Yunmai Premium Review: Smart Scale With Huge User Base

If you have been looking around for one, Yunmai Premium smart scale has a massive user base comprising 5M+ users.

What we can tell you in short that the design looks practical and the features are promising. But who knows better than us that this is not enough information to make a decision.

So today we are going to review this product thoroughly while also giving you some insights into how it grew such a big audience.

1. Design

Yunmai Premium is a little unique in terms of design. Instead of having a flat display, it features a 4-inch porthole display. It feels like those classic weight scales but better.

The technology used for the display is LCD but the text is quite sharp. The use of bold lettering is useful if you are looking from high above. What we especially liked is the screen which is larger from its competitors. For that reason, they managed to put a few other measurements on the screen.

The surface is made of glass with indium tin oxide (ITO) coating on the outside. There is nothing special about it. However, the electrodes are not visible which does make the scale look premium. Perhaps that is how the name came up? Just a guess.

2. Features


24-bit conversion chip

This scale uses a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter instead of a conventional 12-bit. The processing unit has a resolution of 16 million which is quite impressive for a device like this.

Because of all those technologies, the weight measurements provided on this scale is decent. If you compare it with a high-end scale, the difference can be as low as 0.1 kg.


10 key body stats

Besides weight, you can check 9 other body stats using this scale. The most important metrics are body fat, BMI, muscle mass, and water weight.

Although the results we got were a bit off, they can give you an overall idea of how you are doing. We anyway never recommend considering these metrics one hundred percent correct.


Third-party app support

The data collected in the Yunmai 2.0 app can be shared with other fitness tracking apps such as Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal. They are extending the support for more apps every day.

One thing that should be noted that the data goes to the Yunmai app first. Then it goes to other third-party apps that are linked from the user profile. So the first step should be creating a Yunmai profile and connecting it to other services.


Quick setup

The company advertises that it will take 5 seconds to set up, 1 second to connect, and 0 seconds to transmit data.

While we are not quite sure how they calculated it, but in our case, the process from setting up to transmitting data was pretty fast.


Multiple user support

Yunmai Premium scale supports up to 16 user profiles. This would have been better if there was no cap, but 16 is a pretty good number even for a large family. You can always add guests when you run out of slots.

Each user can have his own profile and he can install the app separately on his phone. From the profile, it can be associated with third-party health monitoring apps.

3. Performance

The weight measurement is pretty accurate on this device. If you compare it with a doctor’s scale, the difference would be ~ 0.1, if not the same.

However, the other measurements it provides are questionable. We have heard this from several users that numbers for Body Fat, BMI are not always up to the mark.

The measurements depend on quite a few variables like how you are standing or how the fat is distributed in your body. Therefore, we say this to our readers that biometric impedance can be hugely inaccurate from person to person. It is recommended not to use those numbers for any medical purpose.

It syncs well with the popular fitness tracking apps including Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. The data is transferred via Bluetooth 4.0 and transmission happens immediately after weighing. The lack of WiFi connectivity means Bluetooth is the only way it can sync.

The battery life of this device is decent. With 4 pieces of AAA batteries, it can run for 8-12 months. Of course, if you use many times a day, this would be different. There is a low battery indicator that will give you a notice ahead of time.

4. Value for Money

To be honest, Yunmai Premium is not cheap in any way. If we look at the price and the performance side by side, this would not make it to our top five scales.

In place of that, we could suggest you the Renpho ES-CS20M as a good and cheap alternative. Although it is cheaper than most other scales, it has been very accurate in our tests. You can check our review of Renpho Scale to know more about this.

Perhaps you would be interested in something that works via WiFi. The Withings Body+. A little pricey but can reliably transmit your data to your connected health app. There is no need to pair it with a phone via Bluetooth.

Last but not least, Wyze Scale is quite feature-rich which uniquely allows you to also check your heart rate. Since it is different, we really felt the urge to mention it.

5. Our Rating

7.3 Total Score
Yunmai Premium

Yunmai Premium smart scale comes with a unique porthole display and larger fonts. The measurement for other body metrics is a little let-down, but the weight is nearly 100% accurate. It has earned the trust of users and has grown a very large community.

Value for Money
  • Unique porthole display
  • Gigantic user base (5M+ users)
  • 10 different body metric measurements
  • Syncs with popular fitness apps
  • Batteries last up to 12 months
  • Number of users capped at 16
  • Accuracy is average for other body measurements