11 Best Smart Bike Helmets to Enrich Bicycling Experience

As technology becomes a frequent asset in our daily lives, many people integrate these advances with traditional activities. The same goes for bicycling.

Although we’re inclined to spend more time on our phones, we can use them to heighten our biking experience while traversing the great outdoors.

Want to encourage your friends and family to get fresh air and feel energized while riding their bikes? Consider buying them a smart helmet. Although some might prefer riding without a helmet, these helmets provide enhanced safety features while biking on roads or trails. 

Many of these helmets keep you visible on the road with their bright front and back lights, and can connect to other devices to make riding safer and more fun through social interactions and musical motivation.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best smart bicycle helmets you can buy!

Top Picks

Best Overall
Best Budget
Best Performance

1. Lumos Kickstart – Best Overall Smart Bike Helmet

With several smart helmets available, it was challenging to pick the best option. However, after much research, testing, and thought, we found that the Lumos Kickstart offers the best features for a nightly commute.

After charging it for two hours, you’re good to go. With this helmet, you can maneuver the city streets with ease. These helmets come in Charcoal Black, Cobalt Blue, Jet White, or Electric Lime, giving riders several options for matching their style.

One of my favorite features of this helmet is its 360-degree front and rear lights. It uses 500 lumens to enhance your visibility for all drivers on the road. This feature might be ideal for bikers who get nervous riding at night in places with many vehicles and pedestrians.

Don’t want to risk head trauma if you crash? This MIPS helmet provides additional protection for your brain in case of rotational or angled impacts and can withstand impact speeds of 6.2 meters per second.

This breathable helmet incorporates 22 vents to enhance your comfort while riding. The Lumos Kickstart’s inner padding also keeps your head from sweating excessively. Although its size might be too small for bigger heads, you can also adjust its retention system for a snug fit.

This smart helmet isn’t suitable for cycling in heavy rain because it can impact its functionality when drenched.

  • Automatic brake lights
  • Turn signal lights controlled with wireless Lumos remote or Apple Watch
  • Incorporates MIPS for enhanced brain protection
  • 360-degree, 500-lumen front and rear lights
  • Lumos companion app lets you customize light patterns and track your activity
  • Too small for some heads
  • Negative
  • Not meant for biking in heavy rain

2. Smart4u SH55M – Best Budget Smart Bike Helmet

Many bike helmets on the market might be too pricey for some riders’ budgets, especially if they want one with enhanced safety and compatibility with their smart devices. However, if you seek the most affordable one with Bluetooth compatibility, the Smart4u SH55M might be the right pick for you.

Despite its low price, this helmet shares many features as its pricier counterparts. It has a Bluetooth compatibility feature that you can access with a built-in button, reducing your need to pull over when using your phone. The built-in wind-resistant microphone also offers excellent sound clarity up to its maximum speed of about 15 mph.

Although its built-in speakers aren’t the loudest, they have an excellent quality that’s ideal for listening to music or making a phone call. However, they aren’t waterproof, rendering them unusable during rainy commutes. 

Its best feature is its SOS emergency alert, which automatically activates when you get into a biking accident. A compatible phone app lets you register emergency contacts and sends them a GPS signal through the helmet’s built-in sensor chip. 

  • Built-in bluetooth speaker with wind-resistant microphone for clear and hands-free communication
  • SOS emergency app automatically sends your GPS location to emergency contacts during an accident
  • Six LED warning lighting beams with a 150-meter visual distance
  • Stereo speakers on both sides of the helmet
  • Runs 15 hours with warning lights and 4-8 hours with lights and music
  • The speakers aren’t waterproof
  • Turn signal lights don’t stay on long enough
  • It might feel tight on some heads

3. Lumos Matrix – Best Performing Smart Bike Helmet

The Lumos Matrix has everything you need to give your biking experience a personal flair. It has a large back panel with bright and easy-to-read brake and turning signal lights. Although other Lumos helmets use at least 500 lumens, this one uses 1,000 to ensure cyclists the ultimate visibility on the busiest urban streets.

