Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Review: Shoe That Laces Itself

Nike is on the top of the sneakerhead’s list of all the brands. From Blue Ribbon Sport to today’s Nike, their growth in the Sports industry has been phenomenal. 

Standing out from the crowd would not have been possible without their distinctive innovation and divergent thinking. They invented auto-lacing shoes back when it was beyond everyone’s imagination. 

Their Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is an ultra-fine shoe with auto-lacing technology and bulk of smart features. It has already disrupted the basketball footwear industry.

So, let’s get into the review, wasting none of your time. 

1. Design

When you are up to buying a high-end basketball shoe, a few factors need to be kept in mind. Design is one of them. Let’s see what Nike Adapt BB 2.0 offers.

1.1 Lacing

Though Nike Adapt BB 2.0 claims as an auto-lacing shoe, technically it doesn’t have any lace that you can see. Instead of laces, they have installed wires that help secure the shoe over your foot. 

You can see the lacing system all tied up on the top of the shoe right before the tongue. In the previous adapt they hid the wires wherein Nike Adapt BB 2.0 they have put the wires in a very stylish way.

It gives more of a sporty look to the shoe and is stylish as well. 

1.2 Touch Buttons

This shoe’s touch buttons bring uniqueness to its design. There are two touch buttons on your shoes. The touch buttons are placed at the bottom of the shoe. Aesthetically, the clips around the buttons are more highlighted than in the previous one. 

A sensor is attached to these buttons to give you a perfect fit. The sensor activates right after you put on the shoe. It catches the pressure and activates the system.

1.3 The Shroud

If we look at the shroud on the upper side, it is not as big as it used to be in the earlier adapt series. In the previous version, the shroud was a big part of the shoe that covered the wires that helped in tightening.

In the Nike Adapt BB 2.0, the lower cut shroud will give you more access to the tongue of the shoe.

The moldable TPU yearns they used in these shoes are the best for a flexible fit.

The huge Nike swoosh up in the middle makes the design a proper Nike shoe. The heel portion of the sneaker is plastic and has a stylish shape.

1.4 Zoom Turbo Cushion

Now, let’s look inside the shoe. The cushion is outstanding in these. They used a turbocharging cushioning mechanism to provide the athletes with the maximum comfort imaginable.

Here, the midsole stack height is lower than its predecessors. 

The zoom turbo cushion moves better with your foot and covers your foot in every direction. So, making every move is easier and more comfortable than ever. 

1.5 Charging Mat

These shoes run with a charge. And to charge them, Nike provides a charging mat along with the packaging. The charging mat is the same as the one that came with the previous adapt.

They changed nothing about it, even in the back; it says Nike Adapt Charger 1.0. So, in this aspect, they added nothing new. 

2. Features

This basketball shoe is featured with some high technology and majestic attributes. The shoe industry is extremely competitive. Adapt 2.0 has been in demand from the beginning of its release. Hold a minute and have a look at its cool features.

2.1 Auto Lacing Technology

Auto lacing shoe is becoming a staple in the lives of all basketball players. Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is a game-changer for them as well. 

This auto-lacing technology is the main reason to pick this one. 

Though this is not the world’s first auto-lacing shoe, it has advanced technology that makes it show up with a difference. 

On the basketball ground, tying your shoelace is the worst thing ever. When you don’t have to bother about tightening or loosening your shoes constantly, then what can get better than that? 

For activating the shoe, it needs minimal pressure, which is a plus. And speaking of activating the shoe, it has a sensor on the heel, which automatically tightens up while putting on the shoe. 

It makes no difference if you want a tighter fit or loosens up. Do it just with two buttons.

2.2 Wireless Charging

The adapt series has mesmerized us with its charging pad. Make sure you have put your shoes right in the circle. It will start charging automatically when you put it in the right way. 

The lights on the shoes will start pulsing while charging and will shut off after full recharge. Once you leave the shoe for charging, you don’t have to worry about anything for four hours. After four hours, your shoe will be fully charged. A fully charged shoe can run for 14 to 20 days.

Now the cool thing about the charging pad is it is wireless but a large one. If you have any other wireless devices with you, you can charge them on your wireless charging pad as well.

Additionally, your Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is also compatible with charging any other wireless charging pads available along with this one.

2.3 Perfect Fit

On a basketball court, your foot can expand to half size during the play. And it is difficult to adjust your shoes in the middle of the game. 

Though it might sound gimmicky to some, only players know how a perfect fit can make a big difference in their play. 

Nike has resolved the issue with their adapt series. Now players can easily tighten or loosen up shoes by just pressing a button.

