Michael Kors Smartwatch Review: Gen 5 vs Gen 6 Compared

How do you keep track of your running record when you are on a morning stroll? Imagine getting bombarded with calls when you are doing the morning cardio. Well, people have had various ways to keep their track record, but nothing beats an individual with a smartwatch

When it comes to smartwatches, we have a common misconception that they are plasticky and rubbery. Think again! Fossil is a traditional brand that came a long way to adapt to modern-day needs. Take, for example, their line of top-tier products or the affiliations like Michael Kors Gen 5 and Gen 6. 

These are some of the classic-looking watches that have all the modern features to track down your health aspects such as activity monitoring, heart rate, steps, calories, and, not to mention calling features and app support. Let’s take a look at what these smartwatches have to offer.

1. Quick Comparison

American Fossil has partnered with Micheal Kors and came up with a series called Bradshaw for orthodox watch lovers who want smart features on their wrist timers. 

Michael Kors Bradshaw watches have been a crowd-pleaser for all these years and still going strong. Let’s take a look at the comparison of these items before moving on to describe their features and why you should buy them.

Michael Kors Gen 5
Michael Kors Gen 6
Heart Rate Tracking
Calling Feature (Over Bluetooth)
Music Control
Blood Oxygen (SpO2)
Upgradable to Wear OS 3
Internal Speaker
Internal Memory
Battery Life
24 hours
24 hours
Android, iOS
Android, iOS

2. The Classic: Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Bradshaw

The Gen 5 Bradshaw is a successor to the previous Gen 2 Bradshaw, simply because Fossil and Michael Kors affiliated together to work on all the late imperfections and come up with something that has it all, a watch with all new smart features. 

2.1 Design

When you look at the design, you are looking at a fascinating wristwatch. The sheeny surface and metallic body are something to die for. The color variation comes in gold-tone, rose gold, and gunmetal shades to suffice all genders.

Michael Kors made sure this item is handcrafted with quality materials to keep it unblemished and away from damage throughout the year. 

The dialer and the pivoting crown are placed with perfection. It has a stamped MK crown through which you can access a wide variety of application features and a home menu.

Moreover, the display on it is 1.28 inches round AMOLED screen that is very contrasty and yet on the bright side. You won’t be missing out on any data reading even in a dark room. 

The case sizing is 44mm and comes with an interchangeable 22mm band size. You can use any Michael Kors band on this watch. No matter where you go, at a party, or even in the gym, this watch will back you up no matter what. 

When it comes to interactive faces, the Michael Kors Gen 5 steals the show with numerous customizable menu faces, which was lacking in the previous model. With the brand new modeling of this item, the creator put up a lot of additional features like pulse reading, steps per minute, heart rate, and many more.

2.2 Features 

Fitted with untethered GPS that will let you know your destination and how much you have been working out. The intelligent device will even tell you how to reach your set goals.

Doesn’t it sound awesome? There are more goods to follow. This product is swim-proof, thus ensuring water-resistant capability. So take it onto the beach or sit by the pool without worrying about damaging the watch.

There is a speaker function that allows you to take calls and listen to your favorite music on the go. This watch is compatible with IOS and Android, so you can be assured that no matter what phone you have, this Gen 5 will always have your back.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, this product can run and display precise readings on its own. The wifi and Bluetooth feature are what add to the positives. 

If you go out of Bluetooth range, you can always turn on the wifi to access your data. With heart rate monitoring, you can observe your cardiovascular health and keep a note of your overall activity, this is a feature some smartwatches lack, but certainly not Michael Kors.

What else do you get from this unit? This is a stellar product that will also showcase your pace, steps, calorie burn, and many more things. You can set your custom goals and let this device do the hard work for you. It should notify you of the progress you are making. 

With tons of app compatibility, you won’t be far behind the ever-changing world. Keep yourself updated with the new daily trends and routines by synching it with the Google-Fit app and many others that support your phone. 

There is a magnetic charger controlled via USB to revive it back to life in a flash. The recharging is very fast and efficient to get you rolling. 

It should run for 1 day without disruption and even 2 days on low power consumption mode. In case of a dead battery, just give it a charge for around 1 hour, and you will get a stable 80 % battery. 

2.3 Verdict

Although we don’t recommend this watch while you are sweating it out. It’s a bit heavy and might tire your hands. Better use traditional fitness tracker watches like iTouch if you want a snug-fitting smart device. 

All in all, you should buy this remarkable item if you are into luxury watches and have no issues with weight hanging on your hand. It will provide you with many health-related measurements and track your fitness as well. It is widely compatible with phone applications and should not have an issue with synchronization.

