Withings Body Review: Body vs Body+ vs Body Cardio

Health-conscious people rely a lot on measuring scales to know about their body weight. With time technology has advanced to a great extent, and now we have smart scales in the market. Such scales are a go-to item for tech enthusiasts who want to maintain their body mass and keep logs of their progress.

When we talk about smart weight scales, you cannot shy away from the brand called Withings. They are the pioneers when it comes to intelligent weighing machines

Withings have been manufacturing a wide range of high-quality products throughout these years, and we are here to talk about a line of scales that have been the game changers in recent times.

Read out the post to know about 3 of the most functional scales on the market.

1. Quick Comparison

Body Cardio
BMI and Weight Calculation
Reads both
Reads both
Reads both
Bluetooth & WiFi
Compatible with both
Compatible with both
Compatible with both
Multiple User Support
Up to 8
Up to 8
Up to 8
Activity Report
Android and iOS Compatibility
Works With MyFitnessPall
Body Composition
Heart Rate
Battery Longevity
Up to 1.5 Years
Up to 1.5 Years
Up to 1.5 Years
12.87 x 12.87 x 0.91 Inches
12.8 x 12.8 x 0.9 Inches
12.8 x 12.8 x 0.7 Inches
4.41 Lbs
4.4 Lbs
5.7 Lbs

2. Best Overall: Withings Body+

As you know, excess fat can make you unhealthy, and you will be prone to diabetes and heart-related issues. So why not keep your weight in check with one of the finest automated scales out there? 

The Withings Body+ is a versatile device that can measure your weight, BMI, track weight plans, body composition, and other important health-related issues. 

It’s everything you wished for in one device. If you’re into whole body checkups, there is always an option for upgrading it to the advanced model such as Body Cardio. 

This unit is very easy to use and supports two variants of wireless connectivity such as wifi and Bluetooth for the convenience of the user. No matter where you are, you can always keep your weight measurements with you. Sync the scale with smartphones or other smart devices made by Withings.

It is a multi user-friendly machine that can keep track of 8 different humans. It is intelligent enough to store data and recognize who steps on the glass surface. 

The setup is like a cakewalk. You must put the alkaline AAA batteries in and turn on the power button, synchronize it with the installed app on your phone, and you are good to go.

2.1 Design

The measurement of the surface area where you stand is 12.8 x 12.8 inches. Big enough for withstanding any body type and weight. The glass flooring is tempered glass that will not break any time soon. 

It has arrow indicators to let you position your footing accurately. There is non-slip gripping on the bottom side of the feet to ensure the square board doesn’t slip off. 

The display is fairly big and visible. It allows you to read all the data readings even in dark places. You get AAA batteries with it, which are destined to last for 18 months straight.

2.2 Performance

In terms of performance, you won’t get a better deal. This is a scale that not only measures weight but also gives you the body fat and water percentage, muscle-bone mass ratio, and daily weight plans. It has everything you can wish for to maintain a healthy life.

Plug the batteries, and you will be able to sync it with numerous apps, no matter if you use Android or IOS. You can have apps like my fitness pal, google fit, Fitbit, and many others to software to work with it.

The Bluetooth and wifi connectivity is what wins it for us. You might not have a wifi connection at home, so you can always opt for Bluetooth to track the data vice versa.

It is a multi-functioning device that can log 8 people all together and provide them with accurate measurements and weight-related recommendations whenever they seek it. Adding to the positives, there are athlete mode, pregnancy tracker, and baby mode to ensure a healthy lifestyle for all age groups.

2.3 Wireless and App Compatibility

Connectivity-wise, you get wireless options like wifi and Bluetooth. When you look for smartphone compatibility, it is well suited for iOS and Android phones, even other devices like smartwatches and all. 

The app support is mammoth, it can work with tons of applications, and syncing should not be an issue. Get your health dose from anywhere you are. All you have to do is turn it on and let the device transmit data to your phone at blistering speed.

  • Provides health advice to attain a better lifestyle
  • Suitable for a big family, stores data from 8 people
  • Can trace pregnancy and baby growth
  • Large standing platform for all body type
  • Ideal for weight and body composition
  • Longer battery life, lasts 18 months
  • Provides weather activity and daily weight trends
  • Glass material is not up to the mark, it can shatter

3. Best Budget: Withings Body

We picked the Withings Body for its affordability and its stellar functions. When you compare with other brands, this has to be a superior choice in such a price range. This unit precisely measures the Body mass index and overall weight, which can be helpful. 

If you want a device that will give you even more readings like heart rates, body composition, and more, you can always go for the upgraded version like the Body+ or Body Cardio. 

That being said, the Whiting Body doesn’t shy away from anything. If you are up for calculating your weight and keep a track of your success in weight loss or gaining routine, then this particular unit will work wonders.

This unit comes with a sightful display and a large standing floor to support different body sizes. All you have to do is stand on it, and the compatible app and wireless transmission will inform you of the data you need.

3.1 Design

Moving onto its structure and design. You have to give credit to the manufacturer for coming up with a sturdy scale with all the digitalized positives. The standing plate is made of a rigid glass material that is extremely durable and will catch on heavy weights without any fuss. 

The bottom part of the scale is made of rubber material to keep it away from scratching the floor, providing extra protection.

