11 Best Smart Jewelry to Level Up Your Fitness Game

If you’re tired of wearing a smart device that doesn’t match your outfit, smart jewelry is a fantastic option.

Smart jewelry has most of the elements that will meet your needs for a smart device, and you will not hesitate to wear them on any fancy occasion. 

Now you don’t have to compromise your well-being for fashion. You can have both in one piece. 

Receiving your health update 24/7 or calling someone without having your cellphone in hand, everything has become easy because of this innovative idea. 

We have listed down some smart pieces of jewelry that we think combine the best of wearing a piece of nice-looking jewelry and a smart device!

Top Picks

1. Bellabeat Leaf Urban – Best Overall Smart Jewelry

Women’s bodies work differently than others. Bellabeat knows that, and that’s why they have introduced the Leaf Urban Health Tracker, only for women.

The versatility of the product is immensely promising and convincing as well. You can wear Bellabeat Leaf as a necklace, bracelet, or even as a clip.

From its fashion aspects, we can suggest you pick from different color combinations. All the versions of this smart jewelry are very chic. From its infinity necklace to the beautiful active bracelet, nothing will disappoint you. 

Now let’s discuss how Bellabeat Leaf Urban usually tracks your sleep, activity, and reproductive health. They have their tracking technology developed to collect data from the female body. 

Their smart tech technology tracks your movement, steps, or any kind of activity and also the burnt calorie. Whether you are walking or meditating, this smart jewelry will not miss any of your activities. 

Don’t get scared if it gives you a gentle alarm to become active after a long inactive day. 

You might have noticed that this smart jewelry doesn’t consist of a display. However, you can download their app and see the data on both Android and IOS devices. 

The device is wireless; once you connect it with your phone via Bluetooth, it will show all the data on your app. A coin cell battery is all you need to run your leaf. Change the battery twice a year, and you are good to go. 

  • Easy to connect with both Apple Health and Google Fit
  • 24/7 health tracking will keep you updated
  • Smart alarm to wake you up
  • It has water resistance quality
  • Fairly lightweight
  • No display in the jewelry
  • Not a medical device

2. Kate Spade New York Scallop – Best Budget Smart Jewelry

Kate Spade New York is quite a familiar brand among women. In the crowd of all those expensive activity trackers, the price of the Kate Spade New York Black Scallop activity tracker is pretty promising. 

Its enduring black and golden combination is nothing less than a pure class. The classic golden metal will not fade away as stainless steel makes it more sustainable. Not having water-resistant quality can be a drawback for the users. 

Some of you might confuse it with a wristwatch because of its structure, but it doesn’t incorporate a watch. This black scallop doesn’t come with a display panel. 

Once you install the device with your phone, you can start experiencing the best of it. The installation procedure is comparatively simple and easy to execute. It activates with a double-tap and continues its work for you. 

Another stunning quality of the device is that it doesn’t stop working while your phone is away from you. It will store the data and auto-update once you reconnect it with your phone. 

The precision level of the product impressed me the most. Its calorie count and sleep tracking system are admirable and serve their purpose close to perfection. 

And last but not least, this smart wearable can control music from your phone and can also take selfies. 

  • The double-tap easy activation system makes it convenient for everyone
  • Can enjoy music with an easy controlling system
  • Sleek design for fashion lovers
  • Budget-friendly smart jewelry for the users
  • Not waterproof
  • It doesn’t connect with earbuds

3. Fitbit Luxe Special Edition – Best Performing Smart Jewelry

Among all the fitness and wellness companies, Fitbit stands out from others. Their collection of smart jewelry is terrific. Here we will hold forth the Fitbit Luxe Special Edition.

This smart wearable has a starling visual display that embodies a watch. You can keep track of your health update from the screen and your phone app as well.

With the sophisticated look and super functionality, it will do nothing but leave you amazed.
Though it has water resistance properties, putting it off while showering or doing underwater activities will increase its durability.

