11 Best Smart Spin Bikes With Built-in Touch Console

Spin bikes take your exercise game up a level. They create a guided and immersive exercise experience and make you feel like you are being supervised.

There are well many exercise bikes out there. The list we have compiled here is unique in its own way because only exercise bikes with an integrated touchscreen display are included.

Top Picks

Best Performance

1. NordicTrack Commercial S15i – Best Overall Smart Spin Bike

NordicTrack Commercial S15i has a good balance of price and features. It comes with a 15 inch HD touchscreen display and has 22 digital resistance levels. It uses magnetic resistance to offer a relatively quiet workout session.

One advantage of getting a product from NordicTrack is that they are iFit partner and all their products come with one-year free membership. This membership will let you have on-demand studio workouts from trained professionals who would also be to control your bike remotely for a more effective session.

It offers several ways to train. You can cycle in exciting virtual locations, take part in studio classes or you can even do cross-training workouts like yoga. All exercises are guided and powered by the iFit program.

Another good feature of this bike is that it can be inclined or declined. You can go up to 20% incline or down to 10% decline to make your workouts extra challenging.

  • 15 inch HD touchscreen display
  • On-demand virtual studio workouts
  • 22 level digital resistance
  • Incline and decline capabilities
  • 1 year free iFit membership
  • Connecting wires in the assembly could be a little tricky
  • Complaints about their customer support
  • No HDMI output

2. Peloton Bike – Best Performing Smart Spin Bike

Putting the hefty price aside, Peloton Bike is by far the most featured and advanced spin bike on the market. It boasts a 22 inch HD touchscreen display and two 10-watt impressively loudspeakers.

The performance and the exercise experience are two big selling points of this smart bike. The workout is quiet and exercise programs from Peloton are complementary.

There are weekly live classes with real instructors, on-demand classes ranging from 5 to 90 minutes and there are, additionally, custom themes, music, difficult levels to personalize each workout session.

Are you one of those people who hate assembling products or you are just not confident enough to assemble an expensive product yourself? Peloton delivers their bike to doors fully assembled.

Peloton has put together a few sets of accessories comprising bike mats, weights, heart rate monitors, etc. They also have family packs for the bike to be used by multiple family members.

One big drawback is that, similar to iFit, you have to buy their subscription plan to use online programs and libraries. It is around $39 month and sums up to a large amount every year.

  • 22 inch HD touchscreen display
  • Weekly live classes with real instructors
  • On-demand classes ranging 5 to 90 minutes
  • Syncs with all popular fitness tracking apps
  • Expensive
  • Peloton subscription required

3. NordicTrack Commercial S22i

NordicTrack Commercial S22i offers a giant 22 inch HD touchscreen display and has two extra resistance levels to the NordicTrack Commercial S15i.

It strategically did not include the HDMI output port in their inferior model, Commercial S15i. Which makes people buy this model instead to be able to connect to a tv or monitor.

Other than that, the features are pretty much the same. You get one-year iFit membership for virtual studio sessions and guided exercises. You can train in different virtual locations, you can do cross-training and can also add difficulty to your exercises by inclining or declining.

When the iFit membership is over, you can of course download apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime, and follow video series of your own preference. However, this bike is best complemented with iFit and it is therefore highly recommended that you plan to renew the membership.

  • 22 inch HD touchscreen display
  • On-demand virtual studio workouts
  • 24 level digital resistance
  • Inclining and declining capabilities
  • 1 year free iFit member
  • Assembly could be a little challenging for some people
  • Complaints about their customer support

4. Echelon Connect EX5s

Echelon Connect EX5s is easily comparable to Peloton Bike and NordicTrack Commercial S22i. It has, in fact, a slightly lower price tag than the other two.

This exercise bike features a 21.5 inch HD touchscreen display and powered by Echelon’s own fitness program called FitPass. This means in order to use all the features offered, you will have to buy a FitPass subscription.

FitPass is similar to iFit and Peloton programs in every way. You will have access to 14+ live classes with fitness professionals and hundreds of on-demand workouts.

A good selling point of this fitness bike is that the flywheel weight is roughly 28 pounds. This combined with a 32 level magnetic resistance is good enough for any type of heavy exercise.

  • 21.5 inch HD touchscreen display
  • 32 level magnetic resistance
  • On-demand studio workouts
  • FitPass featuring cross training workouts
  • Can not be inclined or declined
  • Echelon subscription required

5. ProForm Studio Pro

ProForm Studio Pro is another iFit connected smart bike on the market with good all-round features. It comes with a 10 inch HD touchscreen display which, compared to the others, is honestly on the lower side.

Feature-wise, it offers a good amount of interactive workouts on their console, and live workout sessions with trained professionals which can be requested at any time.

This bike comes with 20% inclining and 20% declining facility so you can add an extra level of difficulty to your workouts. Two 3 pound weights are provided to follow along some integrated cross tracking workouts.