One innovative feature that might interest you is the customizable rear panel that creates symbols, patterns, or messages on the display screen. In addition, you can alter the color and flashing patterns through the compatible Lumos companion app, giving you complete control with this connected helmet via your Lumos remote or Apple Watch.

You can choose between the Matrix’s standard design or MIPS design. However, we recommend getting a MIPS helmet for enhanced safety on unpredictable roads. Although it’s a bit heavier than other helmets, it makes up for it with high-quality protection. 

When it comes to charging capabilities, a single five-hour charge lets you use its lights continuously within a range of four to 10 hours, depending on what settings you use. Unfortunately, the lights might make a whining noise, making it unsuitable for riders with sensitive hearing.

  • Front and rear lights produce 1,000 lumens for maximum visibility
  • Customizable 7×11 RGB LED rear panel
  • 5-hour charging time
  • Impact-resistant EPS foam liner and ABS outer shell
  • Sleek design that comes in Charcoal Black or Jet White
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Lights might make a noisy whining sound
  • Front lights’ brightness varies

4. Sena R1 Standard

If you want a helmet that lets you stay connected with your friends on a biking trip, the Sena R1 Standard might be the right pick for you. This helmet has a built-in intercom system that lets you communicate with up to three other riders within a half-mile distance. This feature also gives you 12 hours of talk time, making longer biking trips pass by more swiftly.

The Sena R1 is compatible with Bluetooth and lets you listen to music and answer your phone, making it an ideal hands-free bicycle helmet with speakers. Syncing your smartphone also lets you navigate more efficiently through Bluetooth-integrated GPS directional audio cues, allowing you to keep your eyes forward while reaching your destination.

The noise-canceling technology ensures your voice signal reaches all your biking companions without wind or white noise interference, guaranteeing clarity throughout your ride. Unlike traditional smartphones, they won’t lose connectivity randomly.

You can also connect to your favorite music app or use the helmet’s built-in FM radio to make your ride more enjoyable. Although it might be difficult to tune the FM radio to your favorite stations, it has 10 preset station memory for swift access.

The Sena R1 also has a removable and washable inner padding ideal for keeping it sweat and grease-free. This feature might be ideal if you don’t want any dirty odors interfering with your biking experience.

  • Group intercom with up to three riders
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Bluetooth-compatible
  • Built-in speakers and microphone with noise control technology
  • Unclear setup instructions
  • FM radio adjustments are hard to tune

5. Go Kids Helmet

Looking for smart helmets for the whole family? The Go Kids Helmet is an excellent option for kids ages 7-18. Give your kids a headstart in road and bike safety with this handy helmet. Its backlight glows bright red, allowing you to keep track of them on the darkest nights.

The LED rear light has four settings with varying light visibility. You can also adjust the helmet size efficiently with its back dial, making it the perfect size for your youngest and oldest kids. It’s battery-free and charges with a USB cable; it takes 2.5 hours to fully charge and runs between six to 10 hours, depending on your lighting mode.

This comfortable helmet has enhanced padding that stays secure on your child’s head and isn’t too tight. It also incorporates 12 ventilation spaces running across the back, top, and front of the helmet, keeping your kids’ heads cool as they ride.

Unlike other bike helmets in our roundup, the Go Kids Helmet only comes in white. However, this color contrasts significantly with its black interior and red rear lights, making it stand out when used at night. These minimalist features make it as powerful as its more advanced counterparts.

Another feature this helmet lacks is automatic turn signal lights; with that said, it’s your responsibility to teach your kids the ins and outs of signaling as they grow up.

  • Fully charges in 2.5 hours with a USB
  • Four rear light settings
  • Optimized top and back ventilation
  • Easy to adjust
  • No Bluetooth or smartphone compatibility
  • Only one color option
  • It doesn’t have turning signals


Looking for a helmet that lets you access music, phone, and light signals hands-free? The LIVALL BH51M might be the right option for you if you want a more enjoyable ride.

