11 Best Smart Scales to Keep Body Weight Under Control

Smart weighing scales have been around for quite a while now. We are used to having mechanical weight machines in our homes, especially those who are conscious about health.

But time has changed. Weight scales are now smart devices. They are capable of not only measuring weight but also analyzing every ounce of the body using data to let us know how you’re faring with your fitness goal. And having the best smart scales is always the finest option.

Even though we don’t get those inch-perfect precise numbers in dissecting every element of our body, what we get is enough to keep track of our health in everyday life. 

In this article, I, myself being both a tech junkie and a fitness-conscious person, decided to share my top picks amongst the popular bathroom scales available in the market.

Top Picks

Best Overall
Best Budget
Best Performance

1. Renpho ES-CS20M – Best Overall Smart Scale

Our Review
“Renpho ES-CS20M analyzes thirteen different body metrics and supports an unlimited number of user profiles making it a good family device.” – Check Our Renpho ES-CS20M Full Review

Renpho has earned its name in the budget-friendly market segment of smart scales. This Bluetooth scale ticks all the right boxes, and its 30 dollars price is very affordable.

The upper panel is built of thick tempered glass with four visible electrodes beneath it. It packs a pretty average digital display with a minimalistic design. I’d say it could’ve been better.

It’s easy to set up. Stepping on it automatically powers it up. You just need to install the Renpho app on your phone and connect your scale with Bluetooth.

What amazed me was its capabilities as a mid-range budget scaling machine. This robust beast can take up to 396lbs of weight. 

What makes it even more awesome are the 12 additional features that you will get – aside from your body weight – such as body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle mass, etc. You can update these metrics in health apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit and shape your diet and workout routine accordingly.

Measurements seemed pretty precise and accurate compared to other smart scales. The only big downside is the surface may seem small to some people who have big feet.

For people with a minimum budget trying to get a hold of their body and health, this smart scale is one of the best smart scales.

  • 13 measurement features
  • Robust build quality
  • Easy app interface
  • Effortless to set up
  • Unlimited number of user profiles
  • Not suitable for pregnant mothers or users with implanted medical devices
  • Plastic housing under the carriage feels cheap

2. Withings Body+

The Withings Body+ is the premium end of the Wi-Fi smart scales. It’s pricey, but if you have the budget, it’s worth your attention.

Coming out of the box, it showcases a sophisticated design, giving off a clean and elegant look. The upper part is made of tempered glass consisting of a top-notch LCD. On the bottom, it has four feet to keep it even, and it should blend perfectly well in any bathroom.

When you step on it, arrows on display will direct you to put your feet in the right position, which feels satisfying.

This scale uses Wi-Fi, but it also has Bluetooth support. There are four AAA batteries included, which will last more than one and a half years. The Withings Health Mate app usually pulls data automatically from the scale and gives health advice, which I found to be surprisingly useful, using your metrics.

One of the best things about the Health Mate is that it can sync in with more than 100+ different health devices, apps, and programs. And the fact that you can share your metrics on social media or with your doctor is fantastic.

This scale can keep up to 8 distinct user profiles which are helpful if you have a big family. With pregnancy and baby modes, you can be assured of your health when you are expecting and also keep stats of your kids’ growth before and after birth.

It comes at a cost but considering everything, it is a great package for those who really care about their health and fitness.

  • Full body composition analysis
  • Great accuracy
  • Interconnectivity
  • Excellent display
  • Perfect for family use
  • First-time setup can be tricky

3. Fitbit Aria 2

Synchronized home devices are always appreciated, especially those regularly used devices. This Fitbit Aria 2 smart scale can be synchronized with your smartphone on an app of your choosing. It helps to keep your goal in check.

Fitbit Aria 2 comes in both white and black, the top surface is made of tempered glass. The design looks sleek and fresh. Connecting to the Fitbit app, the first-time setup was quite easy.

Like the Withings Body+, this scale can hold up to 8 distinct profiles. It can measure weight, body fat percentage, lean mass, and BMI. The measurement range is 4.5 to 180 kilograms. So, unless you are massively overweight, this should serve you just fine.

The measurements are accurate, but having only 4 metrics for its price was a let-down. And also, Fitbit cautions users with pacemakers and pregnant women to not use it.

With auto-update of your metrics to the Fitbit site, you can get all the useful information and charts you can expect. If you are already on a Fitbit train, this may well be the best choice as your smart scale.

