What Are the Benefits of Using a Percussion Massage Gun?

The first percussion massage tool was the Vibrotoner. In 1974, a chiropractor invented what he called Thumper Massagers. These used the same technique that you use today with a massage gun.

But those were large in size, and their usage was limited to only professionals. That all changed in 2008 when the first batch of massage guns started coming out.

Since then, non-professionals started receiving the advantages of massage guns without going to a professional. From build quality to comfort, change came in everything.

If you’re an athlete or someone who works with heavy items, or someone who has chronic muscle pain, a massage gun will be a great help. With the attachment heads on the newer versions, you can target a specific area in your muscle. There was no way you could have done that in the past.

So, what are the benefits you should be looking forward to? Let’s talk about it below.

1. The Perks that Come With a Massage Gun

There are different aspects to the percussion massage gun benefits other than physiological wellness. The ability to use the therapy comfortably in the comfort of your own house is a big point to notice. Below, I’ll expand on the benefits of massage gun in a few points.

1.1 Helps with Stress

Over time the muscles in your body start building tension between the muscle fibers. It happens mostly due to heavy strains on them. And the lymph fluid gets trapped in the muscles creating extra stress.

With a massage gun, you can hit those areas deep inside and release the venous blood and lymph fluids – resulting in relaxed muscles. In this way, your muscles get back their full function and achieve a good rate of metabolism.

1.2 Improves Blood Circulation

With each percussion or vibration, the massage tool hits the muscles and the veins. What happens when you restrict blood flow to a part of the body? The moment you release the blood, it flows faster. It’s the same technique but at the minuscule level. 

Each time the percussion hits you, your blood flows faster, increasing the circulation of blood and lymphatic cells. With better circulation, nutrients reach their destination faster, and your body heals. Increased blood circulation can also help facilitate fat burning.

1.3 Tackles Lactic Acid

Those who engage in physical activity in the gym or their workplaces will know the feeling of rigidity inside the muscles after a period of intense movement. You can’t just seem to move your arms or legs except by taking a rest. It’s the lactic acid formation that causes such a condition.

Massaging that area releases the built-up lactic acid and gives you back the full strength. The massage gun just does it way faster.

1.4 Heals Atrophied Muscles

Muscle atrophy is a serious issue faced by a large percentage of the population in the 21st century. It occurs when there isn’t enough physical activity to keep the muscle active.

Atrophied muscles mean wasted muscles. Yes, literally, the muscles waste away as iron corrodes by oxidizing. Over time, you lose the ability to move properly.

In these cases, a massage gun could help bring back the muscles by “waking them up from slumber.”

Of course, if it’s caused by an internal physical condition, then a massage gun can’t help. In that case, it needs professional medical assistance.

1.5 Revives Scar Tissue

Deep percussion massage even helps with scar tissues as well. It breaks down the fiber collagens in the affected area and relieves the constricted feeling as well as alleviates the pain.

1.6 Makes Joints More Flexible

If you use the massage gun on your knee and elbow joints, you could see improvement in your range of motion.

Your arms and legs experience a reduced range of motion as you get older and also due to lack of physical activity. That can be solved by using massage gun therapy to relax the tendons and muscles. The result is a reduced risk of sprains and a higher range of motions.

For those who had surgeries in the joints, make sure to consult with your physician before using one.

1.7 Works the Nerves Receptors

The mobility of your limbs is also controlled partly by your nerve receptors. With vasodilation or widening of your vascular system, your blood cells can get much closer to your skin. All of these are the result of muscle relaxation and blood circulation.

1.8 Reduces the Cellulitis

Massage guns can reduce the effect of cellulite. Although this isn’t a permanent treatment, it is possible to see a visual improvement in your cellulite-covered body parts.

That being said, you do have to regularly work on it to reap the results.

2. Massage Made Easy

That was all about the physiological perks of percussion massage. But the massage gun design also made it easier to use the therapy yourself.

2.1 Ease of Use

Before the advent of massage guns, you had to go to the professionals, and they used the bulky, uncomfortable Thumper machines. Also, those machines had awful designs. You couldn’t target specific spots due to the shape or massage your body yourself.

With the modern gun-styled design, you can massage and target specific spots to achieve faster results. There are so many frequency and speed adjustability options and different attachment heads.

2.2 Portability

Most, if not all, of the massage guns you’ll see in the market, are portable. It means that they work without cords and run on a battery. They also come in small sizes and with a case, if you’re lucky.

Portability is such a blessing in this fast-paced world. Especially for athletes and sportsmen who always have to be on the move. They can easily take advantage of massage guns wherever they are.