This helmet has rear LED lights with a visibility range of up to 150 meters that automatically turn on when it becomes dark, making them an energy-efficient option for riders accustomed to turning on their lights manually. The wireless handlebar remote lets you adjust these light settings by clicking the left and right keys. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have front LED lights.

The LIVALL’s Bluetooth speakers and microphone are ideal features for bikers looking for a helmet that lets you answer and make hands-free phone calls. The remote’s red center key lets you answer, end, and reject incoming calls. Additionally, the -42dB array microphone provides excellent voice quality to your calls, even when riding up to 37 mph.

LIVALL’s app sets up a multi-person online chat room for swift and uninterrupted communication. The mobile app also has an SOS alarm system that signals your emergency contacts during an accident. It’s also compatible with Strava, iHealth, and Siri.

Its stereo speakers have excellent sound quality when listening to your favorite music tracks. However, you might experience network connection problems when listening to online music. Therefore, it would be best to download your playlist beforehand and use Bluetooth to access it from your phone.

  • Bluetooth stereo speakers and microphone placed above ears
  • Wireless handlebar remote for changing signals, selecting music, and answering calls
  • SOS Rescue App is compatible with Strava, iHealth, and Siri
  • LED lights automatically activate when it gets dark
  • Network connection interference when listening to music online
  • It doesn’t have front LED lights

7. Smart4u SH50U

The Smart48 SH50U has some of the longest-lasting lights incorporated into a helmet; its maximum power runtime reaches up to 36 hours, making it perfect for commuting and urban riding. 

It charges using a magnetic charging cable. Unlike traditional USB cables, it doesn’t generate additional friction when plugging and unplugging the device; this process allows the helmet’s lights to run for more extended periods than others.

It has automatic brake lights and you can toggle between three settings by pressing its back button: fast-flashing, slow-flashing, and tidal mode. These seven lights use 500 lumens to create a red flash for passing vehicles to see. However, unlike other smart bike helmets on our list, it doesn’t have turn signal lights, making it challenging for drivers to spot your hand signals at night.

This helmet uses the SOS alarm function when you encounter a collision accident to send your GPS location to your emergency contacts so they can get you to safety as quickly as possible.

Disappointingly, this Smart4u helmet doesn’t have built-in speakers or a microphone, which might make your biking experience a bit boring without music playing in your ears. 

It’s also water-resistant and can withstand light splashes or rainfall. Its inner lining and chinstrap are also excellent for absorbing sweat, which you can remove and clean.

  • Fully charges in three hours with a magnetic charging cable
  • Up to 36 hours of service life
  • Water-resistant
  • Automatic brake light with three flashing modes with 500-lumen output
  • No turn signal lights
  • No built-in speakers or microphone

8. Sena R1 EVO

One feature that sets the Sena R1 EVO apart from its standard counterpart is its integration of voice commands. As a result, it gives you an authentic hands-free experience when adjusting the helmet for your bike ride. After you say, “Hello Senna,” you can freely adjust your lights, music, and settings to your liking.

Like its standard counterpart, the R1 EVO has an interactive intercom system that lets riders communicate within half a mile from each other. However, the critical difference is that this model lets you connect with other R1 EVO riders through nine communication channels, practically limitless compared to other helmets. 

It also has Bluetooth compatibility, access to FM radio with 10 presets, and a sturdy outer shell and inner lining. However, it only offers between seven and 10 hours of intercom talking time, less than the R1 Standard’s 12-hour limit.

However, it does have a “Fast Charge” feature which allows you to charge three hours of intercom time every 20 minutes, making it an excellent energy-saving option for people interested in a quick ride.

This might not be the ideal alternative for a smart MIPS helmet if you prefer high-speed cycling routines. I prefer taking my rides slow and steady. 