  • Sleek minimalistic design
  • Integrates well with Fitbit environment
  • Accurate measurements
  • 8 users
  • Fairly easy setup
  • Not safe for pregnant women or users with implanted medical devices
  • Super expensive

4. Yunmai Premium – Best Performing Smart Scale

Our Review
“Yunmai Premium is one of the most reliable smart scales in the market boasting 5 Million+ people using their product and counting.” – Check Our Yunmai Premium Full Review

Yunmai Premium Bluetooth Scale is a perfectly balanced mid-range scaling machine that ticks every box you would expect and does its job reasonably well.

Speaking of design, the upper panel is built of glass with conductive ITO coating. A circular LED display and deep-toned curved lines along the surface add up to the aesthetic vibe.

This scale includes body composition like hydration, bone mass, etc., along with basic weight measurement and BMI calculator. Even though it takes a little while to get used to, the Yunmai app has all the basic features and can sync in with some of the popular health apps like Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit.

Its accuracy and consistency in measuring weight are inch-perfect. Body composition metrics are also more precise compared to other scales we tested. The 24-bit conversion chip really digs deep to make the measurements faster than the conventional 12-bit chips, and one can clearly tell the difference.

For its price, I would recommend this scale to anyone who is looking for smart bathroom scales within a limited budget.

  • Measures 10 different metrics
  • Very accurate and consistent
  • Up to 16 user profiles
  • Affordable
  • The app interface is complex
  • Not recommended for people with implanted medical devices or pregnant women

5. Eufy Smart Scale

Eufy nailed every department we analyzed except one, and it was convincing enough for me to keep it on this list.

Looking at the design, the Eufy Bluetooth scale is slim. The upper panel is made out of the tempered glass like all other premium scales, and there are curves for foot placement along with a monochrome display.

As for its features, it has 12 distinct metric measurements, 16 distinct user-profiles, and 4 AAA batteries which should last a year. As far as the installation goes, it was as easy as baking a pie.

Regarding the measurement, it delivers accurate results, and so far, it has not produced any angry customer base. It has a measurement range of 11lbs to 397lbs.

The only downside is the software experience. There were very few third-party apps supported. The listed apps are Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit app. 

Here’s something to keep note of: In EufiLife’s own app, your data is not private from other users. Another issue is that you won’t be able to delete measurement records at your own will.

Overall, it scores well, but the mentioned issues might not attract some users.

  • Good design
  • Accurate measurements
  • Full body composition
  • Affordable
  • No pregnancy mode
  • Very few third-party app support

6. Wyze Scale

If there was anything called flagship killer for smart scales, this would be it. What it offers for the price is mind-boggling, to say the least. This Wyze scale won’t break your bank all the while delivering some killer features.

Design-wise, it looks almost similar to Withings Body+, which is four times the price. The dark navy-blue glass surface should blend in any bathroom like a charm.

This scale can hold up to 8 distinct user-profiles and features BMI measurement along with full-body composition. Add to that, you get charts and graphs of your metrics over time, and you can sync in with an ample number of third-party apps.

The thing to not like about this smart device is the lack of quality waterproofing. It has only an IPX3 rating which isn’t amazing. It begs the question, “ is it really a bathroom scale?”

To make things better, this scale also offers a safe mode for pregnant women and people implanted with medical devices. For the value you get at this price range, this is a huge deal.

  • Measures 12 different metrics
  • Elegant design
  • Popular third-party apps supported
  • Safe mode
  • Great value for the price
  • Wi-Fi not supported
  • Low IPX3 waterproof rating

7. Fitbit Aria Air

If you are tired of too many features you will never use, Fitbit Aria Air offers you the simplicity you desire. You’ll love the sleek visual and simple interface. It’s one of the more affordable smart scales to keep your weight loss in check.

It comes in both black and white variants plus has 4 AAA batteries inside. With a glossy finish on the upper panel and rounded corners, the aesthetics seemed pretty good to me.

Unlike other scales roaming in the market, this is a Bluetooth scale that measures only weight and BMI but does it reasonably well. The measurements are precise, accurate, and fast.

To get the most out of this product, keep it synced with your smartphone. Although there’s no remote control feature, you can certainly keep in touch with your progress. And there are options for all of your family members to sync with it.

If you are tight on budget and looking for a scale to integrate into your Fitbit eco-system, the Aria Air is meant for you.

  • Simple aesthetic design
  • Integrates well with Fitbit environment
  • Progress update on the app
  • Multiple user integration
  • Fitbit dashboard
  • No safe mode
  • Sometimes it doesn’t sync properly

8. FITINDEX Scale – Best Budget Smart Scale

If there is any scale that comes close to the Wyze scale in terms of value for money, this is certainly one of those. FITINDEX does pretty much everything you need and more.

The top surface is glass, while the base is plastic. Its display blends in well with the panel, and there are four electrodes visible beneath the glass, giving off a modern, compact, and stylish look. The scale itself is lightweight.