The shimmering golden Gorjana Parker Link Bracelet comes in 2 different sizes with easy customization. An exquisite chain made of stainless steel with the classic band will complement any of your dapper outfits. 

Now, let’s hash over to the health tracking system. This brilliant jewelry can analyze your heartbeat with smart technology and give you a precise result. 

We found the GPS tracking system pretty fascinating. You need to connect the device to your phone to see your pace and distance on the display. 

From a charging point of view, Fitbit Luxe will leave others behind with an extra point. It will keep on going for almost 5 days without a recharge. 

Have I forgotten to mention that Luxe is also a pretty suitable smart device for the teenage girls aged 13 and above.

  • An attractive visual display gives you an extraordinary experience
  • Long-time functioning is available
  • GPS tracking system with excellent features
  • The luxurious look will complement your fashion statement
  • Smart technology to detect the heartbeat
  • Meticulous use is suggested

4. invisaWear Smart Necklace

Our Review
“The invisaWear necklace, when activated, sends your location to your pre-selected emergency contacts as well as dispatchers through your phone.” – Check Our invisaWear Necklace Full Review

InvisaWear started its journey back when smart jewelry was not a big name. They have beautiful collections of personal safety devices in the shape of necklaces, bracelets, key chains, etc.

The company knows danger doesn’t come with a warning. That is why they emphasize their user’s security. 

To my surprise, the emergency response technology they have used is the same as ADT. When many other products fall short of their commitments, InvisaWear stands out by assuring your security. 

This smart necklace with the most advanced technology is nothing short of a blessing for women out there. 

Now, let’s discuss how to use it. You can set up the device with your phone via Bluetooth with a simple setting and put up five emergency contact. 

The free app also includes a compelling feature of free 911 calls during emergencies though this function is optional. 

You can also change your emergency contacts whenever you want. 

The jewelry includes a secret button on the backside of the pendant. All you need is to push it two times, and it will directly send your location to the emergency contacts and even 911. 

For the battery, no need to bother for at least one year. It can work up to two years if used moderately. An easy replacement policy with a discount is the cherry on top.

However, the device does not offer international operation, which was disappointing.

Another fun fact is the company has a version for men as well. So, not only women but men can also use this safety device.

  • Trouble-free emergency contact setting
  • Easy replacement policy
  • Smart emergency response technology
  • Sweat and waterproof
  • Unisex features
  • Does not work internationally

5. Wellue O2ring

Health tracking devices have brought a new world to us. Now we can track our health while working, sleeping, or walking with the help of these devices. 

But among all, very few can provide medical-grade accuracy. Wellue O2 Ring is one of them. 

Now things that might come to your mind are, what are the intents and purposes of this device. 

This smart ring monitors your pulse rate and SpO2 or oxygen level in 4 seconds intervals. It will record all the data overnight and show it on the app. 

The ring comes with a display and free app; just install the app and get all your data on your device. 

To your relief, this works both on Android and IOS devices. You can see the detailed data via your smartphone linked with it. 

This device is FDA-registered and gives the highest accuracy, though it is not a medical device. 

Critical oxygen level is a hard one to detect. It shows almost no warning symptoms before it strikes you. So, this small yet powerful ring can be your knight in shining armor. Just wear the smart ring, and it will track your oxygen level 24/7. 

And few things to keep in mind is that it comes with a data cable for recharging the battery, which can run for ten-sixteen hours at a stretch.

  • Medical-grade accuracy is a unique feature
  • Connects with both Android and iOS
  • Shows detailed data on the app
  • Smart alert system
  • FDA-registered
  • Needs to recharge from time to time

6. Bellabeat Leaf Nature

Bellabeat Leaf Nature can be your best friend when you want to keep track of your activity and reproductive health. 

This smart jewelry catches your movement pretty perfectly, but it fails to recognize stair steps. That is why calorie count might vary sometimes. 

