NPE Runn Treadmill Sensor Review: Make Any Treadmill Smart

Having a treadmill in your indoor setup comes with a lot of perks. You could be a professional marathon runner or a casual jogger in the park. A treadmill in your home can give you a similar feel to running on the field. Not only is it an excellent indoor cardio machine, but it also provides a lot of health benefits.

Treadmills come in different variations, from smart ones to manual ones. What if you bought something that doesn’t let you monitor your speed, cadence, or incline ratio? Don’t worry, the NPE Runn treadmill sensor is here to make any treadmill smarter. 

1. Design

Well, the likes of NPE Runn and such other gadgets are devices that let you count your steps per minute, your rate of speed, and the incline angle of the surface. This is very important for a runner who wants to keep a tab of all the intricate measurements.

When it comes to the design, it is one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use instruments you will find. It is rather small and can be put in front of the treadmill or backside to it to sense the motion of the treadmill runner. 

It comes out of a simplistic snap box controlled via a magnet. So storing and bringing out this item won’t be a hassle. Inside the box, you get the main device with sensors, the cradle that holds it onto the treadmill. 

Additionally, you will get the instruction manual to understand the installation process. It also comes with stickers to mark the treadmill belt for motion detection purposes and lastly a 3m tape to go with it. For charging you will get a USB cable as well. 

The design is forthright and can fit into your palms due to its size and shape. It’s on the smaller side and a bit plasticky, but that won’t be an issue unless you try to hammer it. 

Moreover, the main device has two sensors underneath to read the sticker movement. The cradle sits on the 3M adhesive tape and the Runn sensor goes on the cradle grooves.

Its cradle has groove patches to adjust the device height for needed calibration. On the back of the NPE Runn, you will find the USB port and a white button. It allows the device to self calibrate and ensure the sensors are working at optimum level.

The brand name is engraved on the top part of the item, and overall, it looks very neat, and the craft quality is very pleasant as well. Make sure not to stampede the product as you run on the treadmill. If taken care of, it will last for a long time.

2. Features

NPE Runn functions as a foot pod on your treadmill. It can be set up on any treadmill, but it is wise to use it on treadmills that don’t have automated features for reading cadence, speed, and such.


Sensor Readability

This is a very handy gear when you use it on unsmart or manual treadmills because this device will measure all the necessary readings such as speed, cadence, incline rate, heartbeat, and a lot of other things. This feature is extremely useful when you don’t own an automated treadmill with sensor functions. 

Not only that, you will be able to mount this product on any given treadmill and sync it with your phone. You won’t have to look at the monitors of the treadmill to figure out the reading. You can always keep a workout tab on your phone. 


Optical Sensors

There are two optical sensors underneath the device to track the sticker movements on the treadmill belt. 

You get all the attachments inside the box. Once pasted and calibrated in the desired height, the optical speed sensors on this workhorse will give you precise readings of speed, steps per minute, and incline measurements at will.



Runn can be synchronized with a range of devices and applications. It has a wide array of compatibility with apps and watches like Gymtrakr, Rolla World, Zwift, Polar Vantage, Garmin sports watches, and many others.

It is extremely useful on Apple watches and phones. You can use the activity app to track your performance on the go. You will be able to monitor your heart rate, the incline of the surface, speed ratings, and many other feats.


Efficient Charging

An electronic device can easily run out of battery after some use. Don’t worry; whenever this device runs out of charge, you can’t plug it in with the USB interface to bring it back to life. It’s fast and simple and recharges swiftly. The USB charger is included in the box.


BLE and ANT+ Support

The Runn smart treadmill sensor functions via Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ wireless mode. The sensor readings are transferred to your smartphones via these wireless mediums and you get the reading on your phone app in no time.

3. Performance

When it comes to workability in the long run, we tag this item as a very decent device that will work for a longer period if you don’t mess up with it. We mean to say, if you don’t kick it or put excessive pressure, the Runn treadmill sensor will keep working its magic without deteriorating soon.