We’ve searched through the market and selected three massage guns in three different price points. Whether you’re an athlete or a person that works a desk job, consider these as a recommendation.

Not convinced with three? We have also scraped and reviewed 11 best of the best massage guns in one place.

3.1 Theragun PRO

Arguably Theragun PRO is the best massage gun you can use. Theragun is one of the pioneers in this field, and they have held their ground strong. In terms of price, it falls into the $$$ category. Some say this is the Cadillac of the massage guns, but it’s not all about looks.

For starters, they have mastered the art of combining power with comfort. The brushless QX150 motor that drives the gun is its most powerful motor in the product lineup. Even then, the maximum noise limit is only 60dB. Your mates won’t be disturbed by the dim sound.

The next positive thing about it is its battery section. It gives you the option to remove the depleted battery and install a charged battery when you forget to recharge. So, you get permission to be lazy about charging it every time you use it. Oh, and you’re getting 2 batteries with this one.

Here, I’m going to be a bit critical. Although it comes with 6 quality attachment heads, for the price I’m paying, I want more. Other than that, there can be no question about their quality, durability, and level of comfort.

The handle really fits into the hand, and the massage arm is adjustable to 3 positions.

In terms of speed settings, it has 3 options to choose from. The speed range is 1750-2400PPM. You’d think it’d be more with the powerful motor. But it’s nothing too big of an issue.

  • 2 removable batteries
  • 5 speed options
  • 16mm stroke length
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Adjustable arm
  • Powerful yet quiet
  • Expensive
  • Needs higher speeds

3.2 Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion

Here we have the Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion for the $ category. It’s for those who don’t want to spend big bucks but want the percussion massage in their home. Some limitations come with high affordability.

First of all, the Wahl massager box includes 4 different attachment heads. It includes a flat head, an acupoint head, a ball head, and a 4-finger flex. The 4-finger attachment is supposed to give you the feel of using your fingers.

All of them are made of plastics with a soft coating on top. And the soft coating will wear out, especially due to sweat.

It also has a considerable amount of power as it can deliver up to 3350 percussions per minute. The cheap price doesn’t affect its most important feature. You can change the speed levels and find the one that feels more comfortable.

The effect of the low price starts showing here in the ergonomics department. With a top-heavy design, even the finger-shaped handle can’t give you a comfortable hold. And it weighs only 3.1lbs. But for small massage sessions, it won’t matter.

Furthermore, the plastic build doesn’t seem to scream quality. It’s not to say it’ll break apart if you touch it. And it’s not portable as it’s a corded massager. The cord is 9 feet long, so there’s enough room to work with.

  • 4 attachments
  • Lightweight
  • Respectable speeds
  • Cheap
  • Cord length is 9 feet
  • Unbalanced design
  • Corded

3.3 Exerscribe Vibe Pro

Exerscribe Vibe Pro falls in the middle $$ category with its affordable price. Considering its balance between design and power section, we think it’s the best massage gun for budget buyers.

There are lots of positive things about this gun. For starters, it comes with 8 different attachment heads. And among them, 3 are metal and 5 plastic ones. Even plastics are quite durable. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself going back to the foam-covered ball head and 2-finger head attachments.

The stall force on this massager is 33lbs, which might be a little less for some people. You’ll have 9 different speed options to choose from, and the range starts at 1800PPM and ends at 3400PPM. The stroke length is average at 12mm. This combination is a testament to its moderation.

Just like most premium options, they also have opted for a maximum noise level of 60dB. And experiments show that their claim stands true. This won’t make you an obnoxious person to the people around you.

It’s portable, as you’d expect for a massager in this category. The battery on this machine is supposed to last around 3 hours of an uninterrupted session. And obviously, you won’t use it for such a long time. You’ll get a couple of weeks out of a single charge.

Both the design and build quality of this device is amazing. With an ergonomic handle and balanced body, there’s no scare of getting fatigued, and the soft coating helps as well.

  • Affordable
  • 8 attachments, including 3 metal ones
  • Quiet & portable
  • 9 speed options
  • Easy to operate
  • Needs longer stroke length and more stall force

4. Final Words

Well, maybe now you’ve become more convinced about your decision to get a personal “Thumper Massager.” As you’ve seen, the benefits of massage gun are enough to suggest it to everyone that deals with soreness and stiffness in muscles. From an aged person to seasoned athletes, everyone benefits from massages.

Based on our experiences with the customers and observations of the market, we’ve given our recommendations. You do have the option to do your research. Or you can choose any one of them with your eyes closed. After all, you came here to be informed.