invisaWear Necklace Review: When Smart Jewelry Meets Safety

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Even today, in the 21st century, the world of females is fraught with danger and uncertainty. In fact, according to WHO, 1 in every 3 women will face gender-based violence in her lifetime.

What’s worse is, in these situations — which often happen unexpectedly and quickly — the one feeling unsafe rarely has enough time or space to contact emergency authorities or loved ones.

The creators of the invisaWear necklace have set out to change that.

This stylish necklace, unlike other pieces of jewelry, contains a charm on whose back is a concealed SOS button. This button, when pressed twice, will automatically contact loved ones and emergency dispatchers with your exact GPS location to let them know you’re in trouble.

But is the pricey smart jewelry worth your money? Could it save your life? Let’s find out.

1. Design

The invisaWear’s GPS device is placed within a stylish circular pendant that comes with 14k gold or rhodium plating (the latter is a metal of a silvery-white color), depending on your preferences. On top of the custom circuit board — which contains the GPS tracker — is a coin cell battery. 

And the rear cover, which sits below the circuit board, comes with advanced pressure detection capabilities so you can reach your emergency contacts with just two presses made in quick succession.

We like that the invisaWear is modular. So you’re not limited to wearing this safety device only as a necklace. You can also attach it to a bracelet or keyring (other pieces can be found on invisaWear’s website).

The charm itself is strung on a leather necklace, and this piece of jewelry is meant to be a fashionable addition to any outfit. But the truth is, that is entirely subjective since not everyone has the same sense of style. 

If you’re the kind of person who is unlikely to wear the necklace because it doesn’t go well with your full outfit, buying this smart necklace might not be a good idea. 

Also, this smart necklace is somewhat bulky. So if you like dainty necklaces, that’s another sign that this might not be the right smart emergency device to secure you.

2. Features

No matter your opinions on its aesthetic value, the safety component of the invisaWear necklace has received positive reviews on the whole. Let’s take a look at the main features of this smart panic button.


Emergency Contacts

This necklace comes in handy if you’re in a problematic situation where you are unable to use your phone. 

If you press the jewelry twice, a text message containing your exact GPS location is sent out to 5 emergency contacts (pre-selected by you). Local 911 dispatchers are also contacted if you choose to enable that feature when setting up the invisaWear — for which you need to use the app.


Well-Designed App

One of our favorite things about this personal safety device is its companion smartphone app. The free app has a clean design that is very user-friendly. It’s also a well-developed app that is sufficiently fast. 

When you pair your necklace to your phone for the first time, you will be asked to provide personal information, including weight, height, birthday, and ethnicity. And, of course, you’ll be prompted to select your emergency contacts; you can easily set these up with just a few taps.

Additionally, in case you intend your invisaWear to be helpful in emergency medical circumstances, you also have the option to enter health information such as known medical conditions, disabilities, allergies, and medications.


Cell Battery

Another significant advantage of using the invisaWear jewelry over some other emergency smart safety devices is that it does not require charging. 

The cell battery within the necklace is guaranteed to last up to one year but might last even longer — up to 2 years — depending on your usage. 

And, once the battery is low, you will receive a notification to replace it. The replacement is available at the convenient discounted rate of $99 (but more expensive options are available).


Premium Membership

When you purchase the invisaWear necklace, you’re buying the jewelry and its safety feature for as long as the battery lasts. There is no obligation to purchase any monthly subscription.

But should you choose to avail it, a premium monthly subscription is available for only $20, giving you 24/7 access to ADT Security Services professionals. Yes, they employ similar emergency response technology as the ADT. One of their security professionals will personally handle your emergency. 

A premium subscription also comes with the option to set activity tracking timers, which share your GPS positioning with ADT and 5 contacts for a certain period of time — so you can remain assured that help will arrive at the right destination when you need it.

Oh, and the premium membership also includes free access to quarterly self-defense classes.

3. Performance

To give the invisaWear necklace a trial, we had some members of our team try out the testing option of this smart jewelry. 

During the testing phase, every emergency contact selected by each member of the team received a text message informing them that they had been chosen. Furthermore, all of the contacts verified that they had received the location of the user.

The contacts also received a link to an explainer as to the function and purpose of the invisaWear panic button. Moreover, the texts explained to the emergency contacts that they were part of a testing process.

However, there is one significant drawback to the invisaWear that we can’t ignore. In order to work, the invisaWear component requires a Bluetooth connection with your paired smartphone, which must be within 30 feet of the device. 

If it’s more than 30 feet away, it will be unable to connect to the app in order to reach your contacts. 

This is, in some ways, a major pitfall in situations where you have been separated from your phone — rendering the invisaWear technology useless. Not to mention, if your phone battery dies, that’s another situation in which this smart jewelry is useless.

Having said all that, getting the most out of the invisaWear really requires one to be in a constant state of vigilance and paranoia. What we mean is, that since you can’t predict danger, you don’t know which days you don’t have to activate the panic button. 

And, as we mentioned before, this smart necklace might be super cute for some of us; for others, it may not be so. And if that’s the case, there’s every chance the necklace will remain unused in your closet, rendering its price a waste of money.

If you are very active and frequent the gym or like to go running but also worry about being safe, this necklace might be a bit of an inconvenience. Although it is sweat and water-resistant, it is still pretty hefty and left mild bruises on some of our team members who had it on while working out.

4. Value for Money

The invisaWear necklace is not cheap. The one we’ve reviewed today clocks in at $149, and should you choose to purchase a different style of necklace, prices can go up to $349. 

We understand that these price tags are not affordable for everyone, although it’s undeniable that you’re getting a highly reliable product with advanced technology.

The positively reviewed Ripple, which clocks in at an affordable $49.95 (with a no-contract, $15-a-month, subscription) is definitely a good alternative if you’re looking for something cheaper. The Ripple monitoring team is always available on call, as well. 

And, due to its small size, it can be worn the same way as the invisaWear. However, one might argue that it’s just not as stylish. Furthermore, the Ripple is only guaranteed to last you for 6 months at a time, while the invisaWear goes a year.

Another alternative is the WearSafe Tag. It’s in a similar price range to the invisaWear charm, although it comes with a lifetime subscription to the Wearsafe service (with no extra fees). 

The battery is also eligible for free replacement under the 3-year warranty, so it’s definitely a good deal. But is it as discreet as the invisaWear? That’s a question whose answer will vary depending on the user, so we’ll leave it to you.

And whatever the pitfalls of the invisaWear necklace may be, there are other worry-free accessories to try out, from scrunchies to cup covers and fitness bands.

5. Our Rating

7.8 Total Score
invisaWear Necklace

The invisaWear smart necklace has a GPS tracker within it, making it a versatile device for personal safety — especially for women. When activated, the charm sends your location to your pre-selected emergency contacts as well as dispatchers through your phone. And as the charm is modular, it can be worn as a bracelet or as one of your keyring accessories to help you feel safe. The design is undeniably quite feminine, however, and the price is certainly on the higher end. The battery life could also be better.

Value for Money
  • Pairs easily with smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Directly connects to 5 contacts as well as 911 dispatch services
  • Panic button with an attractive charm designed to look like a natural part of your outfit
  • Companion app is well-designed and user-friendly
  • Premium monthly subscription offers numerous benefits.
  • Requires at least 30-feet proximity to the paired smartphone
  • Expensive compared to other safety wearables
  • Might not suit everyone’s style