11 Best Whole Body Vibration Machines for Weight Loss

How far does working out and maintaining a diet go? While most physicians will just say being at a caloric deficit and performing a cut working would get the job done, it doesn’t hurt to use a little technology for the task. 

You can get different kinds of whole body vibration machines to help you do that. Use these vibration machines with your resistance bands or yoga straps, and you will see pretty fast results. These machines can usually handle up to 330 lbs. to even 440 lbs. of weight, so no matter which category of weight you have, you can use them.

We have scoured through the internet to only provide you with some of the best full-body vibration devices that will meet your need while also not breaking the bank. And to help you decide whether it’ll be a wise purchase, we have precisely reviewed them.

Top Picks

Best Overall

1. LifePro Waver – Best Overall WBV Machine

Starting off our list with one of our most favorite WBV machines, we have the LifePro Waver. This is easily one of the reliable units on the market, as almost all the customers that purchased this product claimed that they hit the jackpot.

Losing weight has never been easier with this vibration machine. You basically stand on it or exercise while being on top of it, and it vibrates, right?

Well, this machine has up to 99 adjustable speeds for the vibrations and a very user-friendly display to show those stats on. And to ensure that you do not slip while being on top of it, it features non-slip rubber.

You can attach your yoga straps or even resistance bands to this device and perform even the most intense workouts on it. This one can handle up to 330 lbs., which is actually a lot if you think about it.

On top of buying the product, you also get a free manual with workouts designed by professionals to help you make the most out of your new whole-body vibration device.

  • Effective vibration patterns
  • 99 speed options
  • Can be used with a resistance band
  • Comes with free workouts for performing on the machine
  • Not the most durable product we have seen

2. Happybuy Vibration Plate

If you thought having 99-speed modes was cool, take a look at this one from Happybuy. It comes with 180-speed modes for providing intense vibrations for workouts.

With a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs., this one beats the previous product by 20 pounds, making this one a slightly better option in this segment.

Featuring 180-speed modes and 3 different training modes, you can create different kinds of workout combinations on this baby.

This machine comes with a rubber floor and also suction cups at the bottom for sturdiness. You also get a smart band, which is essentially a fitness watch, and two resistance bands to fire up your workouts.

On top of being a good vibration machine, it also comes with a speaker with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play music on it as well.

  • Pretty good weight capacity
  • 180-speed settings with 3 training modes
  • Safe to use and has a sturdy surface
  • Comes with Bluetooth speaker
  • The power cable isn’t good quality
  • Occasional power disconnections

3. Confidence Fitness Slim

The Confidence Fitness Slim machine can give your confidence a whooping boost. And you know it because the brand is called Confidence? Yeah, never mind.

The best thing about this device is that you can grip onto the handlebars and perform workouts, or simply just stand there and let the machine vibrate.

When it vibrates, your body experiences something very similar to what it would while running, or cycling, or any other cardio exercise. Hence, it improves blood circulation, increases your bone density, and helps reduce cellulite even.

You get 50 speed settings to choose from, making it pretty versatile. Adjust the vibration speed according to the intensity of your workout, and just let the device take care of shedding all that fat.

Do not worry about breaking the thing, though. It can handle up to 300 lbs of weight, so unless you are dangerously obese, we’d say you can easily use this machine.

We do not recommend this for people with heart issues, as it might be hazardous. If you’re someone of that category, please consult with a physician before buying this product.

  • Comes with handlebars to make workouts simpler
  • Offers 50 speed modes
  • Can handle up to 300 lbs.
  • Not appropriate for people with heart conditions

4. Axis-Plate Vibration Platform – Best Performing WBV Machine

Axis-Plate Vibration Platform is quite similar to the previous one in terms of looks but is a little different with its features and functionalities.

Unlike the previous one, this one comes with built-in resistance bands attached to the machine. And not only that, you get the handlebars to hold onto while standing on it. It also comes with a non-slip rubber surface to prevent falling off, reducing the risk of injuries from this thing.

In terms of providing vibrations, this machine does not disappoint at all! Coming with 99-speed modes, this weight loss machine has 3 built-in pre-programmed workouts.

Not only is it easy to use, but it also helps you track your progress. The machine comes with BMI sensors that will show you the stats in the display and help you lose fat faster.

It is very efficient in helping you lose fat and get a fire workout. Also, again, not for heart patients, though.

  • Features non-slip surface
  • Offers 99 speed options
  • Three pre-programmed workouts
  • Comes with built-in resistance bands
  • Equipped with BMI sensors for tracking progress
  • Not for heart patients

5. LifePro Waver Mini

If you liked the Waver but wanted something a bit smaller and more compact, the Waver Mini is the one for you!

Although they are essentially the same product, various certain features make them different. Obviously, they are not the exact same one; this is the mini version, but they are quite similar.

The major differences are the weight capacity, which is 260 lbs. for this one, and that this one is more compact in size. It also uses less power compared to the Waver.

One of the best things about this weight loss vibration machine is that it can not only be used for humans but also for pets that have aged and need some movement and physical exercise to remain in good health.

So, if you own a pet, you can use this product for them too! Other than that, anyone willing to lose fat, improve blood circulation, and achieve overall fitness can use this device without any repercussions.