2.4 Nike Adapt App

Now let’s talk about another fun part. You can connect your Nike Adapt BB 2.0 with your smartphone and adjust your shoe whenever you want. The app will show the battery life of both shoes. 

It will also allow you to change the color of the light on the buttons of your shoe and, most importantly, you can adjust the right fit. 

There are two preset fit modes loaded in the app. So you can tune your shoe for a perfect fit with just one press. 

Nike Adapt app is compatible with both iOS 11 and up and Android 7 and up. Besides, five customized voice models work with both Siri and Google assistant.

2.5 Lightweight

Weight is a big concern when you play on the ground in basketball. The right weight can give you enough confidence to make your move fearlessly. Where many companies are struggling to give you a compact shoe with less weight, the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is successful in this aspect. 

Delivering the lightweight shoe was challenging for the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 as well. They have done a pretty good job of keeping it lightweight by including all those smart gadgets and modern materials. 

Despite being the lightest of them all, it has done a commendable job of managing the weight within 19.60 oz.

The moldable TPU yarns and flexible heel piece give stability to your ankle, and a perfect lock-in feels to your feet.

3. Performance

So, as far as performance is concerned, this auto-lacing shoe will not let you down at all.

When choosing a basketball shoe, the outsole comes to your mind organically. In the Nike Adapt BB 2.0, they built an outsole with a translucent color and a herringbone pattern.

This pattern creates a loud squeak on a clean court and stops immediately. When in a dusty court, it picks up dust easily. Despite this, a simple wipe makes cleaning a breeze.

Durability might be a concern if you put this on while doing outdoor activities. Honestly, these are not made for outdoor activities. We recommend that you only wear it during indoor games and plays.

If we compare comfort and stiffness, we must say this auto-lacing shoe is slightly stiff when you put it on for the first time. But the stiffness breaks down effortlessly, and then you will not complain about the comfort anyhow.

Now, let’s check on the fit and auto-lacing system. The auto-lacing technology they used is spectacular. The enormous tongue of the shoe helps you insert your feet with less effort. As far as the support and fitting go, this shoe will satisfy you in all aspects.

How can we not mention the turbocharged cushions? Though they only mentioned “foam midsole” in their product description, it doesn’t make it any less of a premium product.

Nike fit adapts technology, along with the Nike adapt app, will give you an experience of futurism.

The battery performance is also satisfactory. After a full recharge, you can run with these shoes for 14 to 20 days.

4. Value for Money

The Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is a bit pricy in comparison with other smart shoes in the market. But it clearly outperforms the others. Though the Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 was also a self-lacing shoe, the BB 2.0 is more advanced and swifter than the 1.0

Its cushion is softer than the previous version, and voice assistance is a new feature in this version. Voice assistance was not available in Adapt 1.0.

The upgraded shroud and design of the tongue make it easier to put on. From comfort to technology, Adapt 2.0 is more advanced.

Furthermore, this one has a bright color palette. 

You have the choice of selecting anything which reflects your style the best. Each of their color schemes has a unique name.

“White cement,” “mag,” “tie-die,” “black mag,” “royal,” “winner’s circle,” “planet of hoops,” and “Chicago” are the names of the colorways.

A sports shoe at this price point is still very expensive for general people. So, if you are questioning yourself if you should buy this shoe at this price point or not, we will suggest trying it. It is more of an experience than just wearing a pair of shoes.

However, it is strongly hinted that you use it with care. And be extra cautious in wet weather. As a disclaimer, this one is not waterproof. Using it for indoor games and the occasional ride will help it last longer.

It will be a magnificent inclusion to your collection. From the technology point of view, this auto-lacing shoe is the most advanced among its competitors. With the smart gadgets inside, auto-lacing technology, app connectivity, and voice-over assistance, what else do you need to make your dream shoe?

Besides that, Nike is planning to add more advanced technology to it. So, keep your eyes on them.

5. Our Rating

8.5 Total Score
Nike Adapt BB 2.0

The Nike Adapt BB 2.0 is the most futuristic shoe that exists right now. The amount of appreciation it has received, despite being pricy, is noteworthy. Not only is it technically superior, but so are the design and features. If you are a professional basketball player or a shoe enthusiast, this is the one to have in your collection.

Value for Money
  • Auto lacing technology for shoes
  • Zoom turbo cushion gives you ultimate comfort
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is used for maintaining a lightweight
  • Easy wireless charging
  • Battery life 14 to 20 days after a full recharge
  • Nike adapt app connectivity for controlling your shoe with your phone
  • Price is high compared to others