The body structure and the cradle are not as sturdy as they can be, but they can do a great job if you are careful with it. This particular item is very compatible; thus, it is widely accepted by home workout enthusiasts. 

It can send signals to a wide range of applications and devices, by using Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless function. If you have apps like Rouvy, Zippy, Kinnomap, Run Social, Zwiggy, and such, you will be able to connect the Runn product without any issues. 

With a stable battery life that can run for 10 hours and more, what else do you need? Adding to it, you will get a micro USB charger to revive it if it runs out of life.

The speed motion sensor is up to the mark and tracks the belt stickers precisely, giving you accurate reading compared to many other foot pods. All in all, the Runn treadmills sensor will provide you with error-free readings of the speed, incline, and cadence if you calibrate it adequately.

3.1 Setting Up the Runn Treadmill Sensor

Installing this device can be a bit tricky, it’s not that hard though, but you will need the patience to bring out the best results. You will have to make sure the alignment of the unit is always correct otherwise, it will give inaccurate results. 

The height of the unit corresponding to the treadmill has to be taken care of as well. We are highlighting a few basic steps of installing this item correctly.


Fix the Cradle

The first thing you do is to attach the cradle to the edge of your treadmill using the 3m adhesive tape. You can put the cradle either on the front or the back end of the treadmill. Wherever you set it up, the bottom sensor of the garget has to be able to read the sticker markings.


Put the Main Device in Place

This is where your experimentation starts. Setting up the sensor device at the correct height is what you should look for. Tweak the heights and let them sit well aligned. Make sure it’s not loose and trembling. Push it onto the grooves, and the gear should be well set.


Paste the Stickers

Now you have to take the stickers out and use the adhesive side to stick on the treadmill belt. You should put at least 3 to 4 stickers separating them with a distance of 18 inches each. 


Calibrate It and Make Sure the Sensor Works

Last but not least, you need to turn on the Runn unit and let it self-calibrate. Make sure you are using it on a 0 incline reading. Now, look for the sensors, whether they are working or not. 

Press the white button, and the sensor should blink lights making sure it’s scanning the stickers properly. The light will be moving from left to right, ensuring that the sensors are working at their optimum. 

If you observe any problem, you should recalibrate and make sure the device height is on point. Experiment with the height, and you should be good to go.

4. Value for Money

The NPE Runn is competitive and economical in comparison to other devices in this category. 

For example, if we bring it head to head with the Zwift RunPod, the Runn item will steal the show. It is more accurate with reading fast, and slower speeds, whereas the Zwift Pod will not be able to cope with sudden speed changes. 

When compared to the likes of Stryd Foot Pod, there are many differences you need to know. The Runn comes at half the price and has an edge over the Stryd with incline readings, whereas the other one has power reading, unlike Runn. 

Stryd Pod is very accurate and works well, that doesn’t mean the Runn Sensor will hold back on its performance. These two are authentic and functional smart treadmill sensors, all you need to do is pick the one that fits your bill and preference.

No matter what foot pod sensors you use to measure the speed, incline, and cadence, these are electronic devices, and they all can malfunction at some time. 

The calibration has to be done accurately to get the best results. In comparison with other devices in the market, the Runn treadmill unit is a bang for the buck and will give you satisfactory results in longer runs.

5. Our Rating

8.1 Total Score
NPE Runn

NPE Runn has the caliber which turns manual old school treadmills smart. It can measure running speed, steps taken, and incline readings of a treadmill and all of that for a relatively low price. It works with smartphones and most apps, giving you the flexibility to keep track of your movements on the go.

Value for Money
  • Easy setup using tapes and cradle
  • Sensor reading is precise even on fluctuating speeds
  • Affordable gear compared to other running pods
  • Integrated with BLE, ANT+, FTMS, FE-C wireless features
  • Pinpoint speed detection with optical speed sensors
  • The belt stickers need to be changed frequently
  • Not for outdoor tasks