11 Best GPS Watches for Kids With Parental Control

GPS watches are gaining popularity among parents to ensure their children’s safety. Companies are also adding more advanced functions to their devices to make them more appealing and functional.

You may now have complete control over your children’s devices to protect their safety and well-being. From taking a selfie to knowing real-time positioning, you can access all this while staying away from the children.

Kids love cool gadgets. So, it is easy to convince them to wear a watch rather than any other harmful device.

We have chosen some GPS watches here tailored to kids which we think should be on the top of the list, if any. Have a look yourself and see if you can agree.

Top Picks

Best Overall
Best Performance

1. Cosmo JrTrack 2 – Best Overall GPS Watch for Kids

Not every tech company thinks about the repercussion of children using a digital device. That’s why COSMO is different from others. 

Their mission is to keep the family together, with all the goodness of their smartwatches. 

The COSMO JrTrack 2 Kids 4G Smartwatch comes in five vibrant colors. You can call, text, track location, control calls, see their arrival and departure from the destination, and whatnot with an app connected to the parent’s phone. 

It offers a 2-way communication facility that allows contact from both sides. And the touch screen display makes it easy to connect both sides. 

You will get a pre-installed universal SIM with a flexible data plan. This SIM operates nationwide with COSMO’s family-safe network. 

The 4G network is quite strong, and you can connect from anywhere. Their data plan is accessible, and instructions are easy to follow. 

In addition to that, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want. 

This GPS watch with geo-fencing has an automatic alert that buzzes when your kid barge in or departs from the designated area.  

Moreover, the pedometer counts the steps and helps them keep active throughout the day. 

In addition, the firewall of the software prevents internet browsing, adult content, and social media uses. 

And whenever your kid is attending a class, make sure you have enabled the class mode. It will prevent any distractions. 

24 hours battery life and 1-2 days standby time are satisfactory to the users.

  • 4G family safe nationwide network for calling from anywhere
  • Front camera for taking a selfie
  • GPS watch with geo-fencing gives you the accurate position of your kid
  • Crisp audio gives you the best-calling experience
  • Contact approval for the safety of your kid
  • Water-resistant but not waterproof

2. AirTag in Bud Case – Best Budget GPS Solution for Kids

Bud case is a protective watch band case for the new Apple AirTag. The case holds the Airtag securely and allows you to track your kid from anywhere. 

The AirTag connects with iPhones, and you can track your kid through the app. Though, the uses of Airtag are not limited to that. Here, we will discuss the Bud case.

In case of any confusion, the Bud case doesn’t come with the AirTag. 

This product is specially made for kids, but anyone of any age can use it.

Don’t worry about the fitting. The case comes in a radius of 3.5 to 7 inches. So, no matter how old or big you are, it will fit you.  

The silicone band is waterproof, scratchproof, dustproof and, that’s why it is extremely kids friendly. And no matter how clumsy you are, this highly durable product will give you premium service. 

The top-notch material is also anti-allergic. It will not create any irritation to the skin. 

With all those qualities, this wearable is not expensive at all. Bud case appears in five popping colors from which your kid can choose their favorite color. 

Usually, kids tend to lose things more often than adults. An accessory that is low maintenance is all they need to keep on putting. So, parents out there, you can depend on the Bud case without any doubt.

  • Waterproof quality makes it durable
  • High-quality material
  • Anti-allergic for the kid’s skin
  • It is one size fits all, so worry no more
  • Reasonable pricing with all benefits
  • Few find it difficult to put on

3. TickTalk 4 – Best Performing GPS Watch for Kids

TickTalk is a well-known brand among parents for its attractive features. While other brands are available only in the US, Ticktalk doesn’t limit its clients.

These GPS smartwatches will help your little one connect with their favorite people. Now, it might frighten you a bit. But don’t worry, there are several preloaded apps with parental control.

You can control approved contact, block list, and SOS emergency contact through your app.

Its accurate GPS tracking system is magnificent. There is an activity tracker in this smartwatch. You can set up goals for your kid and encourage them to stay active. The touch screen display with voice and video calls makes it exemplary.

To keep your children away from the internet is tough to pull off. TickTalk has made it easy for you. Your kid cannot browse the internet or play a video game with it. 

Both boys and girls of 5-12 ages can carry it easily. 

GPS watches with cellular networks along with Wi-Fi are a unique feature of this one. For international users, please let them know and check compatibility before purchasing.

We would also like to mention a drawback that might concern you. It is a high-end device for kids. So, keep the price in mind before buying it.

  • Waterproof and drop-proof smartwatch
  • The average battery life is 62 hours
  • 911 response for any emergencies
  • SOS emergency call will ensure the security
  • A bit pricy for this category

4. Amazfit Bip U Pro

Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch is an excellent choice if you like activity trackers along with GPS. 

The GLONASS positioning system will track the location precisely. 

Moving on, you can connect your smartwatch with Alexa. Though adults usually use these features, kids can also get the benefits. They can ask questions, get a translation, and check weather updates through this smartwatch.  

Like most smartwatches for kids, these watches can go up to 50 meters underwater, which also helps the outstanding swimmers to record their achievements. 

