11 Best Headphones for Kids With Volume Limiter

With the popularity of interactive media amongst kids increasing, keeping them away from ear-damaging noise can be a daunting task. 

We have seen many parents allow their children to wear adult headphones, which is a straight no, no, plus it’s dangerous for them. Younger ones have smaller ears and deserve headphones that are tailor-made for them. 

Sound limit is a key factor here to keep them safe. According to specialists, it is safe for kids to run their ear boom box at 85 decibels. Anything above this limit can be a concern

Low-quality headphones and adult headphones won’t suffice here. So, we bring you some of the best headphones for kids that will make their audio-visual exploration safer.

Top Picks

Best Budget

1. Puro Sound Labs BT2200s – Best Overall Headphones for Kids

Pro Sound Labs has been running the sound game proficiently since 2014, and with the inclusion of the BT2200s, kids can cherish music like never before. As parents, you don’t need to worry about the sound limitation with these excellent headphones for children.

The design of this headphone is customized to fit in the head and ears of children with ease. It comes with headbands that can be adjusted as preferred and have padded ear boxes. Safe to say that the soft cushioning gives the utmost comfort. 

This device can be used wired or wirelessly according to convenience. It features Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. The sound restriction is what we call the icing on the cake. With WHO’s recommendation, Puro made sure the range doesn’t exceed 85dB. 

The bass frequency and vocal signal are totally out of the world when it comes to sound quality. Everything is super clear and safe due to the inclusion of a puro-balanced response curve. 

This item is lightweight and has the ambient noise-canceling feature for crisp and clear sound. 82% of the ambient noise can be isolated with these handy headphones.

  • Passive design cancels ambient noise up 82%
  • Wireless 30 feet Bluetooth range with wiring options available
  • Durable battery life with 20 hours running capability and 200 hours standby
  • A balanced curve technology gives studio-quality audio response
  • Protected padding for a cozy feeling
  • Volume limited to 85dB for protected hearing
  • A wide range of color varieties
  • Build quality could be better

2. iClever BTH12 – Best Budget Headphones for Kids

People looking for affordable headphones that have all the positives must look at the iClever BTH12. This item is striking right out of the box. It has the coolest lighting modes to match the mood of your kids. 

The sound output from this headset is top-notch; it provides clear and rich tones with the perfect bass you can ever imagine. Not to mention, there is a safety mode that works like a limiter for different circumstances. 

For example, Toddler mode will not surpass 74 dB, study mode has 75 to 85dB max, and travel mode can peak to 94dB so that your child can listen to music even on a plane with the engines throttling. 

A versatile headphone nonetheless, it has wiring capability and 5.0 Bluetooth for wireless function. The battery life can last for 40 hours due to its stellar 800 mAh battery. 

Easily connect it with tablets, iPhones, computers, laptops, tv, or whatever; it will continue to produce flawless and safe output. The hard-wearing ear pads give the utmost comfort to your kid’s ears. It also comes with a fully adjustable headband.

  • Cushioned earpads for snug fitting
  • Longer runtime with a heavy-duty 800mAh battery
  • Has wireless Bluetooth mode (36 feet range) and also supports aux cables
  • Portable due to its foldable design
  • 3 different volume limiter modes (toddler, study, travel)
  • Sleek and changeable LED light configuration for a mood boost
  • Might experience charging issues down the road
  • Chances of the cushioned pads coming off after extensive use

3. Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets – Best Performing Headphones for Kids

When we highlight performance, Puro Sound Labs never cease to amaze us. PuroQuiets is not just another regular headphone. It is made solely for kids and with all necessary safety considerations for an enjoyable music experience.

It comes with an inbuilt mic for better communication. The wireless Bluetooth option gives your kid free room to move around, and the range will support a distance of 30 feet. This is a lightweight headphone that can be carried around with ease. The sound outcome is extraordinarily sharp and clean. When it comes to the bass, it’s rich enough to make the music sound good. 