Along with weight and BMI, it has 11 more body composition measuring functions which are absolutely nuts considering its price. All of these deliver accurate results giving high-end scales a run for their money.

Another point to note is that it calibrates automatically every time you use it, which means precision.

In terms of the companion app interface, the FITINDEX app does fairly decently. It displays your daily, weekly, or monthly gains and losses in different metrics with graphical representation. You can sync it with popular apps such as Google Fit.

It has only 3 AAA batteries included, which sadly don’t last as long as it should. Moreover, this scale only uses Bluetooth for connection. But one of the best things about the scale is that it allows an unlimited number of user profiles. It’s rare to find even in high-end scales.

With short battery life and no safe mode for turning BIA off, there is definitely room for improvement. But considering the price, there is not much room for complaining.

  • Great value for the price
  • Full body composition
  • High accuracy level
  • Unlimited user profiles
  • No safe mode for pregnant women or people with pacemakers
  • Short battery life

9. Withings/Nokia Body Cardio

Body Cardio is from the top-tier premium high-end Wi-Fi scales of Withings, and it’s loaded for feature enthusiasts.

Like any other smart scales, the upper panel is made of tempered glass with a silver line dividing it and a small neat display to show you readings. There are also light stripes to indicate the perfect position to put your feet.

Surprisingly, with the aluminum base, it is quite sturdy, weighing 2.7 lbs. and comes with rechargeable batteries, unlike other smart scales.

The scale is full of features starting from full body composition to cardio metrics. Weather forecast is a nice addition that comes in handy at times. Also, the display on the scale graphically shows your recent changes in weight which is super cool.

Besides the Withings Health Mate app, you can also sync in with other popular health apps such as Google Fit and Samsung Health to get graphs, charts, stats and, top-notch advice for improving your overall fitness.

As for the downside, cardio metrics are mostly inconsistent and inaccurate. The fact that there was no safe mode to turn off Bio-electric Impedance is also disappointing. Lastly, its price tag makes it one of the most expensive scales in the market.

  • Sleek design
  • Huge amount of features
  • Compatibility with third-party apps
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Accurate weight measurement
  • Not portable enough for carrying
  • Inconsistent cardio metrics
  • No safe mode

10. Withings Body

This is the simplest smart scale from Withings’ smart scale lineup. Despite not having advanced metrics and perks like the other two scales, there are reasons to consider this, nonetheless.

The upper surface is made of toughened glass with rubber-coated feet to avoid floor scratches. There is a square monochrome display. Design-wise, it feels very subtle and minimalistic.

The four pre-installed AAA batteries will last more than a year. For connectivity, it has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. You can also open up to 8 distinct user profiles, which makes this a perfect fit for a family.

This scale measures your weight, BMI, but it does not offer full body composition like the Body+ or Body Cardio. The measurements are accurate, and it’s on par with other top scales available in the market.

Speaking of the app interface, the Withings Health Mate app is very simple with a clean look. It’s easy to understand yet very functional with the ability to sync with more than 100 third-party apps like Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit, Samsung Health, etc.

The app shows you graphs and charts and provides valuable information besides just numbers.

Along with that, there is also a safe mode for expecting mothers and people who have pacemakers or similar devices. If you value functionality or want something to add to your Withings eco-system, this scale is for you.

  • Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Minimalistic design
  • Safe mode for pregnant women and people with implanted devices
  • Compatible with many third-party apps and devices
  • No full body composition

11. Etekcity Scale

Etekcity Scale is almost a clone of the FITINDEX scale coming from a different brand. This is another good budget scale that you can choose if you don’t like the other options.

Just like the FITINDEX scale, this one has an upper panel made of tempered glass with a LED display and four electrodes beneath it on view. It comes in both black and white color variants.

But the Etekcity scale did not feel as lightweight or compact as its counterpart. Rather it has a bigger surface area compared to that of the FITINDEX scale. While this makes it sturdier and more comfortable to stand, this also makes the scale less portable.

3 AAA batteries come with it, and as expected, there is no Wi-Fi support. It can accommodate an unlimited number of user profiles which is pretty cool. The Etekcity Scale offers full body composition with 13 different measurement functions, which are awesome.

VeSync app interface is decent; it usually shows you all that you need to see. But it takes some time to get accustomed to. The app can sync data to Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, or Samsung Health if you use any of those.

Overall, it stands its ground as a quality smart scale for weight maintenance.

  • Full body composition
  • Great value for the price
  • Unlimited user profiles
  • Affordable
  • No safe mode for pregnant women or people with pacemakers
  • Short battery life