If your kids are super active and do multiple sports, you will find this product extremely useful. Over 60 sports modes will help your kid boost their activity and ace the sport. 

Along with the activity tracker, you can get the data on your kids’ sleep quality, heart rate, SpO2 level, etc. PAI assessment system simplifies the user data for better understanding. 

This lightweight, sleek design comes with a 1.43-inch large color screen. You can receive calls, get texts, and alarms on this screen. 

With all these amazing features running, your smartwatch will continue working with no recharge for nine days. But make sure that you have put it on after full charge.  

The bad news is they don’t provide a charger with the packaging. Though, you don’t need any special requirements for the charging. Just attach the USB port with an adaptor or laptop, and your smartwatch will start charging.

  • Lightweight smartwatch
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters underwater
  • Smart GPS tracking system with perfect positioning
  • 60+ sports mode for entertainment
  • Long durable battery life
  • 24/7 Heart rate monitoring for your kid’s health
  • Doesn’t provide a charging adaptor

5. XPLORA X5 Play

Xplora started its journey to ensure children’s safe onboarding in the digital platform.

Nowadays, kids love to spend more time on screen than on the playground. Xplora has a mission to balance these two in your kids’ life. 

Xplora X5 Play has a Qualcomm 8909W chipset and Android OS built-in. It has 1.4″ TFT Gorilla Glass and a 2MP camera with 4GB storage. 

These GPS watches for children are waterproof and dustproof. Though, they do not recommend using it while bathing or swimming. And, also try to avoid any chemical contact with the smartwatch, such as soap, shampoo, etc. 

GPS watches with parental controls are every parent’s favorite. Now you have options to create a safety zone for your kid, and it will notify you whenever they leave or enter the location. 

These GPS watches with two-way calling make them a great alternative to smartphones. Your kid can both receive and make the call with your observation because you will approve the contacts. 

Not only that, you can contact your children constantly via phone or text. Ask them to send pictures or leave a message with emojis to ensure their safety. 

Now let’s talk over the fun facts for the kids. Staying active was never this fun before. With GoPlay, your kid can earn 1 coin per 1000 steps, redeem those coins, and play games. 

Children from 5-to 12 years are eligible to use this smartwatch.

  • Up to 50 approved contact that you can control
  • SOS button for emergency contact
  • 2MP camera for taking selfies
  • Despite being waterproof, you need to avoid water contact

6. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit puts health and fitness first. An active body leads to an operative mind. So, the smartwatch that helps you keep tracking your kid’s body is the ultimate solution for sensible parents. 

Fitbit Versa 3 has all the goodness of an activity tracker along with a built-in GPS. Both Android and iOS operating systems can connect with this smartwatch; it works as an alternative to typical activity trackers. 

With tracking and monitoring your kid’s health, this smartwatch is loaded with features that you can use. Whether you use Alexa or Google assistant, it can command both. 

Its built-in mic and speaker allow your kid to be hands-free and send voice mail to the callers. The device can both store and play music. Don’t worry if your kid wants to go on a hike.

The active Zone Minutes feature will alert with a buzz when the level of exercise increases its intensity. Fitbit Versa 3 keeps active even at 28,000 ft altitude. So, hikers out there don’t forget to wear it. 

Its heart rate technology has leveled up, and now it can operate on -4° to 140° F temperature. These waterproof GPS watches are also swim-proof.

The battery gives satisfactory performance. You will get more than 6 days of battery life with all these breathtaking features. 

  • Can operate perfectly fine in adverse temperatures and altitudes
  • Swim proof
  • Built-in mic, speaker, and GPS, all in one
  • A bit expensive

7. AngelSense

GPS tracking device plays a vital role in the life of a special child’s parents. Staying with your child 24/7 is not feasible for any parent. 

Angelsense acknowledges that and created its GPS tracking device with some nifty features. 

Angelsense GPS tracker has accurate safeguard GPS, safe ride monitoring, emergency SOS button, and many more. 

If you struggle to put any device with your kid, this product will lessen the trouble. 

There are many options available for wearability. They can put it in their pocket or wear it like a wristband. A non-removable sensory-sensitive sleeve also comes with the packaging. 

So, your child can wear it however they feel comfortable. 

Additionally, they also have an undershirt that is available for all ages. Not only your kid, but you can also put it on any of your loved ones who need special attention. 

Now, let’s speak about how to operate this product. Angelsense works on all operating systems. Their app runs on your smartphone, laptop, and even your desktop. 

You can set up geofence safe places and keep your eyes on them. 

The users appreciate the emergency search tool along with Intelligent iAlerts, assistive speakerphones, and many more safety features. 

This compact, lightweight product comes in very handy for the users and is waterproof as well. 

  • Geofencing technology
  • Assertive speakerphone that has loud and clear sound delivery
  • Emergency search tool for any inquiry
  • Waterproof
  • Subscription is a bit pricy

8. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Amazfit GTS2 Mini has caught our attention with its borderless design.

Its 1.55 inch AMOLED display with 2.5D curved glass is perfect for your up-to-date kids. However, this product is more suitable for kids in their early teens.  