The volume limiter in this headphone will not let the signal exceed 85dB; this is the maximum limit and safe for kids and teenagers. Its noise-canceling function ensures to cut off 78% of distracting ambient sounds.

In terms of battery longevity, these headphones are commendable. It can run up to 35 hours without an active noise canceling feature and up to 23 hrs on ANC mode. The lithium-ion battery is fast to charge, and you also get a wired connection for versatility when trying to connect using aux-compatible devices. 

  • Sound limiter for safe use, up to 85db and not more
  • Long-lasting Li-battery that can run up to 23-35 hours, with USB charging
  • Comes with a built-in microphone
  • Wireless and wired options (Supports Bluetooth and 3.5mm Aux cable)
  • Noise-canceling feature terminates excessive ambient noise up to 78 percent
  • Available in different color models
  • Headband slips off, might require frequent adjustment

4. JLab JBuddies Pro

Are you Looking for a headphone that is stylish and has volume limiter function for your kids? JLab JBuddies Pro is a good option to have a look at. This is one of the most ergonomic headphones on the market.

The size and fitting are very comfy for any kid. Movable hinges and cushioned ear pads give your child the flexibility to adjust the earphones as they like, and we guarantee it will be a comfortable experience in any circumstances. 

The playtime is one to look out for with a top-grade battery backup. Its battery can perform for 35 hours and more continuously. 

The best feature about this boombox is that parents have control over sound output. Plus, the limiter is padded behind the ear cup for their access. For the safest hearing experience, simply set it to 85dB or 95 dB when traveling.

The versatility is limitless with this gadget. It has a shared port to make sure your kids can watch movies at the same time. There’s also a 3.5mm aux cable for a change if you need to connect any devices. The Bluetooth model is very precise and works at long-range distances.

  • Dynamic, clean, and adequate bass for any type of music
  • Volume limiter button to restrict sound up to 85 or 95 dB
  • Foldable design give it the portability
  • It can be used on wireless mode and also function via aux cable
  • Easy to use controls for volume up-down, tracking, play, and pause
  • Ergonomic design with cloud foam for your kid’s comfort
  • Long battery life up to 35 hours playtime
  • Aux cable impairment is an issue with this headphone

5. iClever HS01

If your kids are cat lovers, they will love this headphone from iClever. It has a perky cattish design to go with the looks. This is a suitable pair of headphones for teenage girls. The cat ear top is something girls, and many boys would adore. Fancy and fashionable design that should not be overlooked. 

This headphone comes with a built-in microphone and has a button for an easy hands-free call experience. iClever made sure that this item was completely safe for children out there. The Volume limiter mode can be tweaked in two formats, study mode for a max 85dB volume and travel mode for 94db max. 

No time to worry about ear damage, but it’s wise to always keep a close look at whether the volume is peaking too much or not. As far as comfort and flexibility are concerned, the headband feature is one to look out for. 

It can endure twists and still stay in place, giving a perfect fit. This comes with an adjustable headband and cozy earmuffs, something you don’t want to miss out on. Additionally, this headgear comes with a 3.5mm aux jack to make sure your kids can plug an iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop, or any aux port supported device.

  • Fashionable cat-themed design for cat lovers
  • Made of food-grade materials to ensure health safety
  • Twistable headband gives it the handling flexibility
  • Cushy earmuffs provide comfort
  • Volume limiter for unharming sound signal
  • Comes with an aux cable
  • No Bluetooth support; thus, you need to deal with the wire every time
  • The cat design might not be favorable for everyone

6. JLab JBuddies Studio

Custom-made for kids, this wonderful headphone from JLab is a gadget to watch out for. From school kids to teenagers, this comfy headphone is a winner in every aspect. The over-ear design is made to settle perfectly on kids, so there is no need to try and adjust adult standard headphones and deal with the fall-offs.

