11 Best Smart Running Shoes That Will Make Your Life Easier

A good pair of running shoes can make or break your workout. A comfortable, supportive pair of shoes will enhance your performance and endurance, while a broken-down, ill-fitting pair can be a catalyst for injuries. 

Changes in technology are allowing manufacturers to combine high-tech with classic ergonomics for the best-fitting smart shoes available. 

Smart shoes are becoming the go-to product for an extraordinary running experience. Whether it’s rain or sunshine, these shoes ensure you track every step and feel great while doing it. 

We have reviewed the 11 best smart running shoes that will make your workouts a breeze with all their interesting technologies and features.

So, let’s get into this!

Top Picks

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1. Under Armour HOVR Sonic 2 – Best Overall Smart Shoes

The Under Armour HOVR Sonic 2 intelligent shoes are the best you can find for comfort and technology. The shoes connect to Under Armour’s MapMyRun, the company’s running and GPS tracking app available on all smartphones, making it one of the best shoes with biometric tracking. 

The shoes will track your metrics while you work up a sweat. Analyze your stride, cadence, and even your impact angle to ensure you’ve got the proper running stance and getting the most out of your time hitting the pavement or trail. 

These running shoes provide a zero-gravity feel thanks to Under Armour’s patented HOVR (pronounced “hover”) technology. The mesh energy web and HOVR foam help alleviate impact and pushes energy back to help you run longer distances. The mesh covering fits snugly around your feet to ensure they stay dry in all weather conditions. 

The antimicrobial Ortholite sock liner molds to your feet for the best comfort and cushion possible. If it’s not for you, the liner is removable.

While these are some of the most comfortable and durable running shoes available, the heel can cause some problems. Wear socks that cover your entire heel and Achilles, as these shoes can feel tight and rub against your skin. 

  • Tracks every running metric needed to analyze your workouts
  • The closed-in mesh fabric keeps feet dry
  • The HOVR material provides a zero-gravity feel
  • They don’t fit custom orthotics very well
  • The heels are tight, so be sure to wear longer socks

2. PEAK Taichi King – Best Budget Smart Shoes

Just because you’re running with a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy high-tech smart shoes! These sneakers feature a synthetic sole, which provides better durability and comfort. 

The all-in-one weaving textile provides fantastic airflow and breathability while you run for miles. They’re also water-resistant and feature non-slip technology so that you can work out at any time, rain or shine. 

These Taichi King sneakers feature an adaptive midsole with a customized slow cushion rebound that matches whatever you’re doing, whether it’s walking, running, playing basketball, or riding a bike. If you want to invest in something for all types of workouts, the Taichi King is the shoe for you. Its high-performance material makes it suitable for running, gym training, and more. 

This shoe’s p-hold support system features a raised hollow and robust arch support. You’ll feel the noticeable stability and balance this shoe provides. Even though you can’t track your running stats with these shoes, they still offer supportive, intelligent technology to make it feel like you’re running on a cloud. 

  • Reflective colors keep you safe during night runs
  • Adaptive midsole technology provides the perfect rebound for any sport or workout
  • The breathable, lightweight material is water-resistant and non-slip
  • These shoes don’t track your running metrics

3. Nike Adapt BB 2.0 – Best Performing Smart Shoes

Whether you’re on the court or the trail, the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 smart shoes are one to consider. Even though they’re designed primarily for basketball, the shoes feature smart and comfort-fit technology to keep your feet happy. 

The curved ultra-responsive cushioning follows the natural motions of your feet, so you get the best rebound and energy transfer possible. The molded heel piece provides stabilization for every step and turn. 

These Nikes are some of the best shoes with automatic laces, too. At the touch of a button, you can adjust your sneakers’ fit so that the laces are customized to your preferences. 

These high-tech smart shoes connect to the Nike Adapt app via Bluetooth. Use the app to adjust your fit and colors while ensuring your smart sneakers are up to date with the latest software. 

As mentioned above, these shoes work best for playing basketball. If you’re a professional runner or serious about going far, these may not provide the best comfort. 

  • Connect to the Nike Adapt app via Bluetooth to customize colors and fit
  • Ultra-responsive cushioning and molded heel ensure stabilization and comfort at all times
  • Automatically lace your shoes at the touch of a button, and adjust as needed
  • These shoes are primarily for basketball

4. ALTRA Torin IQ

The ALTRA Torin IQ smart shoes provide high-tech materials and tech to ensure a comfortable run, mainly on the road. The ZeroDrop platform and FootShape toe box provide cushioning ideal for the impact from running. 

