it could also save your life? Does the idea of jewelry serving as a personal safety device sound too crazy? What if I told you there’s a product that serves this purpose and can ensure security while you step out into the world?

Here the Invisawear smart bracelet comes in. This will serve as an emergency response technology while enhancing your everyday look. In this article, we’ll look closely at how this bracelet can make your life safer.

1. Design

Let’s start with the unboxing experience. With a product as premium as the Invisawear smart jewelry, it’s only natural to expect a premium unboxing experience as well. Fortunately, Invisawear doesn’t disappoint.

The product comes in a beautiful black box with shiny gold outlines. The box opens up easily to the front like a door. The first thing you’ll get out of the box is a foldable card. This’ll contain all the instructions you need for properly using the device.

The other thing you’ll find inside the box is a small black pouch with minimal branding. Inside the bag, you’ll get the product.

One thing we love about this packaging is that the manual is visually pleasing as well as practical. Most electronic devices come with incomplete manuals, and this is where this device makes a difference.

As for the bracelet itself, you can get it in both gold and silver finishes. These are imitated, so both cost the same. The bracelet comes as adjustable, so you’ll be able to wear it irrespective of your arm width.

Plus, the adjustability will let you fine-tune how fit you want the bracelet to look. It is very thin and doesn’t weigh much. However, the circular Invisawear charm that comes with it is thick and adds a decent weight.

This Invisawear charm houses the emergency response technology device. It’s got a nice, shiny look to it. Despite being a smart safety bracelet at its core, the charm doesn’t look tacky. 

A lot of people don’t prefer wearing similar devices because they make them look old. Unlike those devices, the one from Invisawear is much smarter-looking and will blend in with your daily get-up.

Now that you know what sort of visual experience you can expect out of these, it’s time to look into the features of these charms.

2. Features

The Invisawear bracelet offers a number of features that can make your life safer. Let’s take a look at those, shall we?


Double Click to Trigger

The Invisawear jewelry may look simple from the outside, but it has an invisible button hidden on its back.

Have you ever felt overly conscious when walking down a dim-lit alleyway at night? In these cases, you can double-click the hidden button on the back. This simple action will make a difference and give you another chance at life in the face of danger.


Free App

The Invisawear bracelet comes with an app that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android phones. This free app will let you link the charm to the phone to facilitate simple setup and ease of use. All the different settings and parameters can be adjusted using this app.

We particularly liked using this app as it offers a very user-friendly interface. Plus, it provides a premium look that matches the aesthetics of the box it comes in. Furthermore, this app is also quite stable, so it won’t affect your experience either.

One unique feature this device offers is that you can set the app to play an alarm on your phone. This will activate every time you press the button hidden on the charm. It may be useful in certain cases where you want to deter hostile subjects or want to attract people around you.


Emergency Contacts

The bracelet lets you choose up to five people. Thanks to the intuitive app interface, you’ll be able to set it up in no time at all.

You can change the contacts later on at your convenience. It also lets you enlist numbers of hospitals, special forces, etc. 


GPS Location

Then, once you double press the charm, the device will send a text message to the people you have listed on the app.

The text message will contain your GPS location. With your GPS location, it’ll be easy for the concerned people to find you with minimum hassle.


Alert 911

One other thing this device does differently is that it not only lets you alert friends but 911 as well. To do so, you just need to save 911 as one of the five emergency contacts.

This feature isn’t available in any country other than the U.S, but it’s a very practical feature and great to have.


No Charging

Imagine having an emergency charm that runs out of battery life when you’re in trouble. That would really suck, right?

This is another aspect where the charm works wonders. It doesn’t require any charging. The battery on the charm typically lasts a year. However, it may last two or three years, depending on the times it’s been used.

One useful feature is that the app will alert you when the battery is low. This device uses a commonly found battery which is also cheap. That will help you keep the charm up and running all the time!

3. Performance

The Invisawear bracelet charm does what it promises and is one of the best smart jewelry for ensuring safety.

Many lives are lost every week, lives that could’ve been saved with one alert to friends. While these bracelets are marketed heavily toward young women, we believe everyone can benefit equally from them.

With these charms, you can avoid feeling unsafe even in the face of danger. With just a double click, these charms will notify your loved ones. Once you let them know, it’s only a matter of time before help comes your way.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing these as bracelets, you can always remove the charm and use it as a keychain. You can then install the keychain in your bag or your shoes. If you prefer a necklace, you can opt for the Invisawear necklace instead. The product looks stylish in every manner.

Whether you opt for the Invisawear necklace or bracelet or use the charm like a keychain, we recommend placing it somewhere that’ll maximize access. This way, you’ll be able to double-click the button without any delay.

We’ve scoured the internet for customer reviews as well. One of our primary concerns was GPS location accuracy. We haven’t found a single mention where the user’s family got the wrong coordinates or didn’t receive a text message at all.

Another thing we focused on is the battery life. It turns out that most people got more than a month’s use out of these safety charms. On the other hand, people who triggered the alert more than ten times drained the battery in a month.

4. Value for Money

There are other sites that sell that claim to sell the same emergency response technology integrated into a bracelet. Those products come cheap in most cases. That leads to the question of whether the Invisawear jewelry is worth it or not.

It is only natural as this jewelry from Invisawear doesn’t come cheap. And honestly, we were also skeptical at first.

However, upon scrutinizing the usage review of hundreds of customers, we concluded that these are more than worth the money.

It’s true that these bracelets from Invisawear are a bit more expensive than their competitors. Ringly bracelets are a good example of this.

Ringly bracelets are about the same price, but they don’t offer most of the safety features, despite being marketed as safety jewelry. For example., those don’t let you alert your loved ones or 911, which is a bummer.

The only alternative that we’d suggest is the Invisawear necklace. These are more suitable for people who’d rather wear something on their neck than on the one hand.

5. Our Rating

7.5 Total Score
invisaWear Bracelet

If you want smart jewelry that'll allow you to choose up to five people to share your location with, then the Invisawear bracelet is great for you. The features offered by this smart bracelet will help keep you safe, and it'll also be a great addition to your closet.

Value for Money
  • Guaranteed to send your location up to five people
  • Available in two finishes that blend easily with the everyday outfit
  • Can alert nearby people by triggering sound on a phone
  • It can be linked with a phone for easy customization
  • No monthly subscription is necessary
  • Doesn't require any charging
  • Any bug you come across will be tough to fix