iTouch Smartwatch Review: Air 3 vs Sport 3 vs Air SE

iTouch Wearables is one of the most affordable brands that brought in three different smartwatch models that can cater to your necessities with their unique functionalities.

Smartwatches from iTouch not only excel in terms of the basic things such a device does. They also make sure you are getting a well-built gadget that doesn’t leave your pockets empty. 

To enlighten you today with the hot deals on the market right now, we have brought a detailed review of iTouch smartwatches. We’ll be focusing mainly on their compatibility, battery life, and pricing.

Let’s get started on comparing these three and find the best one for you without further ado!

Did you know?

iTouch also makes smartwatches for teenagers and kids. We had the opportunity to take a closer look at their iTouch Playzoom smartwatch. If you are interested in reading its review, plus checking a few other good smartwatches suited for children, head over here.

1. Quick Comparison

Air 3
Sport 3
Air SE
Display Type
Color Touch Screen
Color Touch Screen
Color Touch Screen
Display Size
1.57 inches
1.78 inches
1.4 inches
Battery Life
7 days
3 days
3 days
Heart Rate Tracking
Calorie Tracking
Water Resistant
Running Analytics
Casing Size
33mm (w) x 40mm (h)
43.5mm (w) x 45.3m (h)
37mm (w) x 45mm (h)
Strap Size
9.5in (l) x 20mm (w)
9.6in (l) x 20mm (w)
10.4in (l) x 20mm (w)
Item Weight
8.8 ounces
9 ounces
7.7 ounces
Minimum System Requirements
Android 9.0 and higher, iOS 13.0 and higher
Android 9.0 and higher, iOS 13.0 and higher
Android 9.0 and higher, iOS 13.0 and higher

2. Best Overall: iTouch Air SE Smartwatch

Our all-rounder choice, the iTouch Air SE, proved its capability by passing all our smartwatch must-have specification checkboxes with flying colors. 

Now, this one comes in a nice transparent box along with the user manual and a magnetic USB charger. The battery life on this watch is fairly good. You can go up to 3 days with a single full charge.

Almost all the smartwatches from iTouch come in the same price range. But it varies if you’re going to get a popular color or material choices for the strap. Even though the Merlot option looks the sickest, you can also never go wrong with a classic black that sells for the lowest price.

The straps are manufactured with really good quality silicone with the buckle system, just like manual watches.

There is only one option for the casing: the rose gold one, and it easily goes well with all the straps. The casing is a sleek metal that doesn’t stand back on showing its unique modern look at all.

Not only can you replace the straps and slip in the one that goes with your outfit. But you can also customize the clock’s interface. If you’re not into their default wallpapers, you have the option to put one of your own. 

Coming to the things it can do. There are the usual alarm features, a stopwatch, weather, motion feature, etc., and all of this is supported in full touchscreen. You can connect it to your phone with Bluetooth and blast up some music and even get notifications. 

Even though you can’t really reply to your texts using this watch, the notifications are pretty helpful. You can also use this watch as a remote to take pictures when you forget to bring in your selfie stick. 

What’s a smartwatch if it doesn’t have advanced health tracking features, right? The fitness stuff on this baby is what made it an overall best choice. You get the GPS tracker, heart rate monitor, calorie tracker, pedometer, and sleep monitor. 

If that doesn’t seem convincing enough, this gadget has a sedentary reminder that will buzz when you forget to shake a leg and sit for too long. There’s a multi-sports mode for outdoor lovers. You can select which sport you are playing, and it will track your movements accordingly.

Now that we mentioned outdoor sports, you probably think if you can wear this thing on during your swimming adventures or not. Well, this smartwatch is water-resistant but not entirely waterproof. So, you’ll have to try that at your own risk. Or maybe just don’t. 

The lack of sliding animation on this gadget might seem a bit uninteresting. But all the other features that you get in such a price range sure make it worthy enough for a shot.

  • Really compact
  • Lightweight unit
  • Cheapest amount this batch
  • Boasts all the basic features
  • Subpar battery backup
  • Lacks a few fitness features

3. Best Fitwear: iTouch Sport 3 Smartwatch

What we have here is the iTouch Sport 3 which is probably the best choice for all those fitness enthusiasts who like to track all their sports activities throughout the day.

This also comes in the usual iTouch wearables packaging but with extended battery life, enough to track your heart rate for 24 hours a day.

Unlike the iTouch Air SE, this watch comes in quite a few color options to choose from. You can either get the silicone straps or the metal mesh ones. Both have other variations in terms of design and colors.