The glass platform measures 30 x 33 mm, which is a sufficient surface area to give you enough room for standing. If the posture or footing is placed incorrectly, the automated indicator markers will point you to the perfect positioning to attain pinpoint results. 

It comes with AAA batteries that will deliver enough lighting power on the display even in dark environments.

3.2 Performance

It is a workhorse in terms of performance and functions. When it comes to usability, it is very easy to use, all you need to do is turn on the button underneath the device. If you have the apps pre-installed, you should get a prompt from the built-in wifi.

You can use it either via Bluetooth or wifi, depending on your preferred range. This intelligent scale will let you know the BMI so that you can track your progress related to weight and height. The excellent thing about this unit is that it registers 8 different users and stores the data accordingly. 

It can automatically detect who is using it (registered people) and let them know their daily progress. You can even set goals like target weight and let the machine tell you where you are now. There is a parental mode as well to keep note of the mother’s weight and let them know about the baby’s growth.

If you want something more advanced; something that will calculate body composition, ECG, and other health-related readings, better look out for the Withings Body Scan smart scale.

3.3 Wireless and App Compatibility

You can run this device on Bluetooth and Wifi 802.11 b/g/n. What it does is, if you shy away from the Bluetooth range, you can always use the wifi to access your data. 

Talking about app support, it can be synced instantly with the Health Mate app. Not only that, it will allow you to use apps like Fitbit, Google-fit, Apple health, and many more. Using it with other Whitings devices can work magic as well, you will get everything under one dashboard.

  • Simplistic design
  • High accuracy reading on weight trends and BMI
  • Wide range of app compatibility
  • Easy to set up
  • Supports both Bluetooth and wifi
  • User friendly, recognizes 8 marked individuals
  • Auto data sync on health mate app
  • Not for measuring body fat and mass

4. Best Premium: Withings Body Cardio

When we talk about top-quality scales, the Withings Body Cardio has to be amongst the premium selection. Well, it is expensive compared to the previous two models that we discussed, but it packs the ultimate features that make it top the charts of smart scales.

If you want everything in one unit, this has to be your choice when it comes to weight machines. If you are into smartphones, you are on the lucky side. You will be able to track every crucial piece of data related to your health.

Not only does it give weight measures, but it boasts many other striking features. Do you know it can also tell you the age of your arteries? We will talk about more of its features in its performance section. 

It is on the expensive side, but it does stack up all the positive aspects and lets you know a ton of detailed data like BMI, weight, weight plans, water and fat ratio, your standing heart rate, and much more. What else do you want? If you don’t need excessive readings, you can always opt for devices like Body+ or Body.

4.1 Design

This Cardio weight scale has an eye-catching simplistic design in black or white color. It can be adjusted anywhere in your house or simply the washroom, it will always look great wherever you place it. 

The construction has tempered glass on the top, hardwearing enough to withstand heavy bodyweight. The floorboard where you stand is spacious, giving enough room for any kind of human body. There is a monochromatic display for your convenience. It brightens up to show all the data readings.

It has an aluminum base that can stand on carpets and hard floors without budging. This unit will cement itself into snug-fitting and won’t slip off easily. Last but not least, you will get rechargeable batteries with it, so there is no need to put in the thin AAA units. 

4.2 Performance

The usability and work rate of this product is commendable. We don’t call it best for no reason. Some extra features will blow your mind. For example, the variety of data it produces, like body bone mass, fat and water ratio, standard weight, heart rate, artery age, and others. 

For personal weight tracking, this device can recognize 8 different users. All you need to do is sync it with the app, and it should recognize the registered people at will. Keeping weight readings and saving data has never been easier, but you are lucky to be seeing this wonderful scale that has it all. 

The best thing about it is that you will be able to read your full body composition and mark whether your progress is going in the right direction or not. With baby mode and pregnancy tracker, the mother and babies can stay healthy as well. 

Furthermore, the ease of use is what people love about it. You can simply set it up anywhere and turn it on, sync the app, and you are good to roll.

4.3 Wireless and App Compatibility

All the scales we named here are wifi and Bluetooth enabled, and the Body Cardio is no exception. You can turn on the wifi in a flash whenever you go out of Bluetooth range. The manufacturer ensures that the device supports all the top-tier applications for Android and iOS to give you extensive options to choose from.

Most of the health-related apps are supported with this unit. From apple health, Fitbit, my fitness pal, google health, etc, to make things easier for you.

  • Measures weight and body composition
  • Lets you know about heart rate and vascular age
  • Baby mode to ensure healthy mother and child
  • Supports up to 8 multiple users
  • Longer battery life that can last for 1 year
  • Reports weather conditions and activity
  • Provides detailed weight trends using AI
  • Expensive in comparison to other scales
  • A tad bit heavy

5. Wrapping Up

If you want to measure your weight, BMI, and other health-related aspects, then there is no alternative to a smart scale. 

After surveying the market carefully, we can recommend you the likes of Withings Body+ because it is an all-rounder scale with a wide variety of tracking features. To get a gist of weight scales from other brands, you can check out our other post.

If you want something within budget, you can go for a simpler option with just BMI and weight tracking features like the Withings Body. 

No matter which one you purchase from what we mentioned, you will be stoked to see what these wonderful weight machines have in store. Time to get hold of one and start your workout endeavor.