How to Lose Fat Pad: The Technology-Driven Approach

Slimming public area fat is not as difficult as you think. I have managed to lose fat pad and I believe anybody can do the same following the right principles.

This blog post is rather interesting. I am going to write this post in a non-conventional way. Since this blog is more focused on technologies and gadgets, I will tell you how I used different technologies to escalate this process.

1. Where Are Fat Pads Located?

  • Around pelvis
  • Under eyes
  • Behind neck
  • Around knees
  • Under arms

Fat pads can be anywhere on the body. The most prominent type is the one around the pelvis or groin. People hate to have fat there for a number of good reasons.

First of all, it will make your clothes look bad instantly. It sits at the front side of your body and people notice it as one of the first things. Sometimes only because of this accumulated fat, you cannot but end up choosing one or two-size larger pants.

Other areas where you can spot fat pads are under the eyes (the upper cheek), behind the neck, under the arms, and around the knees. However, these occurrences are not as common as the pelvis.

2. Who is The Biggest Victim of Fat Pad?

In general, people who have a high amount of fat in their body could have fat pads. But it also depends on a few other things.

Let’s say you are losing weight and you have slimmed down every part of your body except those fat pads. Now you can ask me how this is happening. Everyone’s body has a unique sequence of burning fats. Fat pads are usually the last ones to go. So if you can spot them, that means you still have some fats to burn.

There are some stages in life where you could easily grow those fats. Especially when you are pregnant or have a job that does not require hard physical activities, you can accumulate those fat cells. It is very natural and you can, of course, get rid of them.

3. Can You Spot Reduce Fat Pad?

A large number of people believe crunches reduce belly fat and squats remove fats around the thighs. Don’t put yourself in the same shoes because this is totally false.

You can not spot reduce fat. Sure, crunches make your core stronger which might look like you have lost some fat there. But actual fat loss happens only when you see your weight going down on the scale.

In order to lose fat pad for good, take up a good workout and a diet plan. Bring down the total body fat percentage and you will see your public area fats are becoming slimmer at one point in time.

4. How Did I Lose Fat Pads Using Technologies?

I am a big fitness gadget person and love to have one whenever it is possible. It allows me to measure every effort I am putting in.

Why do I recommend this approach? You see every change you are making and those small-little changes will assure you that your strategy is working and you just have to keep doing it.

4.1 Run at 70% of Your Maximum Heart Rate

The first and the foremost requirement for burning fat faster is that you have to turn up your heart rate. According to some studies, fat burns at the highest rate when your heart rate is around 70%-85% of your maximum heart rate.

There are many ways you can pump up your heart rate. The most effective ones are cardio and HIIT exercises. If you can either run on a treadmill, ride a spin bike, or do some interesting HIIT training.

4.2 Go for a Low Fat, Low Carb Diet

Diet is the key to any physical transformation. This is like a #0 step and you have to make it right to see the fruits.

There are dozens of fat burning diets. All of them are fine as long as you understand how they work. In your case, I am assuming that you have fat pads. You have a couple of options but I will tell you about the one that worked for me.

Make a low fat, low carb, high protein diet. Fat and carb are your enemies in your case, and reducing the consumption means you are not letting your body store anything. High protein consumption will help retain muscles but expedite burning fats.

Why I did not choose any intensive diet (e.g. keto) is because I believed our body needs a little of everything and zeroing carb consumption might deviate the body from functioning naturally.

4.3 Increase Protein and Water Intake

Protein and water are two important elements of your diet. They were proven to help weight loss in at least hundreds of studies.

As an average person, you need 1.6 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram. If you are an athlete, you could need as high as 3.5 grams per kilogram. Check the referenced article for a detailed view.

Just like protein, water also has a lot to do in your diet. It suppresses your appetite, increases the metabolism rate, and works as a fuel for your weight-loss exercises. According to a study mentioned here, you need:

  • 3700 milliliters of water per day (men – adult)
  • 2700 milliliters of water per day (women – adult)

We have recently reviewed the LARQ Water Bottle which is one of our favorites that specializes at purifying water on the go. You can have a look if you want to go smart.

4.4 Track Your Sleep Quality

Your body rebuilds when you sleep. So you have to support your high-intensity exercises with a proper amount of sleep. Depriving your body of enough sleep can heavily slow down your progress.

Sleep directly intervenes with your metabolism and diet. An insufficient amount of sleep will result in decreased metabolism and therefore, your effort to lose fat pad will go hindered. The rule of thumb is at least 7-8 hours of sleep as an adult every day.

I strongly recommend that you use an activity tracker to monitor your sleep. It is not just about the amount of time you slept, it is also about the quality. Some activity trackers can determine how well you slept.

Tip: Did you know that a proper headphone for sleeping can make your sleep a few times better? If that is too hard to believe, check our list of some of the good sleep headphones.

5. Wrapping Up

We have covered a lot today. We went from what is a fat pad to how to burn it quickly. The gadgets mentioned here visualized my progress and I found those small changes in numbers very motivating.

One last tip: just focus on bringing your overall body fat down and you will lose fat pad faster than ever.