Can a Massage Gun Help You Get Rid of Cellulite?

Massage guns have recently become very popular on the internet, thanks to the infinite claims about their effectiveness by renowned companies and their celebrity endorsements. But, can a massage gun help with cellulite, or is it just a scam to spend money?

As a matter of fact, massage guns play a significant role in reducing cellulite, if used in the correct and appropriate way. Although you will not see instant results, and the process will take time, you will still feel a lot of difference once you start using massage guns.

So, if you’re suffering from long-standing cellulite and looking for facts about massage guns — stay tuned till the end!

1. Cellulite and How It Occurs

Cellulite can be observed in different areas of the body. They appear as irregular and lumpy skin on breasts, thighs, hips, butt, and abdomen. 

Certain areas of the body exhibit a dimpled flesh-like appearance with orange peel skin. This condition called cellulite mainly takes place due to the buildup of excess fat beneath the skin. 

Fat cells pushing against the skin cause inadequate distribution in certain areas, leading to cellulite. The connective tissue bands in the skin pull this fat content to the deeper tissues and cause an irregularity in the skin’s surface.

This condition is commonly prevalent among individuals who lead a sedentary life and have jobs that require sitting or standing in a single position for a long time. Overweight and obese people also tend to suffer from cellulite comparatively more than other people. 

Although it affects both men and women, women are at higher risk of attaining cellulite due to the high body fat percentage.

One of the causes responsible for cellulite formation is the imbalance between hormones in the body. Anyone suffering from hormonal issues is at a higher risk of developing cellulite. 

Besides, lower circulation of oxygen in the body can also cause cellulite by diminishing the collagen level. Inadequate oxygen supply in the body can increase the buildup of fat cells, leading to cellulite development. It can also take a toll on the connective tissue of the muscles and result in muscle fatigue. 

Another reason that can help to develop cellulite is the natural process of aging. Aging causes loss of muscle and skin elasticity. As a result, the skin becomes less stretchy, and the buildup of fat cells shows more, leading to a dimpled appearance.

Although cellulite is a normal phenomenon and has no serious risks to health, its appearance may bother anyone. People start suffering from inferiority complex and find it uncomfortable to look at. If you belong in this sector and your cellulite is starting to worry you, you can consider using different methods to treat cellulite. 

2. How to Start Treating Cellulite

If you’ve decided to start treating your cellulite, kudos to you! The first hurdle you’ll find on your way is to identify which treatment will be suitable for you. 

Today, there are many cellulite treatment options on the market. Invasive surgery options like cryo lipolysis, acoustic wave therapy, cellulase, carboxytherapy, cellfina, etc. are some of the notable treatment procedures for treating cellulite. 

But most of these treatments are not ideal for everyone, particularly because they’re crazy expensive or because they’re painful. 

Even if you invest your time and money in some of these procedures, you’ll find out that the effects are temporary. Cellulite creams can help in getting rid of excess water retention and improving the elasticity of the skin to some extent but using topical creams alone is not sufficient. 

In this situation, massage guns can be a perfect solution for cellulite reduction. A percussion massage gun can not only provide relief from the muscle pain that takes place due to cellulite, but it can also help to promote blood flow

The increased blood flow can minimize soft tissue damage and get rid of the effects of cellulite easily. 

So, if you’re looking for a reasonable and practical method for eliminating cellulite and getting relief from muscle fatigue, a massage gun is the most perfect option.

3. How Can a Massage Gun Help with Cellulite?

Massage and reduction of cellulite go hand in hand. Using just your hands and an effective massage oil can help in obtaining relief from muscle pain. So, what makes massage guns such an effective tool to combat cellulite? 

A cellulite massage gun is a secret weapon that works on a scientifically proven philosophy to cure cellulite. 

It uses vibration therapy to provide deep tissue massage and adequate stimulation throughout the muscle tissues. With appropriate stimulation, the fat cells are dispersed throughout the body, and cellulite accumulation breaks down.

Besides, a powerful massage gun can also target the blood vessels of the body. By increasing the blood circulation in the body and stimulating the drainage of excess fluid, a percussion massager can help to reduce cellulite effectively. 

With an increase in blood circulation, the cellulite-affected areas of the body start to heal naturally, and the dimpling starts to reduce to give way to smoother skin. The fatigued muscles will start to experience relief from pain and soreness, and you will start noticing a huge difference.

4. How to Use Massage Guns for Cellulite

Using a massage gun for cellulite is quite easy and simple. You just need to gently press the gun on the cellulite-affected areas and hold it for 1-1.5 minutes at a time. And that’s it! 

You can repeat the process 2-3 times a day, depending on how extensive the cellulite is and how fast you want to see results. To obtain maximum results, gently exfoliate the skin of your entire body to remove dead cells in the cellulite-affected areas.

You can also move the massage heads on the areas in a circular motion or use light pressure on the areas for less than 2 minutes. Refrain from putting too much pressure as this can reduce the ability of the guns. Use a massage gun daily twice or thrice for instant results with cellulite removal. 

You don’t need to use an expensive massage gun for cellulite treatment. Getting the right massage gun that has maximum flexibility and is designed for ease of use can be very useful. 

Especially if you’re a beginner, you should opt for a massage gun that can increase blood flow by using different techniques. Legiral Le3, Recoverfun Mini, and Theragun PRO are some of the best massage gun options you can consider.

If you start to use a massage gun for cellulite multiple times a week, you will start noticing relief from soreness of the muscles. The dimpled skin will start fading and you will get your previous body back in no time.

However, if you have extensive cellulite, only a massage gun will not help. A healthy diet and moderate exercise can prevent the future accumulation of cellulite to a great extent. You should also take sessions with a physical therapist if your muscle soreness and fatigue persist. 

A massage therapist can also help make your journey with combating cellulite easier. Following an unhealthy lifestyle may make your cellulite journey more difficult than you can imagine.

5. Final Words

If you’ve been suffering from cellulite for a long time, a massage gun can indeed help you reduce its effect and provide you with relief.

Starting from rejuvenating your blood circulation to helping with the peeling skin appearance, a massage gun can be your ultimate best friend on your journey with cellulite.