It has cushioned headbands and padded leather earmuffs to make sure your kids enjoy the coziness and get the best sounding environment when in use. The sound quality from this headpiece is extraordinarily sharp and clear. Besides, the bass is sweeter on the ears and not too pounding. 

There is a volume limiter added to this product so that it’s safe for kids in every circumstance. They won’t be able to pop the volume up and exceed 85dB (safe hearing range for kids).

Your kids can run around, and these headphones will still work. The Bluetooth is powerful enough to give a range boost of up to 30 feet. It is fitted with a battery that can work like a horse for continuous 13 hours. 

Structurally it is very ergonomic, and material-wise there are soft leather coverings for protection and good looks. The adjustable headband will allow your kids to fix the headphones and make them fit perfectly on their ears and heads.

  • Covered with top quality leather and paddings for comfort
  • Designed for kids, so there is no need to adjust a standard headphone forcefully
  • Volume limiter for a safe sound frequency with the max limit being 85dB
  • Comes in two standard colors, blue-gray and purple-gray
  • Easy controls and a friendly interface allow convenient changes in sound settings
  • Decent battery life of 13 hours
  • No wiring options; supports only Bluetooth
  • Adjustment sliders are made with metal rods that bend easily

7. Puro Sound Labs PuroBasic

Puro has been a fan favorite when it comes to headphones. If you are digging for the best kids’ headphones, then grabbing a Puro product won’t let you down. 

This is a wired headphone. If you are searching for wireless headphones, check the Puro Pro Quiets in the list above. There are many positives of this wired model; let’s take a look.

To protect the eardrums and keep away from high-pitched frequencies that can damage the ears, Puro Basic has a volume limiter that makes sure the sound doesn’t peak above 85dB, which is safe enough for kids. 

The sound optimizing response curve installed in this device gives you a top-quality sound output. Clear on the tones and supreme bass frequencies is what you gonna get from this Puro Basic. 

The built quality is really good; the leather-covered earpieces and headband make it more comfortable on the head and ears. With cushy softness, your kids won’t be agitated. 

Connect to any device that supports aux jack, and you are good to go. It has no Bluetooth, which is a downfall, but there are different models from Puro if you need a Bluetooth headset.

  • Volume limiter ensures the sound stays at 85dB and not more
  • Made with quality plastic and leather coverings
  • Easy to wear due to adjustable headband
  • The lightweight design allows your kids to carry it anywhere
  • It comes in various vivid colors
  • Sound optimization gives the best audio response
  • Doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection
  • The headphone jack has a snapping tendency

8. iClever HS19

This is one cool-looking pair of headphones for children. The HS19 comes with ranging colorways and has a simplistic functional design to go with it. Your child can easily connect their laptop, iPad, Kindle, tablets with the 3.5mm aux cable. 

Yes, it is a wired headset with no Bluetooth option. It can be a downgrade for some, but the positive stacking feature will let you pick this wired one without a shadow of a doubt. 

It has a built-in mic option to allow calls, and it is also great for recording voices. The sound limiter function is a match-winner if you want a safe audio output for your kids. 

The 85db range can be manually set to prevent ear damage to the sensitive ears. There is a travel mode that can boost the sound to a decent 95dB to cancel out the engine noises of cars and airplanes.

The sharing function is one to look out for. It can be used to pair another device and share multimedia with another person. The built quality is good enough, made of decent plastic materials, and has ultra-soft ear pads with leather coverings. This ensures comfort at all costs. 

  • Over-ear design for easy fitting
  • The adjustable headband ensures a snug fit and prevents falling off
  • With the audio limiter, you can switch to curb sound at 85db or 95db when traveling
  • Features a sharing a port to enjoy music and movies together
  • Built-in with a 40mm driver
  • Foldable body for portability
  • Comes in many colors
  • Not for people looking to walk cordless, as it has no Bluetooth
  • It has the tendency of breaking up after use

9. Onanoff BuddyPhones Cosmos+

If your kid is seeking cool inlays and figurative themes, this headphone from Onanoff is a good pick. With vivid popping colors and flashy cartoon graphics on the outer ear muffs, this headphone is a kid’s favorite for a cause.