  • Comes with 99 speed options
  • Can handle up to 260 lbs. of weight
  • The product can be used for old pets as well
  • Questionable durability

6. Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform – Best Budget WBV Machine

Hurtle Fitness vibration plates are quite popular in the fitness genre, aren’t they? Well, it is because of products like these that not only promote weight loss but also make the process convenient and simpler.

Being a plug-and-play device, this vibration machine offers intense vibrations to stimulate your muscles and break down fat, so you can become fitter than ever!

This one by Hurtle comes with 20 adjustable speeds, which is a little unimpressive considering the range of control you got in the previous products. But this isn’t a product that you should laugh at.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs., which is impressive, considering its size.

To add to your convenience, this weight loss machine comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the speed settings or vibration settings at will. The remote is pretty small and compact, plus easy to use.

With only a 10-minute workout session on this device, you are bound to break a sweat and shed some fat for sure!

  • Portable
  • Comes with an easy to use remote
  • Can handle 265 lbs. of weight
  • Comparatively low speed options

7. New Century Vibration Platform

If you liked the vibration machines by Confidence and Axis, you’re going to like this one by New Century too. It is quite similar to those, but perhaps better in several ways. 

This is one of the heavy hitters, as it looks quite similar to those previous products but has more powerful features. If you are someone who is overweight and struggling to lose that weight, this is a probably good one for you.

Having a weight capacity of up to 440 pounds, this one serves the purpose like no other product on this list! The brand really cares about its overweight customers and wants them to make visible changes.

Apart from the weight limit, there is another feature that this product blows your mind with. You get a whopping 3700+ speed combinations on this. Yes, you read that right!

With three-in-one vibration motions, you can choose from about 3700 combinations to help you shed those fats. From losing those extra lbs. to gaining muscle, this product helps you with it all!

  • Very high weight capacity (440 lbs.)
  • Three-in-one vibration motions
  • 3700+ speed combinations to choose from
  • Durable
  • Downright expensive

8. LifePro Rhythm

Yet we have another product from the brand LifePro that is worth mentioning. From offering small and compact vibration plates to producing bigger vibration platforms like this one, they do it all!

Well, first off, this one looks very high quality, with all the handlebars and resistance bands. It looks very similar to the Confidence and Axis models and is similar to them in terms of function as well.

To specify what the product comes with in terms of hardware, you get two handlebars, 2 resistance bands, 4 mini bands, and one cup holder (this one seems a little impractical). The floor features non-slip rubber for obvious reasons, just like its smaller counterparts.

Similar to its other models, this one also comes with 99-speed options and has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds.

This device can be used at home for getting fire workouts and also relieving any kind of pain or stress, thanks to the vibrations.

  • Decent weight capacity (330 lbs.)
  • Features 2 resistance bands and 4 additional mini bands
  • 99-speed options
  • Offers a non-slip rubber surface
  • Impractical cup holder design

9. Pinty 2000W

Ever thought about getting a vibration machine that would also come with an MP3 player? Well, this product features just that on top of the usual stuff vibration machines offer.

The MP3 player is not the only specialty of the Pinty 2000W vibration platform; in fact, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you thought 99-speed modes were amazing, wait till you enjoy this one’s 180-speed settings. It also comes with 10 presents and programs that offer intense workout sessions and help you break a sweat easily.

With a weight capacity of 330 pounds, this one is definitely giving its competitor a run for their money. Apart from that, you also get a monitor that displays your BMI, which is also measured from sensors built into this device.

The WBV machines made by Pinty all come with caster wheels that let you place the vibration machine anywhere you choose to workout in. 

And like we already mentioned, as a bonus to all the usual vibration features for workouts, you get the MP3 player to blast your favorite death metal songs and get motivated to get rid of those excess fats and build muscle! 

  • Pretty decent weight capacity
  • 180 speed options
  • Comes with BMI sensors and a monitor to display it on
  • Features a built-in MP3 player
  • Quite bulky

10. LifePro Rumblex 4D

The Rumblex 4D features three top-of-the-line motors with 7 different training modes to offer you 4-dimensional vibration, and that is not only stimulating for weight loss but also very therapeutic.

Coming with a weight capacity of 330 pounds, this amazing workout device certainly knows how to handle a little weight. It is on par with most of the machines on this list and even beats quite a few.

It features safe non-slip rubber surfaces to prevent accidents and comes with a wearable remote control to add to the convenience.

Apart from the vibration plate itself, the product also comes with loop bands and resistance bands to help you perform different kinds of exercises and lose fat quicker.

And on top of that, it also comes with a Bluetooth speaker to make your boring workouts more enjoyable.

  • Safe non-slip surface
  • Equipped with a wearable remote control
  • Features a built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Not very durable

11. Best Choice Products Vibration Plate

And finally, to conclude our list of whole body vibration machines, we have this one by the brand Best Choice.

This machine has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, which is the standard as seen everywhere. Besides this, you also get 99 speed options to choose from for performing different kinds of workouts.

This device provides oscillating vibrations at a pretty high intensity to accelerate your fat loss and promote blood circulation.

Furthermore, this vibration device also comes with handle grips to make carrying it easier, and while it is placed on the ground, suction pads take care of making it sturdy and safe to use.

Apart from all that, this product also features resistance bands and remote control to operate the machine. Although it may not be the flashiest one, we are not afraid to recommend it.

  • Moderate weight capacity
  • 99 speed modes
  • Comes with suction cups for sturdy placement on the floor
  • Provides oscillating vibrations
  • Not so great build quality