Stryd Footpod Review: Power Running With Wind Detection

In the age of digitalization, fitness has emerged with a new definition. Concerning your health, you are valued more than ever before. To keep pace with that, tech companies are investing more to improve their fitness devices. 

Running is considered one of the greatest forms of exercise. This is an effective approach to reaching your fitness goals. The Stryd Footpod is a fantastic addition to any runner’s arsenal.

It will give you the most efficient way to pull it off, whether you run it through the treadmill or on your own. So, let’s check out what it has to offer.

1. Design

Running power meters are fascinating devices for runners. Not everyone gets the benefit of running because they don’t know how it works. The Stryd Footpod is designed with the best technology to ace your game. This cool device comes with power running with wind detection. 

The sleek and light device is just the right convenience for all types of runners. The shape is more like a seashell and has a bright light in the middle of the body. This light blinks for multiple reasons. We will discuss that in the next segment. 

The Stryd Footpod clip comes along with the packaging. You can attach the pod to your shoe using this clip. 

This product is extremely light and weighs only 8 grams. As a result, it won’t add any more weight to your shoes, which could make jogging more difficult. Most importantly, you will not feel any weight at all. 

This small-looking device comes in only one color, and that is black. Not many people are bothered about matching outfits while running. And if you are concerned about the look, then worry no more. Black matches every color.

The clever design was created to provide users with a user-friendly experience. From its color to its weight, and most importantly, its efficiency is top-notch. 

Inside the box, you will also find a wired charger along with a cable for your device to recharge from time to time. 

2. Features

Unlike other Footpods, Stryd has included some exclusive features in its product. Users will appreciate the fantastic features that the Stryd Footpod has to offer. Let’s take a look at them. 


Fitness Tracking

One of the most significant features of the Stryd Footpod is that it tracks your movement and pace better than anything. No matter if you are running on a flat surface or up a hill, it will show the data at the most accurate rate. 

And while running up a hill, the wind is a huge factor. The pod collects data and shows it on your phone or watch, so you can increase or decrease the intensity and take your next step accordingly. 

Moreover, it shows the data instantly. After collecting your present information, it will give you an idea of what should be your next plan to achieve your goal. 

The product cares about its users. Training can be stressful if you are in heavy training or starting at a beginner stage. Pushing too hard can be dangerous for anyone. 

The running stress balance alerts you when you need to stop pushing yourself and when to start again. This is extremely stressful when you don’t listen to your body and rush for a better result. However, it only harms your body. As a result, this product is incredibly beneficial to everyone.


Stryd Compatibility

Compatibility is the most important factor for using this device. It can work with both full and partial compatibility. This smart device needs an ATN+ and a BLE network to connect with any device. 

That is why it is mostly compatible with any smartphone and smartwatch with a Bluetooth network. In their official verdict, they said it could connect with Wahoo, Germin, Coros, Apple Watch, Suunto, Polar, Samsung Smartwatch, etc. However, it works on other smartwatches as well. 

As a result, before purchasing a product, ensure that it is compatible. When starting your run, connect your Footpod to your device and see the results instantly. 


Power Running

A good plan can boost your efficiency while running or exercising. Most people make the mistake of not consulting a trainer. That is why they don’t get their expected result after all the hustle and bustle. 

Here, Stryd can work as your personal trainer. To your surprise, the variety of plans that they have managed to pull off is commendable. Not only for beginners or pro athletes, but they also have power plans for all sorts of trainers.

The plans are as follows:

  • Base training: It is for beginners who want to start the training in a comfortable position. 
  • 5K training: A 12 weeks plan or 8-week plans.
  • 10K training: A 12-week plan.
  • Half marathon training: A 12 week or 18-week plan.
  • Marathon: A 12 week, or an 18-week, or a 20-week plan.

Note: All plans are based on mileage or minutes. You will get the privilege to choose your own plan according to your preference.


Real-Time Guidance

In fitness, not knowing what and how much you are doing will leave you in no place. Here, Stryd collects data about your running session both beforehand and immediately. 

This provides you with an instant forewarning about your next move. One of the most intriguing aspects of this product is the real-time guidance. You can import data from your phone app or the smartwatch you are wearing. 

Connect any of your smart devices to get your data. 

In this case, a smartwatch like the Apple Watch or Garmin works incredibly. Connect your watch with the pod and check the watch for guidance when you need it.