Let’s not take away the workability of this device. It is a wireless headphone that can also be wired using the aux port and 3.5mm jack. This gives extreme versatility to move around and even use on devices that only support aux cables. 

The cushioning on the ear pads is praiseworthy. These won’t let your kids feel any discomfort as they can wear them for a longer time and stay comfy. Parents have the power to control the volume limiter. 

Toddler mode gives a max output of 75dB, kids mode can limit sound above 85dB, and travel mode sets 94dB output to make sure the surrounding nose is not interfering. There is a worthy model to allow kids to concentrate on studies and online classes without external noises.

It has an ANC (active noise canceling) option to further limit the ambient noise and let your kids work without distractions. There is a detachable boom mic; use it when there is a call to attend and dismantle it when not necessary.

  • Cool cartoon graphic inlays for kids
  • Earmuffs made of soft cushioning foam for comfort
  • Attachable boom microphone for voice calls
  • Noise-canceling headphones with ANC function to curtail ambient noise
  • Headphones with parental control
  • 3-way volume limiter for safe sound frequency
  • It can be used via Bluetooth or Aux cable
  • Pairing problems with devices may persist
  • Setting up sharing mode is critical

10. Philips Audio CoolPlay

You must have heard about the brand Philips one way or the other. Their headphones are really good too, along with all their other products. The CoolPlay is designed to give a memorable sound experience to young ones. 

Crafted for kids, the design of this headset is very simplistic yet eye-catching. It comes in two colors, blue and purple. The headset is made in a way to fit any kid’s ears and hold on to the head without sliding off.

The lightweight body makes it easy to carry around, and adjustable headpieces can be altered to fit different head sizes. There are cushions added to the earmuffs so that it’s always comfy for the kids no matter where they are.

The limiter in this headphone makes sure the range stays within 85dB and does not exceed past this. For safe hearing, kids are advised to stay within the range of 85dB to avoid hearing impairment. 

It has noise-canceling padding that will ensure the ambient noise is at bay when it is fitted to your child’s ears. Talking about sound, you get a crystal clear output with its neodymium drivers.

  • Produces balanced audio with neodymium drivers
  • Can isolate noise with the noise-reducing earmuffs
  • The volume limiter keeps sound within 85db (safe hearing limit)
  • Comfortable and secure fitting due to padded earpads and adjustable headbands
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry around
  • Reliable brand, Philips has been a top brand for many decades
  • The dual cable can be hard to deal with for some kids
  • Plastic and tawdry framing

11. Onanoff BuddyPhones Explore+

Like the Onanoff Cosmos+, the Explore+ is another top-of-the-line product made for kids. Straight out of the pack, you get a wonderful bargain that will ensure the safety of your kids. 

Say no to ear damage with the Explore+. It has a volume limiter that makes sure the sound frequency is within 85dB, known as the safe hearing limit. For kids, it’s important not to get carried away and impair their ears at an early age. That is where this headphone comes to play.

This headphone comes with a foldable headband for easy storage. The cable on it is detachable, which is handy in many cases, although it doesn’t have a Bluetooth option. Also, the earmuffs are covered in PU leather padding to give a cushy feel and a homey experience while listening to music or watching movies. 

It comes with a stackable jack for sharing audio. Up to 4 headphones can connect to one device without any hurdles. It comes with many variations of colors and fun-looking characterized stickers to match a kid’s decorative mood. 

  • Variation of sticker inlays for decorating the earpieces
  • Protein PU Leather cushions for softer and snug fitting on the ears
  • Volume limiter makes sure the sound frequency stays at 85dB
  • Detachable cable and foldable headband for portability
  • Has inline mic for voice calls
  • Buddy cable included for sharing music experience with others
  • Earphone jack can induce sound kicking issues
  • Cords are weak and break easily