This smartwatch rocks the classic buckle system. And for the silicone straps, you can either go with the plain ones or perforated ones. Perforated straps are great if your hands tend to sweat a lot during exercises.

Lo and behold! We don’t want you to miss out on another appearance feature: the color options for the metal casing. This circular dial watch has three color options for the replaceable casing. And for the fancy people, there’s also a crystal beaded casing on the iTouch Sports 3 SE that you should check out once.

The round dial provides you a chic minimal look, for which you won’t even miss your traditional watch anymore.

As this watch is specifically made for active lifestyle followers, you get many health beneficiary options on this baby.

Starting off with the pre-installed modes on this thing: the workout mode and the multisport mode. These two modes work differently depending on the activity you choose to do. 

The sports mode will let you choose five different sports activities. For this reason, you will get accurate real-time stats automatically recorded. 

You have the pedometer to count your steps, and you can connect it with your phone’s GPS and track your running path. The calorie tracker will also help you reach your goal if you’re following any specific diet plan. 

Exercise or the workout mode also makes your sessions easier, so you don’t keep scrambling on your phone to track the counts. You can pause or play your music anytime during the workout using the watch’s remote without reaching for your phone.

The heart rate tracker is much improved than the previous one. This one will let you know with a buzz if it’s elevated than average. You can track the intensity of your workouts, too, using this monitoring feature. 

As the watch is very comfortable and very easy to use, you can wear it anywhere you want. The watch is waterproof, dust and spill-resistant, and advocates all these claims we made.

This smartwatch also measures your body temperature, suggests breathing exercise, and reminds you to drink enough water. Just because it was made as a fitwear, you don’t have to miss out on the notification alerts when you’re on the run. 

  • Advanced health features
  • Great color range
  • Waterproof
  • Heavily focused on fitness
  • Comfortable activewear
  • Could feel bulky for small people
  • Slightly heavy

4. Best Performance: iTouch Air 3 Smartwatch

We have saved up our best contender for the last. The iTouch Air 3 is a performer when it comes to features.

We cannot call a gadget a beast if it doesn’t have one powerful battery that can back up with a single charge for 30 days on standby mode. You can get up to 7 days of service on regular use and more if you use the revolutionary power-saving mode it comes integrated with.

Another surprising thing is that the powerful battery only takes about 2 hours to fully charge. This is a great option for couch potatoes who barely remember to recharge any technological device they use.

The iTouch Air 3 comes in quite a few variations of silicone strap. And our favorite among them is the beige and camo one. You can also opt for the rose gold mesh metal strap.

You get a magnetic closure system on the metal strap, but it costs a bit more. But we think the minimalistic look that it bears makes it worth the extra few bucks. 

The casing actually depends on what color scheme you are going for. You can change the strap in accordance with your preferences. On this watch, you also get the option to change up the casing size, which is great for people with a wider wrist.

There are the usual alarm, stopwatch, notification alert, camera remote, and weather update features on this thing.

While you do get alerts for emails, texts, and calls, it is still not possible to reply back on this thing – which is the only negative thing about this high-performance smartwatch. But you can turn on haptic feedback for alerts. Using the app, you can control how you would like to be reminded to move a leg at what hourly time.

If we’re talking about the exercising features, then this one rocks the usual pedometer to count your daily steps as well as the multi-sports mode to track your sports activities.

As this one comes fully waterproof, you can even go for swims by selecting the sports mode’s swimming feature.

For the night owls or people suffering from insomnia, apart from getting your doctor’s help, you can also use the sleep tracker. It turns on automatically when you sleep wearing it. Plus, it tracks the time period of both deep and shallow sleep. 

The sleep tracking feature is pretty helpful if you need to wake up early in the morning. As you set the alarm on this watch, it will actually wake you up at your light phase with gentle sounds and vibrations.

You can control the music setting using this device and even reject incoming calls when you’re dancing in the dark and really need that “me” time.

  • Top-notch performance
  • Trendy color options
  • Dust resistant, spill-resistant, and waterproof
  • Amazing battery support
  • Perfect tech gear for daily use
  • Costs a bit more than others

5. Wrapping Up

A smartwatch solely doesn’t help you with productivity tools and showing the right time. The fitness aspect that they provide is actually benefiting many people and helping them lead a healthy lifestyle.

Hopefully, we were somewhat successful in comparing all three of the iTouch smartwatch units, and by now, you have made up your mind on choosing the right one for you. How much of a necessity are smartwatches can be understood only when you get one.