As far as reproductive health is concerned, Bellabeat Leaf Nature does a whole lot of work for you. It tracks your menstrual cycle and collects the data on the app. 

So, while doing a random screening, you can show those data to your doctor and get the necessary treatment. 

Though Leaf Nature is not waterproof, sweat or a splash of water wouldn’t harm. It suggests not to be used under the shower. 

The clip of this smart jewelry doesn’t have any harmful metal. For your information, the clip consists only of stainless steel. This skin-friendly product ensures its quality and shows zero sensitivity to any skin type. 

It also offers one year of guarantee, which is also appreciable. 

Furthermore, it remains active 24 hours to check your steps, burnt calories, sleep pattern, and reproductive health. 

By 24 hours, we mean 24 hours. As far as the battery is concerned, it doesn’t need charging. This way, it is more compatible for those who forget to charge their devices now and then. 

A simple battery replacement every six months is all you need to keep running your device. 

One more amazing fact, the alarm will wake you up gently to remind you to become active.

  • Tracks reproductive health and stress
  • This one is sweatproof, so don’t worry if it gets wet with sweat
  • Operation runs 24/7
  • One year guarantee on the product
  • Fails to detect stair step

7. Fitbit Flex 2 Accessory Bangle

Women don’t like to wear any boring health tracking device that doesn’t look stylish. 

Fitbit Flex 2 Accessory Bangle is for those women who hate to compromise their style statement and want to take care of their health as well. It’s an alternative to the normal Fitbit Flex 2 (replaced by Fitbit Inspire 2 in a later iteration) which happened to be one of the smallest of the bunch.

From the outlook of the jewelry, it is nothing less than a stunner. The shiny metal is 22k plated gold on premium stainless steel. Fitbit never fails to assure good quality products to its customers.

This incredible smart jewelry has too much to offer rather than just a bangle. You can transform it in many other ways. This interchangeable accessory can save your fortune if you love to convert your look occasionally. 

Another advantage of using it is you will get more options for your connected devices. You can connect your smart jewelry to your computer or any smartphone. 

For sync, you don’t need any manual instruction the wireless bangle syncs automatically without giving you any trouble. 

If you are someone, who does intensive workouts, then you might need to consider a few things before using it. This loose-fitting jewelry should not be used in your heavy drilling sessions. Nevertheless, it does all other jobs like a boss. 

The goodness hasn’t ended yet. Fitbit offers a 45-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty to its users.

  • It can be used as a fine jewelry
  • Premium stainless steel with 22k plated gold
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Interchangeable accessory
  • Should not be used during intensive workouts
  • Not sweatproof or water-resistant

8. Misfit Ray

If you are an active and sporty person looking for an activity tracker with utmost efficiency, then the Misfit Ray fitness and sleep tracker is all you need.

This unisex smart device uses intelligent technology to track cycling, soccer, basketball, swimming, and more. 

It’s sweatproof and water-resistant up to 50 meters. Meaning, that even if you swim wearing this device, you don’t need to bat an eye. 

For your workout session, you can wear this cool device as you like. You can wear your device according to your convenience, like a bracelet or a necklace, all day long.  

Misfit Ray gives you the liberty to choose your features manually. Get ready to be overwhelmed by the things you can control just with this bracelet. 

From music control to taking a selfie, you can do all these fun things just with the help of your bracelet. 

Moreover, it can also connect to Spotify, Nest, Logitech harmony, and whatnot.  You can also get your text/call/alarms via this smart bracelet. 

The packaging comes with Misfit Ray, a sports band, three button cell batteries, and a user manual. 

They also suggest checking compatibility before buying. 

Linking with only one account might look like a drawback to some, but this cannot stop you from loving this product. 

  • Water-resistant to 50 meters underwater
  • Can track cycling, running, basketball, soccer, swimming, and, more
  • It can be worn constantly; no need to take it off
  • Controls music
  • Selfie taking feature is available
  • Unisex
  • It can be linked to one account only

9. Oura Ring

OURA ring is low maintenance and highly efficient health tracker. 