Free Running Power Ebook

You can get the best guidance and train only from real-life runners. The Stryd has added an ebook to their package. Anyone who buys this pod can get this ebook for free. This book was written by a few of the most influential men in this sector. 

They are Hans van Dijk, Ron van Megen, and Koen de Jong. All of them have different expertise and professions, but the only thing they all have in common is that they are excellent runners. 

“The fastest way to your next personal best” is an excellent method to begin your journey into the world of running.

On the Stryd Power Podcast, you can listen to the audiobook version! 

Every week, they will release a new chapter. You can hear the podcast on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Castbox, Overcast, and Pocket Casts.


Wind Detection

The direction of the wind is an important component that many runners overlook when training for a race. For runners, the world’s first wind-capturing technology has been developed. And that is done by Stryd. 

Yes, this Footpod is the first one in the entire world with this fascinating technology. 

Not many of us usually recognize the impact of wind while running. In a marathon, not wasting your energy is a great strategy for the winners. You will get real-life insight with your Footpod.

It will tell you if the wind is blowing in the right direction or not. Thus, you can determine whether you need to speed up or slow down.


Advanced Automation

Unlike any cheap pod, they have used the most advanced hardware to give you the best experience of power running. The motion sensors, environmental sensors, and magnetometers are all top-graded products. 

And the wind port technology is also brilliant in the pod. It captures the air resistance of a runner every second. On top of that, they have extended storage to provide accurate data.


Treadmill Workout Mode

The company has released a new feature named “Structured Treadmill Workout Mode.” Now you can use your Stryd Footpod while running on a treadmill as well. 

Though the feature is new to many, any Stryd user can find it in the latest update to their app. 

You can utilize this tool from anywhere, whether you’re a new or old user.

Users with a Stryd Membership can utilize the Workout Builder to create their treadmill programs.

Create a workout, choose a target power and incline, then go for a run.

3. Performance

Maintaining a great running session was never this easy and comfortable. The spectacular features of this Footpod have caught everyone’s attention. 

This smart device has water-resistant and air-resistant properties. Along with being light, it never loses a step or motion to count. The perfection of the data will amaze you. 

Try it on the ground or up on the hill. It includes all the smart technology to make your run easy. But it works for the runners only. The only downside is that you cannot use it for any other physical activity. 

Now let’s look at the battery life. Battery health is a must for users. The performance of the battery is also satisfactory. The battery required for this device is a CR2 battery. It can work for up to 20 hours with a full charge. 

And after using it, charge it for at least 3 hours. When completely charged, the new Stryd with Wind will cease pulsating on and off and will just glow solidly. 

The Stryd Footpod charger is wired but handy. It takes less effort to charge your device, and you can leave it for a couple of hours without worrying.

The pod comes with two clips. One is orange, and the other is black. You can wear it with any of your shoes. It will not make any difference if you choose the left leg or the right. The result will come out the same either way. 

And on top of that, their new feature has also attracted indoor runners. Now it is easier to track your run while working out on a treadmill. 

This fantastic Footpod has received a lot of positive feedback from users.

4. Value for Money

The Stryd Footpod power runner comes in handy. The full package, which includes a charger, clips, and a free ebook, costs 199 USD. 

For some, this might seem a lot, but trust me, what this small-looking device gives you is beyond its price. You will see how this can have a beautiful impact on your life only after you start using it. 

This is a common misunderstanding that you need training while running. This misconception has led us to experience many health hazards in the path of a marathon. 

Moreover, it is not only a great way to train yourself, but it can also be life-saving for many of us. 

If we compare the accuracy of pace and distance between Stryd and Garmin Footpod then Stryd will win the race. Stryd gives the most accurate results in pace and distance among other Footpods on the market. 

The company’s policy is also lucrative for the users out there. It offers free shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a year’s worth of warranty.

5. Our Rating

7.9 Total Score
Stryd Footpod

With the latest technology and new feature launch, the Stryd Footpod deserves a good rating. A compact design with high accuracy is hard to find. And how can we not mention the durability? The water and air resistance features rank a level higher than before.

Value for Money
  • Water-resistance quality increase the durability
  • Pace and distance accuracy level is higher than any other pods
  • Accurate fitness tracking
  • Power plans for all types of runners
  • Unique treadmill workout mode for indoor runners
  • Free power ebook is for an ultimate training session
  • Only runners can use it
  • Fairly expensive