As long as health is concerned, these GPS smartwatches for kids can monitor heart rate, sleeping pattern, cycling, breathing exercise, and even menstrual cycle. 

So, a girl who recently entered their teen can track their menstrual health and get the most out of it. Like other Amazfit products, this smartwatch also has a PAI assessment system. 

It uses an advanced algorithm that removes the complexity of incomprehensive health data. This smartwatch comes with a 220mAh battery, which gives it a full 14 day run without recharge. So, one fully charged battery goes a long way compared to others. They have claimed it can work for 21 days if you use only basic features.

Over 70 sports modes and 80+ watch face features are incredible. Kids love the variation, and this device provides all of it. 

It also has Alexa built-in. So, they can avail the goodness of Alexa’s assistance.  

This product supports easy calling facilities, along with text message alerts. Kids can also control the music playlist and camera of their compatible smartphones. This thin and light model is also waterproof.

The packaging comes with a smartwatch, charger, and a manual so that it will not leave you clueless about its features.

  • Battery life up to 14 days
  • Built-in Alexa that works as a voice assistant
  • PAI assessment system delivers health data
  • Vibrant AMOLED display for a better experience
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for elder kids

9. CJC 4G Kids Smart Watch

CJC 4G smartwatch comes with prominent functionality from inside and out. 

These GPS watches for kids come in six lively colors with a 4cm touch screen display. Boys and girls of 3 to 15 years old are eligible to use this unisex smartwatch.

The wireless communication system is radio frequency-based and supports a 4G nano sim. Make sure your area has a 4G network service. 

It has a SeTracker2 phone app, by which you can save contacts in the phonebook, and your kid will receive calls from them only. The tracker app also gives you the accurate position of your kids’ location.

An SOS button that activates within 3S can be a lifesaver while in any danger. 

It also has 2-way communication features. So, check on your kid anytime with a voice call or video call. You can enable their “Do not disturb” mode while your kid is attending a class. 

Your control over the smartwatch makes it one of the best GPS watches with parental controls.

Not only the parents but kids can also have fun with this smartwatch. Their math-solving game is exciting for the kids as well. 

The alarm clock function comes in handy to teach your kids discipline.  

These waterproof GPS watches with all the mind-blowing features are not pricy at all. Not compromising quality with this price point is commendable.

One more important thing we would like to mention. Please charge for at least 4 hours before using.

  • A two-way communication system allows you to call from both ends
  • Math game function for entertainment
  • Do not disturb mode allows your kid to concentrate in the class or study
  • Both body and belt is waterproof
  • The cellular network works only with 4G nano-SIM

10. Jiobit GPS Tracker

When most GPS trackers are bulky and heavy, Jiobit brings their real-time GPS tracker as the smallest of all time. A skilled tracker with tiny size is a hard one to find.  

This wearable has plenty of wearing options. You can attach it to any of your kids’ garments, shoes, or bags. It will show the real-time position of your kid. Set up your trusted places like home, school, or playground to increase security. 

Many working parents cannot track their kids’ motion live. Jiobit has a phenomenal feature for them. No matter where your kid has been traveling throughout the day, you can see the history on your phone.  

On top of that, this product gives maximum privacy and security with Government-level encryption.  

This smart tracker has a 5G compatible network with lower power consumption. It can stay active for about 10days.

You have plenty of options for the connection method along with the 5G network. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, or GPS all works for this product. 

You will get a charging dock, Jiobit next location monitor, USB charging cable, secure loop attachment, hemlock clip attachment, and strap clip attachment with the packet. 

It is a waterproof and durable product that shows how a GPS tracker can go a long way at a low price.

The organization is US-based. Visit their website to check network compatibility.

  • Smallest GPS tracker for kids
  • The cheap price point makes it affordable for everyone
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to put on for kids
  • Government-level encryption gives you the privacy
  • Requires a subscription plan
  • Operates only in the US


PTHTECHUS is a waterproof watch for kids with a built-in GPS tracker.

They built it with high-quality material that makes it more durable. The soft silicone straps with a touch screen display are fall-proof. Both boys and girls can wear this smart device. 

It doesn’t need any smartwatch SIM cards, insert a cellphone SIM card, and you are ready. Countries with GSM networks can use this watch. 

It does all the operations of a tracking device. The positioning system they have used are GPS, LBS, and Wi-Fi. 

GPS watches with video calls have a two-way video calling feature. You can face -time your kid anytime, having a 4G network built-in. 

The phonebook can add ten contacts and 3 SOS numbers. There is also 3 alarm setting in the smartwatch. 

For smartwatch set up, choose your SIM card with data plan and call function and insert it into the watch; and then download SeTracker or SeTracker2 controlling app on your smartphone. 

Now, choose your area accordingly. If you do not live in the US, you need to contact the company and let them know your location. They will arrange another version for your region. 

But note that they do not operate in some countries like Colombia. China, South Korea, Australia, Costa Rica, Singapore.

  • Easy setup process
  • Emergency contacts
  • Fall proof, which is why there is no need to worry about the durability
  • Waterproof, can be taken to pools
  • Not available worldwide