The best part about these shoes is the added IQ technology. You’ll receive live feedback about your foot strike, impact rate, contact time, and cadence while you achieve your fitness goals. The footbed sensors also provide real-time coaching to help you correct your technique while running. 

Connect to the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Keep in mind that there may be some connection issues between the app and the shoes. If you’re connected to Bluetooth headphones, try connecting to the shoes first to establish a faster link. 

This ALTRA shoe also runs a half-size small, so be sure to check the sizing chart before you add these to your cart. 

  • ZeroDrop platform combined with the FootShape toe box provides comfort and support
  • Receive live feedback on the essential running stats
  • The reflector and asymmetrical lacing provide safety and comfort
  • They run a half-size too small
  • There are some connectivity issues between the app and the shoes

5. Under Armour HOVR Sonic 3

The HOVR Sonic 3 is the newer version of Under Armour’s HOVR Sonic 2 with a few changes. The most significant difference is the lack of water-resistant material, so these shoes are best for warm-weather, dry running. However, the upper material features micro threads that dry fast and give you breathable comfort. 

The HOVR technology gives you a zero-gravity feeling that provides rebound support and reduces the impact with every step. The tongue attaches to the footbed and stretches for snug support. The external heel counter also provides structure. A removable antimicrobial Ortholite sock liner molds to your foot for ideal cushioning tailored to your foot shape. 

All these high-tech materials combined into one shoe create an ultra-durable sneaker for runners and walkers. There will be noticeable wear on the sole after several months, but overall, these shoes hold up for a long time. 

Under Armour’s MapMyRun app connects to the Sonic 3 sneakers. The shoes use the company’s record sensor technology to track and analyze every running metrics you need to improve. 

As with most running shoes (or any footwear in general), be sure to check the sizing chart. These sneakers may run about a size small, but you can return and exchange them hassle-free.

  • The record sensor technology track every running metric needed to analyze and improve your stats
  • The HOVR technology features a zero-gravity, ultra-comfortable feeling
  • The antimicrobial sockliner molds to your foot, but you can remove it if it’s not comfortable
  • The upper mesh is more open and less water-resistant

6. Orthofeet Coral

The Orthofeet Coral smart shoes are ideal for those with chronic foot pain, including plantar fasciitis and bunions. They feature orthotic technology with a lightweight sole, ergonomic design, and comfort. The orthotic insoles have arch support and multiple layers to make it feel like you’re walking on a cloud. 

Every part of these shoes is designed to relieve foot and heel pain. The design can also help reduce knee, hip, and back pain caused by arthritis, overpronation, or flat feet. Orthofeet is confident that you’ll feel better in their shoes that they offer a 60-day wear test. If you’re not satisfied, you can return them for your money back. 

Orthofeet’s shoes are available in medium, wide, and extra-wide widths to provide a near-perfect fit. The roomy toe box gives you a comfortable fit that relieves pressure on bunions, Morton’s neuroma, and hammertoes. 

Even though these shoes don’t come with innovative technology that tracks your every step, they are the best pain-relieving shoes with ergonomic technology.

  • Ergonomic design ideal to relieve pressure for a variety of foot conditions
  • Relieve pain as high as your lower back
  • The 60-day wear test ensures you enjoy the product you purchase
  • They don’t come with smart technology to track running metrics
  • They’re designed mainly for walking

7. New Balance 1540 V3

These premium performance sneakers feature an innovative technology for the most serious runners. The ENCAP midsole material features lightweight foam and a polyurethane rim for durability and ease of wearing. You can wear these sneakers for all-day comfort. 

The 1540 V3 features a rollbar stability post designed for rear-foot movement control and stability with every step. The breathable upper is made of mesh and synthetic materials to ensure a dry and breathable feel. 

Many runners with painful issues purchase this shoe because they fit orthotic insoles really well. Whatever insole you put in, the roomy toe box provides enough room for your toes to spread out during every step you take. 

While these shoes don’t have smart technology to track your metrics, they have some of the most durable materials that provide cushioning for long runs. Keep in mind that the laces are shorter than average, so they may be challenging to tie. 

These shoes also run a bit narrower than previous models. With this in mind, consider purchasing a wide or extra wide size to ensure the best fit. 

  • The ENCAP midsole technology combined with lightweight foam gives you durability and comfort
  • The rollbar stability post controls rear movements for more excellent stability
  • A breathable upper keeps your feet dry and comfortable
  • They don’t come with Bluetooth tracking technology
  • The laces are shorter and harder to tie
  • They run very narrowly

8. DropLabs EP 01

The DropLabs EP 01 shoe provides out-of-this-world technology to be one of the best shoes with a smart chip. These shoes are ideal for runners who love listening to music while on the road or trail. The shoe syncs with the music you’re listening to and vibrates to the rhythm for a complete sensory experience. 