Assembly could be a little time consuming and can easily require two people to set it up the right way. There are some front-mounted wheels which make it easy to move it from one place to another.

  • 10 inch HD touchscreen display
  • Live on-demand studio workouts
  • 20% inclining and 20% declining capabilities
  • Cross training workouts possible
  • 3 year free iFit membership
  • Comparatively smaller screen
  • Assembly could be a headache and can take up to 2 people

6. The MYX

Offer myxfitness.com

The MYX has close competition with our best budget-friendly recommendation ProForm Smart Power 10.0. The difference is like nine and ten, if not equal.

One unique feature of this bike is the MYX score which can be found under their MYX program. Basically, it analyzes your cardiovascular fitness and assigns you to a training zone. Depending on the zone you are assigned to, they adjust the workout intensity.

The flywheel weight on this bike is quite good. This equals 41 pounds which should be enough for doing heavier exercises. They also included a free Polar OH1 heart rate monitor in the package.

If there is one major drawback of this product, that is the frictional resistance. It could create a little bit of noise but that is of a negligible amount.

If you look into our other recommendations, you could find one with magnetic resistance for the same price, however, you will then miss a big display or probably heart rate tailored workouts.

  • 21.5 inch HD touchscreen display
  • Zone-based training
  • Delivers fully assembled
  • Very good flywheel weight
  • Free Polar OH1 heart rate monitor
  • MYX subscription required
  • Friction resistance
  • Can not be inclined or declined

7. Technogym Excite

Technogym Excite is high-end and one of the most expensive exercise bikes you could come across. It is questionable how this price justifies the features.

There are bikes like Peloton which is one half of this bike’s price and I highly doubt someone could ever need a more powerful bike than that.

Technogym Excite lets you select which type of display you want to have. You can select LED which is the most general one or you can go for their own android console called Unity 3.0. Surprisingly if you select Unity 3.0, the initial price doubles.

  • Option to get LED or Unity 3.0 android console
  • Interval and cross training workouts
  • Smart pedal incline
  • Super expensive

8. ProForm Smart Power 10.0 – Best Budget Smart Spin Bike

ProForm Smart Power 10.0 is a budget exercise bike for home and perfectly suitable for those who want to get started. It comes with a 10 inch HD touchscreen display and a good quality flywheel.

It has a 22 level resistance system and produces less noise because of its magnetic resistance. This bike was made movable with front-mounted transport wheels. So transferring it from room to room is not an issue anymore.

ProForm is another partner of iFit and their products usually offer a minimum of one-year free iFit membership. You will be able to use on-demand workouts and programs from iFit.

The live workout sessions through iFit take place with a skilled professional and the instructor will be able to control the bike remotely for better results.

  • 10 inch HD touchscreen display
  • On-demand virtual studio workouts
  • Front-mounted wheels for transportation
  • Magnetic resistance for low noise
  • 1 year free iFit membership
  • Hard seat cushion
  • No bluetooth

9. The MYX Plus

The MYX Plus is basically The MYX but includes a complete solution for home workouts. It includes all the basic equipment one would need to start exercising from home.

The list of accessories starts with a stabilizing mat for the bike. There is also a 6-piece weight set, one kettlebell, one large exercise mat, one EVA form roller, one resistance band, and finally one Polar OH1 heart rate monitor.

If you want to buy all these things separately, you will end up paying a lot more than The MYX Plus. So it is clever to decide beforehand whether you need just The MYX stationary bike or The MYX Plus complete solution.

  • 21.5 inch HD touchscreen display
  • Complete set of home equipment
  • Heart rate tailored workouts
  • Delivers fully assembled
  • MYX subscription required
  • Uses mechanical resistance
  • Inclining and declining are not possible

10. NordicTrack Commercial VU19

NordicTrack Commercial VU19 is an upright spin bike which highlights a 7 inch HD touchscreen display and NordicTrack’s basic smart features.

It comes with iFit programs (1 year free of charge) so you will have a handful of options for doing interactive exercises. In addition to that, there are also 32 on-board exercises all of which can be performed at a 24 level digital resistance system.

The flywheel on this bike, however, is not a powerful one. The weight amounts to 19 pounds which could be insufficient for many exercises.

  • 7 inch HD touchscreen display
  • Upright frame
  • 32 built-in exercise programs
  • Includes smart chest strap for heart rate tracking
  • 1 year free iFit membership
  • Can not be inclined or declined
  • Light flywheel

11. Technogym Personal

Technogym Personal has a price tag that is generally above and beyond our guesses. This product struck me more like a unique prototype that sells.

A personal trainer is, of course, available through the console whenever is needed. A wide range of workouts is available.

One feature that sounds quite promising to me is that the intensity is tailored to the heart rate. This means when you are working out, it will adjust the intensity automatically so that you can only focus on your exercise.

  • Unity 3.0 android console
  • On-demand personal training sessions
  • Wireless charger on mobile stand
  • Auto adjust of intensity based on heart rate
  • Super expensive