  • Voice-activated features for adjusting the tail light, music, and mesh intercom settings
  • Mesh intercom works in a half-mile range and supports limitless communication with many riders
  • Charges in two hours
  • 20-minute fast charge provides three hours of intercom activity
  • High-grade polymer plastic for enhanced head protection
  • No MIPS integration
  • Its battery can’t charge in below-freezing temperatures
  • Intercom has less talk time than the standard R1 model

9. COROS SafeSound Urban

If you encounter an emergency while cycling, COROS SafeSound Urban Helmet activates its SOS emergency alert to notify your closest emergency contacts. Additionally, its tail light flashes an SOS signal in Morse code to alert nearby help. Safety enthusiasts find this feature one of the best a smart bicycling helmet can have.

Thanks to its Ear Opening Sound System, it offers quality sound without vibrations while also letting you stay aware of your surroundings. This noise reduction keeps people on the other end of your phone call from hearing loud interruptions. In addition, the built-in design fits snug in your ears and blends well with the rest of the helmet’s smooth build.

Unfortunately, the COROS SafeSound Urban doesn’t have a walkie-talkie feature that allows you to communicate with your friends wearing the same smart helmets.

The helmet’s COROS Android and iOS app is an excellent tool you can use for tracking your biking distance, speed, and route information. This feature comes in handy if you want to improve your performance and indulge in a more active lifestyle.

  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Automatic LED taillights
  • Taillights alert nearby help by flashing SOS in Morse code
  • COROS app is compatible with iOS and Android
  • It doesn’t have a walkie-talkie feature

10. Sena M1

This mountain bike helmet has an integrated group intercom system between you and up to three different riders activated through Bluetooth. Best of all, this communication isn’t exclusive to other Sena M1 helmets; you can also connect with riders wearing Sena R1 or X1S helmets. This intercom feature is excellent because you don’t need a smartphone to use it.

One downside to this helmet’s connectivity compatibility is that it’s not compatible with the M1 EVO. Ask your friends about their smart helmets’ models to ensure their compatibility with your intercom features.

It has an integrated tail light you can switch on or off at any time. When switched on, you can choose between three settings, LED On and Solid, Day Flash, or Night Flash. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have turning lights.

Although it has several light features, this helmet doesn’t have MIPS. You should still comply with standard bike safety rules to prevent accidents on roads or trails and protect your head. However, it provides a snug fit for medium and large heads, and won’t swivel out of place.

  • Bluetooth compatibility for accessing GPS, music, and phone calls
  • 4-way intercom
  • Adaptive tail light settings
  • Integrated FM radio
  • Customizable settings with Sena Utility App
  • It doesn’t have MIPS
  • No turning lights
  • Intercom isn’t compatible with M1 Evo helmets

11. Moon Helmet

Looking for a bike helmet with a modern design and an easy-to-access remote? Consider the Moon Cycling Helmet for an improved bicycling experience in rougher conditions. After taping the remote to your bike handles, you can signal vehicles and pedestrians while maneuvering left, right, and forward. The octagonal shape makes it easy to notice while riding.

After charging the remote with its mini USB for four hours, the lights and turn signals can run continuously for at least 10 hours. Depending on the distance you want to travel, this feature might be ideal for the most avid cyclists.

This helmet is perfect for riding in any weather because of its waterproof properties. The remote and helmet remain functional during the wettest rainstorms and keeps it out of your hair with its 33 vents. It’s also lightweight and won’t squeeze tightly against your head, allowing you to focus on the road.

The Moon Helmet has 14 LED light beads in the front, and 14 in the back, giving bikers equal light distribution when riding around busy or secluded areas at any time. Other smart helmets might have rear lights and no front lights, so this model might be ideal if you want balanced visibility in any volume traffic.

  • Turn signal lights work continuously for 10 hours
  • Waterproof helmet body and remote
  • Inner lining absorbs sweat
  • Remote secures onto any bike handle with binder tape
  • Remote charges in four hours with a USB
  • The size isn’t suitable for younger kids
  • You have to restart the helmet if you don’t use it in over a week