  • Sophisticated design, stylish outlook
  • Excellent build quality
  • Ideal for tracking health and fitness goals
  • Waterproof body to resist splashes
  • Works on Android and IOS using Wear OS
  • Contactless payment with google pay
  • Decent battery backup up to 24 hours
  • Heavy end, not the best pick for gym goers
  • Connection can lag at times
  • Won’t get Wear OS 3 update

3. The Futureproof: Michael Kors Access Gen 6 Bradshaw

Here we are, introducing you to the Michael Kors Gen 6 smartwatch. It is a bang for the buck if you want something stylish and yet has all the smart device options.

3.1 Design

When it comes to sleek-looking watches that are not plasticky but rather conventional stainless steel design, you cannot beat Michael Kors for what it has to offer. 

Men might think that this item is for women, even Fossil tells you so. We say, regardless of gender, anyone can adorn themself with this piece of beauty. If you are going out to a party and want to keep the fitness tab with you, there is nothing better than a Micheal Kors Gen 6, elegant and smart all the way.

It is a bit heavy because of the metal crafted straps, but that’s wont be an issue if you are into steel and metal wrist clocks. For workouts, you can always opt for more relaxing and rubbery watches like Garmin, if you don’t want the metals obstructing your movements.

You can change the straps and overturn the formal design by adding aftermarket straps, but we wouldn’t recommend it. 

3.2 Features

Talking about its interface, this device is run by a Qualcomm 4100+ processor that ensures optimum power and good connection. The Bluetooth 5 wireless system on this device lets you exchange data from a long distance. 

Not only that, you get wifi connectivity if you go out of range. No matter what, you will be surprised by the features this particular watch has in store. This product has a 1.2inch circular AMOLED display that looks stunning. Not only does the display stay bright, but it looks striking because of the always-on display. 

The good thing about it is the touch screen function. It is super reliable and responds extremely well to touches. The side crown on this device can be pressed to access google assistance in a flash, it will also allow you to swipe through apps and turn back to the home screen if necessary.

This unit has an inbuilt speaker that will let you interact with calls and get notification alerts on the go. Made of water-resistant material rating 5 ATM, it ensures you are safe to use it even by the swimming pool.

What we like about this item is that you can look at all data without the help of any applications. It can work adequately on its own with a big wide display. 

Though, if you want to sync your smartphones, you can do it easily with the google wear operating system. You can also add compatible IOS software and use your Apple device without a hitch.

Using the Google Wear OS, you can install loads of other apps on this device, from Shazam, Spotify, Outlook, and many more. Digging into the watch face, you get a well-animated and bright logo that is catchy and not monotonous. 

You can certainly use this device for contactless payments, music, social media browsing, fitness app tweaking, and much more. The possibilities are limitless with the Michael Kors Gen 6 watch. 

It is more like an everyday watch with stacked smart features. Not only the looks are striking, but the functions speak louder than words. You will get calling features, fitness measures, and online surfing ability with this magical gear. 

This product has a sensor underneath it, so when it sits on your hand, it can also track down your pulse and blood oxygen rate. 

We find it a bit lackluster when it comes to reading SpO2 because of the metal framing, which is not as snug as the sports watches you get in the market. But we can’t complain much because it is a watch with decent workability. 

It also has GPS tracking that can be extremely helpful to determine your distance and work rate. Sleep tracking allows you to judge your active lifestyle. 

This watch comes with a magnetic charger that is fast and can bring your watch back to life in no time. The battery life can be a bit distressing when you plan to use a whole lot of workout activities and apps. Nonetheless, it is not that bad either. Charge it up, and you are good to go.

3.3 Verdict

There is nothing that we see wrong with this smartwatch. For a sophisticated old-school look, this is a wonderful choice that will give you a lot of extra features such as health and fitness benefits.

  • Well animated changeable watch face
  • Confirmed to get Wear OS 3
  • Has built-in speaker for calls and notifications
  • Fast charging with a magnetic charger
  • Wellness app to track your health, calories, etc
  • Ensures heart rate, SpO2, speed, steps, activity tracking
  • Runs for both android and ios
  • Bright display works even in a dark environment
  • Battery drains fast when used for calls or media use
  • Heavy on the wrist, might not fit tightly

4. Final Thoughts

If you have read through the review, we can assure you that these are two of the best old-school watches with modern features. It can track steps, pulse rate measurement, heart rate, calling function and ranging app compatibility, social media browsing, and many more. 

For someone who loves to flaunt their watch, the shiny metallic body, they can get hold of the futureproof Michael Kors Gen 6. These watches are tailor-made to guide you on your fitness journey and give you the bling on your voguish outing.