Connect to DropLabs’ iOS app to control the vibration intensity and tuning filters. Built-in stereo audio emits sounds from your toes, while the breathable mesh keeps your feet comfy all day. 

These shoes have up to six hours of battery life, and you can quickly check their charge using the LED status light on the heel. The magnetic connector charging port lets you juice up your sneakers in no time. 

With such a high-tech product comes the need for a warranty, as DropLabs wants you to have the best experience possible. The one-year warranty covers power surges, tech failures, and mechanical issues. You can also extend the warranty by three years. 

While these shoes are some of the most high-tech, they’re not ideal for serious runners. They don’t have a design specific to running. Still, amateur runners can enjoy these shoes for a new sensory experience.

  • The shoes emit sounds and vibrations connected to whatever audio you’re playing
  • They have up to six hours of battery life
  • Includes a one-year warranty that you can extend by three years
  • The breathable upper mesh gives your feet all-day comfort
  • They’re not designed for serious runners

9. Under Armour HOVR Infinite 2

This is the third Under Armour sneaker with HOVR technology on this list, and that’s no mistake. The Infinite 2 shoe is a more neutral model for various foot types. It is one of the best shoes with a fitness tracker combined with ultra comfort for every kind of runner. 

The zero-gravity feeling provided by Under Armour’s patented HOVR technology maintains and distributes energy to reduce impact. You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud as you jog down the road! The rubber outsole and heel provide solid traction so you can run on wet or dry roads without worry. 

The compression mesh energy web molds the HOVR foam to your foot, creating a customized, durable feeling. The upper mesh is lightweight, breathable, and supportive. The EVA sock liner also provides tailored comfort, but it’s removable if you have a specific orthotic insole you want to put in. 

Most importantly, you can easily connect to Under Armour’s MapMyRun app via Bluetooth. The record sensor tech will track your every step and stride to give you key metrics. 

  • The HOVR technology provides a zero-gravity feeling
  • The molded material customizes the shape of the sneaker to your foot for ultimate stability
  • Connect to MapMyRun via Bluetooth and track every critical running metric to improve your technique
  • The size runs very small, so be sure to check the sizing chart

10. New Balance 1080 V10

The New Balance 1080 V10 running shoes are part of the company’s Fresh Foam X collection, which features premier design advancements that deliver just the right amount of comfort in the perfect places. 

The Hypoknit upper material provides areas of support and stretches for breathability. The rubber outsole takes every step in stride, so these shoes last for a long time to come. 

You’ll notice a snug fit thanks to the upper bootie construction and hugged heel design. The lipped back is higher than other running shoes, which helps with stability, while the Ortholite sockliner will keep your feet dry and fresh at all times.

All of these advanced fit technologies make it an excellent sneaker for runners with issues like plantar fasciitis. Even if you don’t plan to run in them, they’ll give you a comfortable base to go to your destination. 

If you have orthotics, these New Balance sneakers fit most sizes of insoles so that you can enjoy the most comfortable fit possible. 

These sneakers run a little narrow and may not be comfortable for those with wider feet when it comes to the overall fit. Those who typically wear a standard width should order a wide fit in the 1080 V10. 

  • The Fresh Foam X provides a high-tech design for distributed comfort
  • The Hypoknit upper provides stretchability and breathability
  • The hugged heel design provides a snug fit
  • They run very narrowly

11. Skechers Performance GOWalk Max

While these Skechers are primarily for athletic walking, they provide a strong foundation for easy runs. The Skechers performance technology provides materials specific for power walking and exercise, so you’ll have maximum comfort while working toward your goals. 

The mesh upper and supportive sole provide a snug, cushioned fit. The upper features lightweight mesh fabric with a synthetic overlay on the laces for more durability. The heel features extra padding, and the lace-up design offers a padded collar and tongue. 

The most impressive part of these shoes is the 5GEN sole. The lightweight compound features memory retention to absorb impact and make it easier to walk or run to the finish line. On the insole, the Goga Max technology features supportive materials. These shoes are also machine-washable, so you can keep them shining for years to come.

  • Advanced technology padding for support and stability
  • The lightweight mesh upper has a synthetic overlay on the laces for better durability
  • The padded heel gives you a snug fit
  • They’re designed for power walking and may not be ideal for long runs