What is The Smallest Fitbit With HR? (New Winner!)

People seek small devices. It could be because they are small as a person or they just want something tiny. If you wondered what is the smallest Fitbit you could get, you are in the right place.

Fitbit has been in the fitness game for a while now. Since a big chunk of fitness enthusiasts are committed to them, it was sort of their responsibility to make sure they have products covering all their needs.

After searching the market and comparing all the models inch by inch, we are able to announce a winner. One thing we realized in the process is that, even though it is small, it is no less powerful!

1. The New Smallest: Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2 is the smallest Fitbit with heart rate monitoring and core fitness tracking features. It is also the latest in Fitbit’s product lineup.

It is an entry-level fitness band geared towards people who need a basic tracker, not an entire healthcare system. That being said, it will cover most of your everyday needs.

To give you a taste of it: Inspire 2 features steps, distance, calorie tracking with automatic activity detection (SmartTrack), 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, sleep quality assessment, and much more.

It comes in three different colors. The one displayed on this page is Black/Rose. The other two are Black/Black and Black/White.

Nothing is without drawbacks. It has no built-in GPS (it can use a connected phone’s GPS), no offline music storage, and no similar advanced features. I am sure you weren’t expecting them in a product like this especially at the price it comes.

While checking out this device, we came across some interesting selling points that pulled the value up in our evaluation process. We talked about that later in this post.

Assuming you are interested in some numbers (I bet you do since you landed on this post), here are the measurements for the body and the bands that come in a standard packaging:

ComponentSize in InchesSize in Millimeters
Tracker – Dimension1.47 (l) x 0.66 (w) x 0.51 (h)37.34 (l) x 16.74 (w) x 12.95 (h)
Band (Small) – Recommended Wrist Circumference5.5 – 7.1140 – 180
Band (Large) – Recommended Wrist Circumference7.1 – 8.7180 – 220

Note: If you are unsure whether it is going to fit your wrist, you can use the classic Fitbit Inspire 2 sizing tool. Print out the page at 100% and wrap it around your wrist.

2. What Happened to Alta HR, Flex 2, One, and Zip?

I searched the web and got absolutely confused. So I thought it is better if we talk about this as early as possible. Fitbit changed its product lineup in 2019 and the change was huge!

To summarize the changes, Fitbit discontinued the Alta series, Flex series, and the Clip-On series (Zip and One). They replaced them with Inspire. Some of the old ones were quite small in size, especially Flex 2 and Alta HR which are no longer available.

So what options do you have? They launched Inspire and Inspire HR initially, and later they upgraded Inspire HR to Inspire 2. They discontinued quite a few products for Inspire 2. So it has to be brilliant, right? I don’t know what you think but we loved it!

3. Why You Should Choose Fitbit Inspire 2 Over Discontinued Champs

It can be subjective, but I don’t recommend buying discontinued products, particularly when the replacement product is offering a much better value.

Here are a few things that place Inspire 2 above the former champions like Flex 2 or Alta HR. Do note that the size difference between them is negligibly small.

3.1 Accessory Clip to Wear It in Different Ways (Optional)

The reason why Fitbit dropped their clip-on lineup for Inspire 2 is that now it officially supports an Accessory Clip (you have to buy it separately).

You can pop the tracker out of the wristband, insert it in the clip and it will be ready to go. It can be used in multiple ways like attached it to a belt, bra, t-shirt, or anywhere you find it comfortable as long as it holds.

Fitbit also developed an “On Clip” mode and you have to turn it on to use it as a clip. As for the size, it is 2″ in length doesn’t add extra bulk to the device.

3.2 Official Support from Fitbit

If you opt for a discontinued product, you are increasing your chance to encounter software or hardware problems and there will be no official person to help you with.

The Fitbit community forum also doesn’t like talking about their discontinued products. If you also email Fitbit support, they might not be able to give you an appropriate solution because those products are not covered anymore.

3.3 OLED Display With Touchscreen

Unlike Flex 2, Fitbit Inspire 2 features a monochrome OLED display with a touchscreen. It is not as big as the displays you see on full-fledged smartwatches but is sufficient to display activity tracking data.

You will also see call, text, and app notifications popping up on the screen when your phone is nearby. It will vibrate and show a small snippet, however, you will not be able to read a full text message due to the screen size.

3.4 Improved Battery Life

Fitbit improved the battery life on this one significantly. You will get 10 days of battery life on a single charge. Put it to comparison with Inspire HR, it is exactly double. In fact, this is the longest battery life you can find in a Fitbit device to date.

The charger got an upgrade itself. It clips onto the back of the tracker magnetically and secures the device with a good fit. However, you will need your own USB wall adapter or a computer to charge it.

3.5 Free 1-Year Fitbit Premium

With the next Inspire 2, you will enjoy 1-year of Fitbit Premium for free. It is Fitbit’s premium health program that specializes in personalized insights and guided fitness programs.

The thing we liked about Fitbit Premium the most is that it allows you to generate a PDF report of your health which you can supply to your doctor for a general overview.

Just so you don’t confuse it, they offer the Fitbit Premium plan for free, not the Premium + Health Coaching plan which includes 1-to-1 coaching with health experts.

3.6 Swimproof

Inspire 2 is waterproof up to 50m and is officially announced as a swim-ready fitness tracker. Meaning you can take it to a swimming pool or a shower, and it will work just fine. It also has the ability to track how long you swam.

They have developed a “Water Lock” feature which turns itself on automatically when you use swim from the exercise app. You can enable it by yourself as well from the settings. This feature locks the screen and the button from water interference.