The good news is that it doesn’t consist of any harmful metal and is non-allergic to the users. Its durable titanium does all the magic. 

Plus, the technology behind the ring rather than a wristband is fascinating. Many of you might not know that your fingers are closer to your artery than your wrist. 

It tracks your activity and health from your body temperature. The sensors can even detect COVID 19 before any symptoms show up. 

This ring is not at all heavy. It is lightweight, and its thickness is just like a wedding band. From the durability point of view, it is water-resistant up to 100m. 

The easy charging facility is also impressive. It can charge within 20-80 minutes and operate for 4-7 days without a recharge.

The smart Bluetooth feature will also save a lot of energy for your device. 

I have seen very few activity trackers as stylish and orderly as this one. 

OURA offers six months of free membership and a free sizing kit. So, don’t worry about the fitting of your ring. 

There are some features that they are going to launch this year. The upcoming version will be able to measure your SpO2 level and workout heart rate. They are also going to launch audio sessions for meditation.

  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters for underwater activity
  • Provides free sizing kit at home
  • Built with durable titanium
  • Higher accuracy gives you the perfect data
  • Non-allergic for everyone
  • Few features are currently unavailable

10. Senstone Voice Recorder

Senstone has brought a personal assistant in the shape of a voice recorder. The shady idea of talking to an electronic device is not far-fetched now. 

Can you remember the countless time you forgot something that came to your mind? And you eventually regret forgetting those? 

Now, you can record your speech or idea or even your daily chores by talking to your device, whether you are a writer, educator, or homemaker. 

It has also shown effective results in minimizing the use of smartphones.
Smart AI systems can understand 12 languages in a conversational style. Don’t rush over; just record as you are talking to someone. 

The users have shared how this product helped them increase their productivity. It saves a lot of time and energy by increasing their daily active hours.
And the noise reduction technology is quite astounding as well.

This smart wearable can record up to 3 min at a stretch and has 3-4 days of battery life.
Your cloud account on your phone can back up the recording, so you don’t need to worry about losing your data. 

The size of the voice recorder is also convenient. It is neither heavy nor large. You can keep it in your pocket or attach it anywhere you want. The scratchproof display also adds another point to it.

  • It has the latest AI technology making it more advanced than others
  • The smart noise reduction feature will give you a wonderful experience
  • Can understand up to 12 languages
  • 3-4 days of battery life
  • Easy cloud backup system
  • Price can be an issue if you have low budget

11. Joule Smart Earring

Earrings are one of the daily essentials of women. Joule has introduced their new health-tracking device framed in an earring backing. 

Pairing up with any of your fine jewelry is the most facile way of putting on an activity tracker. 

The least amount of effort would take to carry your earring backing. So, this smart earring backing is a game-changer for free-spirited women. 

The lightness of this device will make you comfortable throughout the day. Though it is the smallest, it doesn’t work any less than a regular health tracker. 

However, it can track all your activity along with your heart rate. The configuration of the device is not complicated at all. 

A wireless Bluetooth connection is required to pair up with your smartphone. It will keep syncing with your phone with a large amount of data. 

The packaging comes with a jewelry case that works as a portable charger. It charges while you keep it in the jewelry case automatically. 

You can recharge it after a long day of work, and it will be all charged up in the morning. It is also worth mentioning that the charge of the case stays up to 10 charges. 

The compatibility is also divine. Almost all android and iOS users can avail themselves of the goodness. 

Listing and mentions in Forbes, BBC, Yahoo, and CBC News didn’t happen without ensuring its quality. So, fear not, you can buy it without any hesitation.

  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth pairing to your smartphone will deliver the data to your phone
  • Easy charging system
  • One-year warranty for the product
  • The small size might be a problem for clumsy users